Bots, Runescape's plague - OSRS/RS3

bots are playing runescape because no

matter how it seems to evolve and change

Bond scripts seem to catch up seamlessly

contributing an ever expanding list of

issues from inflating markets causing

legitimate players to lose their prime

money making method to devaluing other

players achievements and generally

ruining the game experience for others

not only by taking shortcuts but by

indirectly forcing the worst updates of

runescape at scene and while these

updates were intended to combat BOTS

they also significantly impacted brood

Sleeps community but first what exactly

is a bot well the answer to that

question is simple as although there are

many ways and paths you can go down to

create a bot all variations have one

thing in common and that is the utilizer

program commonly in the form of a

third-party client that plays the game

for you so you can be at work school and

even playing another game while your bot

is progressing your runescape account

and this isn't just RuneScape's problem

as many other games primarily in the MMO

genre are suffering from this and for

good reason as the practice of bahding

isn't something that has developed

recently but traces of it can be found

all the way back to 2001 which is the

same year the runescape launched and it

took only one year on September 22nd

2002 for auto room the first commercial

scriptable body client to become

available this program like most others

focused mainly on mining and smithing

but will quickly evolve to be able to

train most other skills

it was also understood that around this

time Jagex did have a bot detection

system in place but it wasn't very

effective so a more direct approach was

taken in the form of the fatigue system

what this system did is an a fatty

counter that would steadily increase as

the player gather resources or train a

skill and once the counter hit 100% no

more resources or experience could be

gained until you either eat food

arrested and one of the many beds have

been placed around runescape which would

later be improved by allowing players to

carry a sleeping bag which when used

would require the player to fill a

CAPTCHA to lower the 40 counter and sure

at first the system did help to slow

down box as most were not advanced

enough to be able to locate beds and

rest but this was only a small roadblock

as a game changed so did the tactics of

the body community as he found it easy

to write new scripts to allow box to low

key beds and make us

wrong comeback but on the flipside the

fatigue system frustrated and confused

the playerbase

as many did not know nor understand the

reasoning behind making already slow

skills even more unbearable to train and

no doubt turn many players away from

games by interrupting their gameplay all

from an update that was meant to target

rule breakers but evidently handicapped

legitimate players the fatigue system

would be scrapped entirely for a less

intrusive and what was thought to be a

more effective method of ba prevention

being random events that released the

long said runescape 2 on March 29 2004

most of these events could be

categorized in three sets

puzzle events that required the player

to follow a task or select an item

described by an NPC and if ignored the

NPC would scatter the players imagery on

the ground

become hostile towards a player or

simply teleport the player to her preset

location dangerous events were a hostile

NPC would spawn nearby and immediately

begin attacking the targeted player

until they was either killed or the

player had fled and finally a resource

events these events targeted resources

such as trees rocks and thieving chests

these events could be as simple as

having the head of your pickaxe fly off

meaning you would have to reattach it to

continue mining while others would be

dangerous and damage the player but if

you were paying attention while skilling

you wouldn't notice that the affected

resource will be visually different like

a steaming rock that if mine would deal

damage to you and history of pickaxe

that would then have to be repaired by

speaking to select NPCs these were all

effective means of ba prevention as they

required what was thought to be

human-like intelligence to work around

and being that runescape 2 was

essentially an entirely new game many

box had been remade and could not be

coded to decipher the puzzles nor

recognise a hostile random event this

would leave many BOTS failing them and

being scattered around the map only for

their owner to come back and reset them

and the more you feel that a random

event more frequently that would happen

and there were no doubt other ways to

detect bots but this worked like an

in-between to slow down bots before they

were bent after all many bots like flax

pickers didn't require much effort to

make and within seconds of an account

being made could begin automation as the

years progressed and runescape evolved

so what the bots were at first they

could only saw a select few puzzles

eventually that would have a grasp on

nearly all random events and whereat for

his spots were only used for personal

gain like to boost your experience and

to get some extra cash

many players would soon discover there

was money to be made by running several

pots at once Second Harvest immense

amounts of items that could then be

traded for real-world money to players

looking to take shortcuts this was first

done through one-on-one trades but due

to thon trustworthy nature of these

trades many of them would be done

through third-party websites acting as a

medium these bots farmers had a much

darker practice that not only caught the

attention of Jagex but also the credit

card processing companies that work with

jagex as these bot farmers were using

stolen credit card information to pay

for the membership of their BOTS so not

only were they causing harm to the game

by threatening its integrity but nearly

kills Brune scape as when these cards

were finally reported as stolen to the

respective companies it was legally up

to jagex to reimburse the amount stolen

from the cards and sure Jagex made the

payments but because of the amount of

fraudulent card transactions kept

increasing with no sign of stopping the

car companies award with Jagex

threatened to cut off the ability to be

able to be able to car completely if did

not fix their fraudulent card issue and

being that card transactions made up an

estimated 90% of all membership being

purchased it was either find a way to

stop these BOTS or kill the game which

on December 10 2007 led to the

regulation of any and all forms of

training and runescape or as many of us

know and now the removal of wilderness

and free trade so now these bot farmers

will lose any incentive to make

additional box ultimately saving the

game but leaving it handicapped as from

this point onward RuneScape's acted

player numbers will never recover and

get again lead to a fears community as

course sections of the game were

stripped away and regardless of Jax's

intentions players felt betrayed

especially in the PvP community as the

outlaw Sur hub and were only left with a

substitute leaving many to quit the game

and yes this update did kind of stop bot

farmers but there were still those who

bought it for personal gain with this

becoming an increasing issue On February

25th 2009 random events were updated by

removing the least effective ones like

the river troll where players could

simply run away and reworking others but

at this point it was too late the bomb

makers had a good grasp on runescape too

and it took less than a year to create

bots that could solve random events

faster than most people could now jagex

was a bit smarter when implementing this

antibody measure while the fatigue

system would impact nearly every aspect

of the game

random events were quite welcome at

first especially for newer players as

completion of puzzle events would reward

the player with random item or a mystery

box that would give the players from

starting cash on their new account but

for any experienced player these were

mostly an annoyance where it would feel

like the game would require constant

attention or you would run the risk of

being teleported far away or lose all

your items that you had on you by being

idle as during this time period the

death mechanics worked the same way as

they did in the wilderness this as

fatigue did annoy the player base as

they were subjected into doing the same

disruptive events that as time passed no

longer prevented botting and yet only

hindered legitimate players and a little

story here I actually left a watchtower

quest and complete for several years

because of the sandwich lady so during

this quest I got her as a random event

and she told me to pick a baguette but

twelve year old me had no idea what a

baguette was so I think I chose a

sandwich or something and I was

teleported to ice Mountain and because

back then many people like myself didn't

know the map very well and kind of just

wandered I didn't know where to go back

to you to complete this quest what I'm

saying is events like these and most

others really took you out of the

immersion the game had it so Jagex once

again shifted gears with a new behind

the scenes ba prevention system in place

on February 1st 2011 the war darkness a

free trade was finally brought back it

was also around this time that work had

started a cluster flutter or as many of

us know and now the bots nuke this

update set out to change item IDs and

specific code that BOTS used to operate

so let's say you're doing a random event

and the game tells you to select a

specific item while you might see

something like a spinning trout water a

reflection and injection bot sees is a

number or more specifically an item ID

and not the item itself so if the item

ID was to be changed not only for anima

bents but for things like fishing spots

reflection and injection bots would

cease to operate which at the time made

up 98% of bots so on October 25th 2011

the bots nuke was launched were Jagex

reported they had recently been 1.5

million bonang accounts and a second pod

nuke known as optimus

came on may 3rd 2012

the general idea and thought process was

if he changed the item IDs in-game

bomb-makers will stop updating their

bonds because it was just too much work

but yet again it took only two weeks to

develop a functioning bond and a few

months for bonds to be back at peak

performance and for the last time a

different approach was taken Jagex would

hire mod jakmob an ex bomb maker to

develop a continually updated bot watch

which was launched September of 2012

leading to the removal of random events

on October 24 2012 the way bomb watch

works is left intentionally vague as to

not tip off bomb makers on how to bypass

it like they've done with previous

antibody measures but it's generally

understood that instead of trying to

change the code that BOTS follow it

monitors players for patterns like

clicking on the same spot every second

for an hour that might catch the

attention of boat launch that would then

lead to the termination of set account

while also looking for other accounts

following the same or similar pattern

but even with this in place the matter

bots in game is still tremendous and

while some players praised boss for

lowering the price of items like dragon

bones and gold ore to make the training

easier it does this at the cost of

devaluing money making methods for new

or lower level players that were

expecting to get a massive amount of

with their police and mobile also do you

ever wonder why zero drops 1000 flags

and 1500 pure essence I'm speculating

here but I think it's to inflate the

market to make those easy money making

methods not profitable for BOTS and

interning a money-making method for

lower level players bots are also the

reason we have bonds and while bonds do

give players an advantage as it allows

goal to be purchased for real money

making an old schools only micro

transaction so for 5 years now I and

several others have been paying for

membership on all of our accounts

through in-game gold effectively keeping

the player count high as those who would

normally take a shortcut and put money

in the pockets of those ruining the game

are instead giving me free membership

but the addition of bonds or making

training and expensive in no way redeems


they're the reason behind RuneScape's

worst updates and only serve to devalue

and steal major aspects of the game from

legitimate players these are the reasons

I believe

bots are RuneScape's plagued this has

been botting RuneScape's plague thanks

for watching