Pros And Cons Of False Grip Benching (aka Suicide Grip, Thumbless Grip)

hey guys coach been here benches and

today we are talking about the pros and

cons of false grip bench in when I mean

by false grip mention also known as the

suicide grip whatever you want to call

it's a thumbless grip okay so your

thumbs are actually on the other side of

the bar all right so I'm gonna show you

what that looks like and there's

definitely some pros to it and then

there's definitely some downfalls of

this grip as well and we're gonna cover

all that one of the huge pros of the

false grip is going to be your wrist

position okay so where you place the bar

in your hand let me show you what that

looks like

alright so with the false grip alright

where you could normally maybe get away

we're benching like this a poor wrist

position alright you can't do that with

the false grip because if I put my thumb

on the other side this is gonna really

be a dangerous position is gonna feel

like it's gonna roll it's gonna be much

more readily able to roll in your hand

and we don't want that so if you go

false grip it's great to teach you to

keep that bar right on the heel of the

hand okay so you're not gonna position

it here you're not gonna put good force

into it's not gonna feel good all right

where you might be able to get away with

it if you're like this okay so if you

think about if you were gonna strike

something and you want to put a lot of

force into it right you're not gonna hit

it with your fingers right you're gonna

boom hit it with the heel of your hand

okay same thing we're doing to the bar

here so we're talking false gripping

looking like this boom okay

so that's a huge pro of the false grip

all right the other big thing is the

touch point and the alignment at the

bottom okay so if we're in a false grip

it's gonna be harder to go too low okay

cuz that'll dump right out on us all

right it's gonna be hard to go too high

because it's probably gonna roll back in

the hand or just feel uncomfortable okay

where we

probably get away with it if our thumb

is wrapped around going false grip all

right it's just gonna kind of put us in

that natural position everything is

going to have to be stacked we can't

really afford to not be in a good

stacked position with the false grip

okay so it's gonna just naturally

default this into a better position all

right so that's a huge Pro and probably

one of the biggest ones and one of the

reasons why I might have someone bench

with a false or thumbless grip is that

it puts you into your lats really well

okay so we're talking about loading the

lats great very easy to command with the

arms when we're wrapped around the bar

squeezing here okay if we go to false

grip we don't have as much activation

with our forms you can see here I could

squeeze with my forms get that

activation all right from false grip I'm

not getting that in the forums I'm just

kind of pinching my fingers of anything

all right so I'm not controlling through

the arms I have to catch that bar with

the lats so I can feel it in my back a

lot better and it's gonna teach you how

to create that platform to load the

weight on with your back all right

that's probably the biggest Pro of the

false grip some of the cons of course

you're not going to be able to torque

into the bar and what I mean by that is

create tightness by bending or spreading

a bar if we tried to bend the bar with a

false grip all right we would just twist

around it we can't create that tightness

that we can't if we're anchored around

with our thumb okay we can't really

spread the bar we literally slide we

have to have that anchor around to hold

us with the thumb okay so we're gonna

sacrifice our ability to create

tightness into the bar with the false

grip which is the big reason you don't

want to use it for like a competition

type press all right that leads to less

activation absolute because what I just

said being able to get more musculature

create more max effort force by

squeezing a bar with the thumb around

having your full grip going to that bar

be a whole lot of weight all right with

false grip you don't have that

ability to activate more or we can't get

our biceps our arms our forms involved

as much in a movement if we're in a

false grip the other con is of course

safety have to touch on safety

all right especially more so for the

beginners and advanced athlete it's

gonna have a better feel of where they

need to be with the false grip but if

you're just beginning you're just

starting now being in this thumbless

position if you take it out you're not

exactly in the right spot and you get

like a little hitch what's your wrist or

something like that that bars just gonna

come down on ya alright so if you're a

beginner I would maybe ease away from

the false grip unless you have someone

watching over you very easy to get in

trouble and then it's a really big

hazard so there's a safety swing with

that as well so that's some of your pros

and cons of using false grip when you're

benching all right so if you know how to

use it properly can definitely aid your

bench press but if you use it the wrong

way it can definitely give you negative

affects and potentially hurt you as well

so gotta keep that in mind all right

guys Coke's been here and you know where

to find me Safety's down