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salute now listen man I don't know why

I'm drawn to like hacker stories or just

information about hackers or just one I

could sit around all day and just listen

to that stuff because I think it's just

I think there's some of the most

intriguing and dangerous at the same

time people in the world right it's like

it's like the government can put up the

most security and they always the thrill

in it for them is to find a way around

it to find the or maybe the government

put up this wall or whoever puts up a

wall and they find a way up over it

under it beside it some way to get

around that wall man is the thrill for

them a lot of times it ain't even about

the money it's just the thrill of just

defeating that you're not I'm saying

getting past that and that's why a lot

of times they end up after doing a step

working with the government some kind of

way but anyway man the next video is

gonna be how the FBI caught the work the

the most-wanted hacker in history yes

the most-wanted hacker in history man I

don't even know who that is you know

what I'm saying they always got weird

names or something they come up with for

their group or the individual cell so

I'm anxious to see this video as well as

the 10 biggest lies ever told in history

all right 10 biggest lies ever told so

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intriguing to you too as well here we go

the kevin Mitnick is considered one of

the most wanted hackers of all time he

toyed with society riding buses for free

intercepting phone calls and

manipulating McDonald's drive-thru

speakers and of course gained

unauthorized access to dozens of

computer networks but he never hacked

for money nor did anything malicious

with a sensitive data he uncovered told

you like a lot of times for them it's

not about the money man it's the thrill

for them like cuz if they wanted to man

just look at what he was doing riding

buses for free manipulating McDonald's

you know I'm saying getting money they

could probably do that with ease you

know I'm saying it could be the most

wealthiest person in the world and then

go off somewhere and and go run off

somewhere and never be found again just

go off the off the grid you're not I'm

saying so that's why the FBI wanted to

find him so they could bring him over to

their side

how many hacking tricks did he pull and

did the FBI finally catch him let's find

out from a young age you can tell that

kevin Mitnick had something special

about him he'd found ways to manipulate

the system and twist an arm here and

there to get what he wanted at age 12

back in 1975 while his schoolmates were

paying for the bus he already found his

first way to hack a society at the time

Los Angeles transit used a punch card

system every time you wanted to ride the

bus your ticket would get a very

specific Pole however he noticed that

all of the bus drivers used the same

hole puncher that was the only piece of

information he needed with a smile on

his face he managed to convince the bus

driver that he was working on a school

project and asked for a sample hole

punch and the location of where he could

buy his own puncher now with his very

own hole puncher he went dumpster diving

for unused transfer slips next to the

bus company garage from then on he

rolled the bus for free the act of

tricking the lissa how a hacker gets his

start man that's crazy

most of us in our mind we believe that

they got their start there was some

where they were trained they were put

through this intense you know what I'm

saying school and he was trained by this

one hacker who was trained by another

hacker who was

trained by the best hacker that's what

we think about mine goes on no he

started off taking advantage of the bus

transit system crazy bus driver actually

has a name it's called the social

engineering and it's what psychology

term to describe the manipulation of

people into performing actions or

divulging confidential information as it

turns out Mitnick even in the tender

preteen age was a master of it after

he'd finished off making the Los Angeles

transit system his slave he migrated to

a new form of social hacking phone

phreaking with a pH back before the

internet was widely accessible

telephones were one of the most commonly

hacks technologies phone phreaking was

particularly popular from the 60s

through the 80s the hackers would learn

how the phone operating systems worked

and then find a way to exploit them

phone freaker's such as Kevin could

collect sensitive phone numbers mask

their own phone numbers and even charge

the cost of their calls to complete

strangers very sneaky

Mitnick could take it one step further

he'd amassed such an in-depth know-how

of the phone systems that he could even

imitate dial tones just by whistling so

by making a few high-pitched squeaks he

could make international phone calls

without forking over a single penny even

though he could use his societal and

technological hacking abilities for all

kinds of illegal activities in his

teenage years he mostly used them for

fun with the help of his friend Louis

Kevin decided it would be a hoot to hack

into a McDonald's drive-thru speaker

using a modified two-way radio he was

able to override the system and instead

of the drive-through speaker directing

into the cashiers headset it directed

into Kevin if I had that opportunity do

you know the type of sick and twisted

things that go on in this brain that I

would do to you at the drive-thru bro oh

my gosh bro just give me like one day of

that man BAM oh my gosh I had the time

of my life I know I know it might not

seem fun to you but that would be but

just I would create so much chaos our

across the street this meant that he

could reply to the customers orders

pretend to be the employees and play all

kinds of pranks

when the cashier realized that something

fishy was going on he went out to


when peering into the speaker Kevin

shouted through the radio what the heck

are you looking at and as you'd expect

the cashier got one mighty fright so as

you've surely learned by now kevin

Mitnick was one talented youngster who

had no problem taking plenty of

pleasures by manipulating systems but

let's rewind for a second who is this

guy where'd he come from

and how do you learn about all these

nifty hacks in the first place well

we'll tell you he was born in Van Nuys

which isn't too far from Hollywood he

attended the James Monroe High School

during which he became an amateur radio

operator this first-hand experience in

the radio room is what helped him to

understand how electronic wavelengths

and signals worked which correlated with

the phone phreaking days the radio room

would have also given him access to

computer systems and software that the

majority of teenagers in the world

hadn't even heard of as technology

advanced so did Mitnick skills it was

1979 when he was just 16 years old that

he gained his first unauthorized access

to a computer network that network

belonged to a company called Digital

Equipment Corporation or Dec and he

broke into their system and copied the

company's software although this would

come back to haunt him some nine years

later when spoiler alert he was charged

and convicted for it then in 1981 the 17

year old Kevin and her friends named

Luis de panne hacked the mainframe

cosmos computer system for Pacific Bell

a phone company now owned by AT&T

once kevin had maneuvered into the

mainframe he could divert the phone

lines and intercept any of the calls

going through the I get out my text come

on text savvy people right now like

y'all are glued and a lot been sued I

know y'all are y'all a glutton locked

into the scurry like this right now how

did he do it what did he do

where did he come from how did he get

like I'm saying here to man this is like

intriguing new bird into the mainframe

he could divert the phone lines and

intercept any of the calls going through

the exchange regular folk who used

Pacific Bell service quickly started to

complain about what they thought were

errors and pranks fair enough to cuz

Kevin would answer these calls himself

and he wasn't afraid to throw a few

tasteless jokes around with an obvious

interest in Pacific Bell one night Kevin

snuck into the building where cosmos was

housed he took manuals and documents

containing a stack of past

the plan was simple take the documents

photocopy them overnight return

everything exactly where he found them

before morning what Kevin didn't count

on however was that Luis was telling

another friend and that friend ratted

him out to the police this put Kevin on

the watch list cops pulled him over the

next day and he was sentenced to three

months behind bars with a years


ouch you'd think that after winding up

in prison that Kevin would have learned

his lesson but nope entirely the

opposite once he was released on

probation full of crazy ideas after

doing three months three months ain't

gonna teach you no lesson three months

ain't gonna do but never make you mad

piss you off and now you're ready to get

back and be bigger and better than ever

it's gonna give you time to just sit

back relax and think about where you

messed up at think about how you can do

it better this time convince yourself

that this time is gonna be better you'll

never get caught another time after this

like three months okay buta cable three

years he might would have done some


three months he don't straight back into

the hacking pool his next project

hacking the NSA and listening into

conversations of the world's biggest

wiretap errs but it was 1983 that was

perhaps his greatest hacking achievement

at the time he was studying at the

University of South California using one

of the machines at the University likely

a trs-80 computer system

Mitnick gained access to something

called ARPANET think of this as one of

those ancestors of the Internet except

this was reserved for the army large

corporations and universities in other

words it was really important fast

forwards in 1987 where Kevin along with

his pal Lenny diCiccio gained access to

the internal network of the research

laboratory at Dec this wasn't an overly

complicated hack because Lenny diCiccio

actually worked there and could point

Kevin in the right direction of course

access into the system was quickly

gained for Kevin this time was different

from the previous hacks

he wasn't infiltrating the network for

fun curiosity or for a challenge he had

a goal to seize the source code of a

particular operating system called VMs

mission accomplished but again Kevin

ended up being caught although it wasn't

because of his own oversight is because

somebody else trying to mean

whistling notice the pattern right in

order for you to catch somebody's got to

turn them in you're not just gonna find

these dudes somebody else so if Peter

stayed to himself who knows the link see

them he did accomplish you not I'm

saying who knows how far he would win

they need to cheat geo that betrayed him

he informs Dec about Kevin's hacked into

the company Network and then agreed to

be an FBI informant wearing a wire when

he invited Kevin over to his house to

discuss the next stage of their plan for

this crime Kevin was sentenced to a year

in prison and had to take a six-month

program to treat his computer dependency

did the program work not a chance in

hell a year a year okay

after more hacks into companies like IPM

Nokia and Motorola more arrests more

probations and an FBI hunt that led

agents all the way to North Carolina

he was found following years of hiding

Mitnick was discovered and arrested in

February of 1995 at his apartment in

rally making the end of a

well-publicized manhunt the straw that

broke the camel's back was when he

hacked into the computer system up to

some Oshima mora a research scientist

Shima Mora unhappy with being on the

receiving end of it trace the hack to a

modem connected to a cell tower near

Raleigh and it didn't take the police

long thereafter for the hundreds of

hacks that he had orchestrated over the

two decades prior Mitnick was charged

with 14 counts of wire fraud eight

counts of possession unauthorized access

devices the interception of wire and

electronic communications unauthorized

access to a federal computer and causing

damage to a computer sound like a lot

man now I think in like a year and a

half that's a pretty hefty rap sheet

yeah and I ain't probably threw the book

at him or then that's probably when they

offered him a job following his release

on January 21st 2007 metta fork in the

road he could either continue down the

Rudi was going hacking into companies

stealing information and making a

mockery of governments or he could put

his talents to good use so he went full

180 instead of working against the

companies a hobby that made him one of


most wanted he decided to work for them

the FBI was aware that despite mitnick's

easy access to credit cards Social

Security numbers and proprietary

software he never spent a dime of other

people's money credibility was key for

his shift from the dark side to the

light side these days Mitnick is no

longer the hacker feared by governments

telephone companies in the American

public he's working for the good guys as

a paid security consultant public

speaker and author running his own

security consultancy business that he

calls mitnick's absolute zero day

exploit exchange Kevin offers security

consulting for fortune 500 companies in

the FBI and performs a number of

security testing services for the

world's largest companies on top of that

he teaches social engineering class so

he's say that to say he's making Bank

went to jail went to jail went to jail

decided change his life around and

making money it's not the case for most

people most people you go to jail you go

to jail you go to jail you go to jail

again and maybe some more times and then

you come out and you do construction

probably the rest of your life you're

working out in the Sun or a type of roof

somewhere and you're making like crazy

low wages man and you're struggling to

get by not his story not at all

assistant government agencies showing

them how to benefit from it and also how

to protect themselves from exploitation

true is history

however there's always a trick of a

sleeve the business cards he gives out

at events well those double has

lock-picking kits

seriously though did you expect anything

less despite the huge manhunt and the

hacking of hundreds of companies the

wait Mitnick tells it he never meant any

harm in his very own words quote I never

in doing this wanted to harm anybody I

was just having fun I was being the

magician by bringing the systems and

getting the code that's why I was going

after cell phones that's why I was going

after operating system to become better

and hacking them and quote of course not

everybody agrees with Kevin's view he

did after all spend five years in prison

for stealing software from a range of

companies costing them hundreds of

thousands of dollars and even as early

as his la bus riding days he was

exploiting the best quality in people

their desire to help

a person so what do you think about

Kevin is he friend or is he fault let us

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that dude bro he sound like he could

just change your life just like that man

whoo let's keep it movin out of 10

biggest lies ever totally history we all

know you shouldn't trust everything you

see on the internet but as it turns out

we shouldn't believe everything that

we're taught in school either our

textbooks are overflowing with

exaggeration misinformation and

sometimes downright lies can the Great

Wall of China really be seen from space

is it true that genius Albert Einstein

actually failed math class in high


what other nonsense have we've been

spoon-fed let's dive in and find out

let's kick off this countdown of lies

when you think of world wonders what

comes to mind first Machu Picchu the

pyramids or the Great Wall of China for

us it's the latter and for good reason

because what other world wondered is

visible from space

exactly but here's the thing the

so-called Great Wall isn't even that

great the truth is that simply cannot be

seen from outside our atmosphere even

from the moon which is a trance team of

the universe is relatively close it's

still I cannot see the wall from a low

Earth orbit despite it being thirteen

thousand one hundred and seventy miles

long while it is a masterpiece of

ancient engineering it is not as big as

you think in terms of width it's only 20

feet at the bottom and 16 feet at the

top this myth first started circulating

in the mid 1700s however that's way

before we made it up onto the moon or

started putting satellites into space

well over 10 million people visit the

winding Great Wall of China every year

unfortunately it's not thick enough to

be seen from the Stars myth busted

that's crazy because one of the last

videos I watched I can't remember which

one it was said that you could possibly

see it from space yeah where people

don't care who they like - now if you

ever took a history class at school in

the USA we're pretty sure that you've

heard of a certain George Washington no

not George Washington Carver the man who

invented peanut butter but George

Washington the founding father who

served as first president of the United

States from 1789 to 1797 we've always

been told of this famous tale about him

and his dad and a cherry tree and we've

come to accept it wrongly as fact if you

need a quick refresher here's the story

in rabbit time little six-year-old

George Washington was given a hatchet

from dad for his birthday George used it

to cut down his dad's favorite cherry

tree dad was mad and confronted George

who instead of denying it said the

famous words quote I cannot tell a lie

here's the thing though I cannot tell a


was a lie even though that was an idea

great dude a biographer named Mason lock

means exaggerated his notable

characteristics even further

Weems simply made up the tale to

highlight Washington's honesty and his

good nature so Honest Abe and all that

type of stuff like that he just pretty

much made that up - really

Wow stop lying to us man if you thirst

for mind-blowing revelations about world

wonders because we've got an absolute

doozy about the pyramids coming right up

here if we ask you to tell us who built

the pyramids what would your response be

the ancient Egyptians right the wealthy

put slaves to work

dragging incredibly heavy stones up

slopes until finally they created an

unforgettable landmark well that's not

quite true either sorry to burst your

bubble Pharaohs but the majority of the

manpower was in fact not the slaves

that's what the 19th century scientists

thought but in reality it was the entire

healthy population of ancient Egypt over

a span of 85 years between 2589 and 2504

BCE that put blood sweat and tears into

their national icon for those who

weren't physically hauling the stone

they were preparing food for the

builders housing

acting insecurity and some even headed

out on long journeys in search to stone

and metal after all of that cumulative

work it paid off the pyramids are the

only wonder of the ancient world that

still stands today

if you're curious it's these ones that

are long gone

joining the lawyer lawyer can Safire

part of next is the one in the only

other totally fake Loch Ness monster we

know this but the real lie in this case

is the so-called the surgeons photo

possibly this is the mysterious creature

swinging around in its waters actually

see and I know it's not a popular

opinion but anything that dates back to

that far bro I'm not just gonna

completely throw it out and say it's not

true you know I know we haven't seen it

it's a mythical creature has this

mystique everything about it

I like happen stuff like that but I'm

just not gonna rule it out just because

we still haven't seen it yet I still

believe it's things underwater everybody

knows what I'm about to say but

Megalodon still exists he does and if

you want to say well they don't exist in

Loch Ness today I'm not gonna argue with

you technically was taken by Robert

Kenneth Wilson in 1934 and was assumed

to be accurate for close to 60 years

however all good things must come to an

end and in 1994 it was revealed that the

shape of Nessie was nothing more than a

toy submarine in disguise

what was it boys submarine doing there

long stuff see see now they could be

telling a thousand percent the truth

right now but a part of my brain is

telling me this is what they're trying

to tell you to throw you off this is the

story they're gonna give you to throw

you off they want to throw the scent off

the trail per se you know what I'm

saying so I'm not rolling with this all

the way nope

very short it was deliberately placed by

a man named Marmaduke Wetherell

he used to work for the Daily Mail

newspaper and after they ridiculed him

for writing a piece about Nessie's

footprints which turned out to be false

he got his revenge fooling the newspaper

as well as everyone else well we've

actually got an entire video about

Nessie after this one check it out the

link is in the description

alrighty moving on ok when you think of

a Viking what's the first thing that

comes to mind

besides the boats that's right it's

those big horned helmets yeah well we're

sorry to say folks but that too is a lie

it's just a stereotype that emerged as a

result of Vikings becoming more and more

prevalent in mainstream media as it

turns out however historians have looked

at a number of Viking tombs and not once

not once have they ever found a helmet

that had horns yes Scandinavians

probably did sports some sort of

headgear when they marched into battle

but there is no reason to believe that

it was bedazzled with horns in fact that

actually make it easier for the enemy to

grab and remove so where did the idea

come from the popular image of the

Viking we know today actually dates back

to the 1800s it was then that

Scandinavian artists like Gustav


drew the horned headgear in their

portrayals of the Viking people and then

well it just stuck speaking of unique


our next fib is all about the former

King of Pop Michael Jackson himself no

matter how you feel about him as a

person and all the controversy

surrounding him it's impossible to deny

that he had a monumental impact on the

music industry when he wasn't really

seeing toe-tapping chart-topping hits he

was creating dance moves like the

moonwalk that every fan around the world

would try to imitate in front of their

mirrors at home oh yeah put on a French

pair of socks calling your mom's kitchen

oh yeah yeah yeah I was a moonwalking

something bro sorry to burst your moon

bubble but that captivating moonwalk

wasn't actually invented by MJ sure he

showed it to the world when he was

performing Billie Jean at the Motown

25th anniversary live show in 1983 but

it wasn't his to show off Jackson

actually learned it from Casper

candidate and Coulee Jackson who perform

huh they bought they bought the mess my

entire childhood uh right now they

really are about to mess my childhood

right now did on Soul Train in the 1970s

even Marcel Marceau aka bit the clown

showcased the move prior to MJ and even

before those guys the moves inaugural

performance came from tap dancer Bill

Bailey back then it wasn't even called

the moonwalk any guesses the backslide


well that's the casein but dang do it

like Mike did it I'm sorry did none of

us then when when they did it they

didn't have the whole world trying to do

it they have the whole world out here

sliding across smooth surfaces you're

not of me so this is okey dokey so who

here has ever heard of something called

carbon dating no it's gonna do a tinder

it's a method used to analyze materials

that once exchanged carbon dioxide with

the atmosphere and decipher when that

exchange happened what in other words

archaeologists used carbon dating to

determine when things were living we

thought that this method was a great way

to measure when trees humans animals and

plants thrived and the professor who

produced the first carbon dates way back

in 1949 Willard Libby was given the

Nobel Prize so as you can see the

scientific world took it pretty darn

seriously but since then scientists have

actually recognized that carbon dating

is subject to error why because of a

variety of factors including

contamination by outside sources of

carbon in the environment this affects

the natural decay and the fact that

these same plant women in America and

Greenland for example can grow in

different areas so the carbon dating is

nationally accurate a lot of history as

we know it could in fact be lie spooky

see at this point a just messing with my

brain that's with me we certainly aren't

but there was a time where the big

tobacco companies read advertising

campaigns that said and we're not

kidding cigarettes are good between your


PJP are all well aware of the risks then

they probably were you know the mean

ain't have all these chemicals it was

pretty much you not I mean homegrown

stuff back then so they probably worked

ok 401 C go as far as to say they were

good for you alright it could have been

but they didn't have as much stuff as

e-cigarettes today it's all in a

cigarette today in my life so you know

to me today what are they giving us

today that's a lie that's telling us

that it's healthy some lot of stuff

probably going on right now today

they're being them pushing to us and

give it to us and saying here this is

healthy take it that they're gonna

figure out in a few years that it's not

healthy at all that's what I'm thinking

why did I just make myself in the


she's something we're good for you

everyone else and you're gonna smoke

anyway so smoke our product you know who

else without a few false claims Thomas

Edison would you believe that one of the

most important inventors of the last 200

years a man famous for inventing the

light bulb didn't actually invent the

light bulb 20r thought isn't it

Edison managed to file an astounding

1093 patents but the light bulb was not

one of them in the year 1800 the first

stages of light bulb technology were

already in the works thanks to

Alessandro Volta our main man Thomas

Edison well he wasn't even born until

1847 nearly 50 years later a number of

people added different elements to the

light bulb Warren Delarue made

Alessandro Voltas version more efficient

in the 1840s then English chemist Joseph

Swan improved again in the 1860s but it

was edited in 1879 who created the

cost-effective finishing touches and

took it to mass-market hardly an

original idea if you ask us see somebody

always there to steal the credit always

there's still the credit you put the

work in you come up with it somebody

always there to reap the benefits from

it it's how it goes man ok from one

famous inventor to another we have no

doubt that you've heard of Albert

Einstein the man famous for having a

giant brain in creating the theory of

relativity couldn't even pass math class

in high school how is this possible it's

not it's a lie for a long time it was

widely believed that the ingenious

Einstein actually failed basic math in

truth it was the complete opposite he'd

already mastered differential and

integral calculus by the time he was 15

and just like all kids at that age do in

their spare time he came up with an

alternative for the Pythagorean theories

is for fun for a quick bonus entry can

we get a drumroll please

this is a modern lie that pops up every

single day and it's called Photoshop

take a look Miranda Kerr's waistline was

changed for the cover of Vogue and

according to the 2016 Maxim magazine

Priyanka Chopra has no armpits we have

seen photoshopped cover-ups in the media


again and they are not going away

anytime soon which of these big old lies

that's true and that's how they get you

Photoshop man these the some of these

models and different things man when

they photoshopped them into a different

look or magazine or some type of photo

shoot man once they apply them effects

to them brought a go from looking one

way to something completely different so

be careful bro be careful be careful

what you take home and be careful what

you sign up all right so listen yeah I

could have me in the conversation let me

know what y'all think hackers and lies

how y'all feel let me know in the

comment section below man it should play

out to the next reaction men of my piece

y'all stay solid a