Is a False Perception Your Reality? - Golden Nugget #65

hi this is Dawne Hal and the topic for

this golden nugget is perception

I enjoy sleight of hand illusions card

tricks coin tricks but I really enjoy

hearing about true life examples of

people using perception to their

advantage and I came across a story that

I'd like to share with you several

hundred years ago during the American

Revolution the Bahamas were captured by

Spain in April of 1783 Andrew Davao a

lieutenant colonel of South Carolina

recruited a handful of militiamen and

Harbor Island settlers and planned to

take Nassau using a clever strategy de

veau only had two hundred men with him a

lot less than the Spanish forces but he

managed to capture the high ground on

the island after a brief skirmish the

Spaniards then watched as boats

repeatedly ferried load after load of

men from Davao ship to his defensive

position on the shore what the Spaniards

didn't know was that the same men kept

going back and forth standing on their

trip over to the island and hiding

themselves by lying down in the boat on

the trip back to the ships the leader of

the Spanish troops fearing defeat at the

hands of such a large force in a

defensible position surrendered in other

words the Spaniards were defeated in

their mind they were defeated by their

perception of what was going on and my

question for you is what can we learn

from this well hopefully we can learn

that we need to make sure that we

and the reality of any situation before

making decisions every day people give

up not because they're beaten but they

give up because they're defeated by

their perception of what's going on this

is one of the biggest reasons why people

worry they fight battles that don't

exist except in their own mind next

Dupree said the first responsibility of

a leader is to define reality

don't let your distorted perception of

what's going on to cause you to be

defeated surround yourself with people

you can trust and seek their counsel

they see things from a viewpoint that's

different than yours ask him to share

with you any areas in which you need to

change after all you can't begin to make

changes in your life until you have an

accurate picture of your current

situation with this in mind if you're

given enough time what is it about you

that will cause everybody to know that

you are a winner

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