When and WHY do you false cast in fly fishing?

let's fly shop doing our regular thing

today we're test casting some new rods

really excited about this one this is

the sage Xcel nice green color this is

gonna be available August 1st and we're

just kind of pre-gaming on this learning

a little bit about the product in

addition to just a wonderful rod that we

have here it's actually got a pretty

small port this is a total total trout

rod this is a 590 - 4 nice small compact

cork very slim blank nice profile this

one is a little bit contrasting the sage

is probably their most popular models be

at the sage one my camera man's gotta

fly bugging them that's okay go ahead

keep going alright so so this is a

little bit contrasting to like the sage

one or the sage method sages historic

bestsellers this is a little bit more

like that comfortable lazy boy that you

have there at home this one is just fun

to be in no matter what you're doing or

what you're up to this is a medium fast

action rod meaning it has a little bit

more been throughout the rod very very

relaxing to cast it's got a much slower

casting stroke than a fast reaction rod

which I'm gonna have to hurry a little

bit very very comfortable to cast

especially at range as we've been

casting out here a ton you can see my

rings out there that are about 40 45

feet very very comfortable to cast out

to about well it'll go grab big distance

when you want but I've been hitting the

Rings and actually doing some testing

and testing the accuracy very very

comfortable okay so the casting tip I

want to give you today is false casting

how much do you polish cast when do you

do a whitey a false cast

unfortunately false casting is somewhat

of a lost art historically people used

to fish a lot more dry flies we do a lot

of indicator fishing now we have

something called a chubby Chernobyl you

probably have a dozen them in your box

right now the floats really good in with

the buoyancy of strike indicators and

and bigger dry flies we've actually

learned unlearned how to false cast and

I want to reintroduce that idea to you

today so just to define it a false cast

is simply casting in the air and not

actually laying your fly down it's a

very very useful tool unfortunately

guides and instructors when we get

people out for the first time we're so

concentrating more fishing on action

drifting the fly that we really

overlooked this is a critical casting

point so the false cast does a bunch of

stuff for you one I'm gonna work some

line out with my false cows I'm gonna

let a little bit of line slide out each

false cast is my line shoots forward I

can let a little bit out eventually I

grow my line a little bit longer maybe

the fly drifts back towards me and I'm

stripping in or maybe I'm in a lake

getting be breathing the fly time to

work my line back out again so that's

the most common used for a false cast

the one thing I use false cows for a lot

is I use them just to build accuracy if

I need to hit a specific target maybe I

have a very specific seam or Eddy or

rock or stick or a piece of structure I

think of fishes behind and I do the same

thing in competition you can bet I'm

gonna false cast and I have a system

that I've built and it works for me

personally and may work for you am I not

but I pause cast twice and I lay my

third shot down so I'll pick the line up

and I'll cast false cast once all it

falls cast twice and then I'll lay it

down on my next shot my second cast I am

not shooting any more line now typically

I'm just gonna false cast at the air and

I'm gonna pause and I can hover I can

hover that fly right over that target

just like that there's good shot so

false casting will really help you build

some accuracy another thing that it does

people have forgotten how to dry their

flies out it makes when we're hiding a

lot small dry fly fishing isn't Forks

are becoming a little bit of a lost art

people have forgotten how to dry those

flies out a false cast helps build good

line speed and accuracy bowls so if I

throw a couple of false cast real quick

my fly is gonna land better it's gonna

float better it's gonna allow me to mend

and fish more effectively which is huge

I need to be able to trust my flies

buoyancy so false casting will do that

for you as well one other thing that

does changing directions that's where we

see a lot of intermediate anglers fail

is their flight let's say is is out here

maybe to their left side maybe it

floated downstream for instance and now

I need to reposition it over here maybe

back upstream or maybe I just need a new

spot me

now fly up from this angle and trying to

recast it over there it just winds up in

a big mess it's not accurate it's not a

fish and it's not effective so I'm gonna

take my fly from right over here and I'm

gonna bring it back and I'm gonna false

cast once I'm gonna false cast twice and

then I'm gonna lay it down and I made a

great shot on that target over there

that we've been practicing on made a

great shot changing directions using the

false cast very very effective one of

the last things that we use the false

cast for is maybe I just need to

reposition with my feet maybe I'm

standing in the tall grass or the brush

or bushes I'm gonna pick up and I'm

actually gonna walk a little bit and I'm

gonna carry this cast in the air a few

times is I travel forward we do that one

more time and that's something you just

got to practice you need to get yourself

out in the lawn like we're doing out

here today and I'm just gonna false cast

a little bit I'm moving upstream or

upriver I've just repositioned I grabbed

eight more feet of water just by

throwing a couple of falls casts and

taking a few steps up but hopefully

those tips helped you a false casting

really really is an important part of

your game you've got to do exactly what

the other staff and I are out here doing

today you got to get out in the grass

you got to get your fly rod you can

order two reds fly shop calm leave it or

not but get your fly rod get out in the

yard get a little practicing try false

casting get a couple of targets or hoops

build your skill a little bit I promise

you're gonna catch more fish not only

are you gonna catch more fish but you're

gonna have a better time fishing in the

downtown you're not catching fish