Introduction to Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK

I am very excited to be here to announce

Samsung's new block chain solution

Samsung blockchain platform SDK thank


my name is Yuna Lee and why am I here I

was a framework engineer for 10 years

and I transitioned to Samsung pay team

in 2016 for two years it helped to

develop my skills and interest in

financial technology which led to

Samsung blockchain and since 2008 in

January I've been working to develop a

blockchain software solution so now I am

here to talk about Samsung blockchain

platform SDK before we begin I know some

of you guys already know about this but

for those who don't let me share with

you some terminology and background

related to blockchain in this vision I

will use a word the app many times D

means decentralized so what is a DF DF

is a decentralized application it has

began the code running on blockchain or

a decentralized peer-to-peer network

actually every applications can be a

yet here are examples what about a very

impaired ballgame yes it is a DF there

are many solutions to solve a problem of

limited storage and if one of solutions

utilize blockchain we can call it the

app of course cryptocurrency payment

solution like Samsung blockchain wallet

is a good example of the air here is one

simple example imagine that you have

your online shopping app and you have a

plan to integrate a very own payment

solution once you integrate it now you

have your DF what are the challenges to

build your DF there are many reasons to

be interested in using blockchain

solution for your app

then you would start to search ways to

turn your app into the app and soon you

will face a lot of difficult

technologies theories and algorithms so

finally you would become a third paper

even though you studied and understood

about the blockchain technology but it

is not the end here are some real

questions you may ask how to connect my

app to the ethereum network how to keep

my secret case safely how to retrieve

data from the smart contract

unfortunately answers are scattered


and the most important thing especially

for mobile developers it is hard to find

Java library blockchain field may seem

like a big liar but actually the marker

for blockchain is infancy right now it

is relatively small for now there are

many possibilities to build your DF

leveraging blockchain solutions but not

many real cases now one of the reasons

is because it is too difficult to

utilize blockchain solutions so I am

here to announce samsung's new

blockchain solution built to address

these challenges

Samsung blockchain play

from SDK first difficult to learn we

solved it by simplified interfaces

blockchain platform SDK offers many

api's and it is familiar with Android

developers second scattered sources we

solved it by one-stop solution we will

talk more about it and last limited use

cases we will solve it by ecosystem

expansion to increase the number of

watching users in the market for

blockchain let's begin how to start to

build your DF first you need your

Android application please note that

Samsung blockchain platform SDK is

designed for Android native apps for now

then download the SDK from developers

site Samsung developer site it is open

to the public from today so you can

download it anytime

and integrates with it to make your

installable yep now your DF has some

song o'clock came platform SDK inside of

it let's look deeper

here is your DF and Samsung blockchain

platform SDK existed inside of it in the

SDK there are five component account

manager hardware wallet manager

transaction manager simple payment UI

and cucumber cucumber is a component

name which is a kind of DEA browser and

developers can utilize every functions

through blockchain application interface

each component have its own network

module so it can communicate with

blockchain network like the real bottom

of this architecture there is a hardware

wallet manager it can make your DF to

link with Samsung blockchain key store

or Ledger's devices like nano X and nano


features what does the DF development

toolkit require let's think about it

first you need a secure key management


please remember this word are


it is really important value to be kept

securely and also you need an account

manager account or address is a

primitive unit to utilize blockchain

services here are essential functions

creating restoring and retrieving to

adopt crypto currency payment solution

you will need these functions as well

with drift balance and remittance with

UI even better most of the apps are

running on web environment so some of

you guys may need an easy integration

solution to import your web based DF

into mobile

each component matches with each

requirement in the previous slide we saw

five components account manager

represent abstracted HD wallet Hardware

wallet manager will present easy connect

function and remittance simple payment

UI and the a browser account management

is the first step to build your D app

here are three basic functions let me

show how it works in the real volume

system if only we have 30 minutes is not

enough time do you remember this slide

actually there is a picture to describe

the essential of algorithm to make

account in the blockchain system this

one it shows be IP 32 hierarchical

deterministic wallet we call it simply

HD wallet you can see on the left side

there is only one unique key it is a

master seat and you can find a lot of

almost infinite addresses on the right

side of this picture so basically every

addresses can be derived from one master

seat so that's why

i we say Oh master is really important

value and to be kept safely if you are

stolen the master seat

it means you get lost all of your asset

money so here is the actual steps you

need to do this is a very simple example

just get single account from Raja

Bullett first you have to know your

target HD path I'm just ready for the

post laser blah blah and then you need

to connect to Hajiyev Allah because of

masters it is important then you will

get extended public key and there is one

more step each block chain network has

its own algorithm to extract the account

for example if there will utilizes first

20 bytes from the public key if you

don't understand these things but don't

worry because I am here to talk about

some song blockchain platform SDK skip

this hassle by using the SDK

let me show an example code if you want

to generate new account just call one

simple API generate account if you want

to restore every valid your account then

just call restore account getting the

account is even easier

this image is captured from Android

studio you can see every valid account

in the form of ArrayList it is really

familiar with Android developers if you

want to know more information related to

blockchain then you can find it from the

account instance for example you can see

the token address HD path and water ID

and so on how to use it it's just up to

you in the previous light we've talked

about a mustard seed so we can

understand why do people need some

solution to solve this concern how do I

keep my secret key safely instead of

using hot water you have several options

you can use a paper wallet you can save

the keys into USB and so on but most

people would say hardware wallet is the

best way obviously we have Samsung

blockchain key store it has a unique

advantage especially for mobile mobility

you can link with Samsung blockchain

kiss to buy in the easiest way ever

by using Samsung blockchain platform SDK

if you want more information tomorrow

there is a keister session in the same

from 3:30 please attend it and don't

miss it

samsung clock change kisser is available

on newer Galaxy flagship devices and

Samsung blocked him platform SDK also

support another code wallet letter more

commonly used are cold wallet which are

compatible with every devices so if you

use both solutions then you will cover

the entire range of Samsung Galaxy


here is a simple code samsung blocked in

platform SDK or first only one API

connect by calling connect you can link

your DF with hardware wallet easily

before the end of this session

Nicolas the CTO of letter will briefly

talk about the significance of the

collaboration between Samsung and letter

Samsung blockchain platform SDK focuses

on crypto currency payment currently is

offered in the room the most popular

asset types in ethereum is either years

320 tokens and years e7 21 asset year c7

21 is also known as non fungible token


tea Samsung blocked a platform SDK

offers abstracted API to utilizes all

these types of transactions plus you can

get a data from smart contract easily of

course it supports sending raw

transactions to observe your network not

only api's but also simple UI is offered

by Samsung blogging platform SDK you can

make a payment within your DF by one

simple API call the information you need

is already filled in this picture you

can find your ethereum account and it

shows is there balance as well also

there is a fee information all these

values are parsed by blockchain platform

SDK so deep developers don't need to

parse it by themselves in the bottom of

the new eye you can find next button

when you click it your DF is

automatically linked with a hajiyev

wallet for secure signing and the result

will be returned to your D app so you

can proceed next step

the payment you are specialized for a

cryptocurrency has three different

layout for example the left one either

you can find it very unbalanced and

about exit 20 you can find a token name

fau and about years is 721 you can find

token ID it has different types the last

feature cucumber cucumber is a component

name and it is a kind of the browser

built using Android webview by using

cucumber you can use web based DF

implementing web tree that jes without

any change on your web code so cucumber

covers two main api's sign and send

transaction they are needed to sign the

transaction with a hardware bullet

cucumber helps developers it helps to

acknowledge the exact trigger point of

the transaction payment so that you can

show the payment UI on white moment it

has a little bit difficult concept so we

prepare some demo video to show it

crypto dozer is a game of play their

company and you can find in the exhibit

booth area when we met first time as a

partner they had a web DM

so basically crypto dozer runs on web

environment in this video you which you

will see samsung clocked in wallet and

games the real use cases so you can see

it is running on the browser it is not

cucumber it's a normal web browser this

game is really addictive

so they have several tabs on the top

side and this is a Samsung blockchain

wallet so their application is now

running on cucumber important thing is

play them didn't change their code no

it's just integrated with Samsung

blockchain waller utilizing cucumber and

this is an example to show payment UI

when the transaction occurred samsung

blockchain platform SDK pops up this one

automatically you can see informations

inside of the payment UI and when you

click it just linked with Samsung

blockchain kiss true if you link with

Ledger's devices Ledger's confirmation

display will be shown this is an example

of utilizing yearsI 7:21 token the left

side is crypto dozer we've seen and the

item is implemented using yearsI 7:21

specifications so the same item is

running on different games this is a

good example

and here is an example to utilize simple

payment UI for years the trainee tokens

so there is took a name it is made by

platform SDK automatically so there are

several real examples to utilize Samsung

blockchain platform SDK in several ways

it's up to you

to summarize samsung palak same platform

SDK is all-in-one solution to build your

mobile dieppe connect to the Hajiyev

wallet to keep your secret key safely an

account manager helps you to manage your

account easily creating restoring and

retrieving basic functions are possible

and retrieve balance remittance with

cryptocurrency payment UI if you are

interested in using blockchain platform

SDK then it will be easier to import

your web-based DF into mobile to

conclude download and try it today it is

open to the public so you can find more

information from Samsung Developers

website the sdk library and there is

also programming guide and simple

application as well the sample

application which includes every

functions i've talked today and more as

well as entire code is also open

how do you evolve a manager the real

example and though every source code you

can find transaction manager payment UI

and example of cucumber experience 45

main api's and more than 150 utilities

by Samsung blockchain platform SDK what

next we will add Tron in the near future

we will also make a browser extension

for a cucumber for signing transactions

to allow web-based dia purchases using

the security and convenience of gf

right on your phone and there is more to

come and we would love your input

please come share your ideas with us you

can find more about us here and on the

website there is also a code web the

title is create shopping app using

ytterbium you can get hands-on

experience do you remember the example

I've taught about very early of this

session the shopping app so the exactly

same scenario you can build it by

yourself and you will find how it is


also there is blockchain is to be both

as well visitors and

ask any questions also our tech support

developers are ready to help you to

build your yeah

before we go on QA I'd love to introduce

Nikolas the CTO of leather please

welcome Nicolas so thank you you know

for this great presentation I think for

2004 giving me the opportunity to speak

here thanks to you to attend of course

so I am Nicola and CTO and co-founder of

Fletcher I'm mainly focusing on

innovation at Leger and I will tell you

a little I mean some things about

hardware wallets and why I think that

this partnership with Samsung is a great

thing to for the ecosystem so well to

start by the end of what I am doing I

discovered Bitcoin in mid-2012 and I was

fascinated by the simplicity of Bitcoin

because I think that for the first time

we are the way to consider digital

assets like physical assets I mean

everybody understand when I am giving

some objects to you but for a digital

asset it was very complex to do that

without a middleman before Bitcoin names

would be for those blockchain technology

as Yunus said the complex thing is that

this is achieved by cryptography and

cryptography is very hard to understand

so you don't really know who to security

and well so if you don't secure your key

not your keynote your coin is a famous

motto in the cryptography world and

since you have no middleman you have

nobody to complain to if you get your

assets stolen so we need to protect keys

and the good thing is that we already

have a very good way to protect keys

which is a French invention called the

smart card so everybody has a smart card

you have one in your food you have one

in your passport you don't really know

how to use it because it's not made to

be very open let's say and well the

biggest problem with a smart card today

is that it's super secure it scales very

well we have seen that but it doesn't

hold your secrets it

old secrets of someone else that you can

use so it's for the secret of your

operator it holds the secrets of your

bank but it would be very great if it

could hold your secret so I decided to

create ledger based on this conclusion I

add a lot of experience in the smart

card world coming from my background and

I thought it was a very good solution to

push this forward and to offer this

technology to let to honorable South

Africa story of crypto assets so I will

explain a little bit now what ledger is

doing and why I think that well growth

is necessary in this ecosystem as well

so that we make custody easy for

everybody and of course offering more

application is a great way to do that so

the base principal of ledger is that we

consider that you without trust your

data has no value the blockchain is very

secure by itself because given the

consensus algorithm and given the way it

work it cannot really be hacked but you

can hack the endpoint so you can hack

what you put in the blockchain and you

can hack the way you interact with the

blockchain so if you put garbage into

the blockchain the blockchain will

happily process it and give you secure

garbage but you really that's not what

you want so what ledger is doing and is

securing those endpoints for Hardware

wallets it's quite easy to understand

when you transact you want to understand

what you are transacting you want to

understand who you are sending your

assets to you want to understand what

you are doing and for example when

interacting with a complex mat contract

it's easier for the user to understand

very precisely what is being done rather

than just displaying a blob of data

that's completely impossible to

understand it can be a little bit more

complex in the IOT sector for example

because then you are going to collect

data that goes to sensors that's going

to be put in a blockchain but you need

security on your sensor and this can be

applicable to a lot of other industries

so this is what we are doing at Ledger

we use smart card technology to secure

all those data points because well

because that's necessary for blockchain

adoption so what is this partnership

bringing here it brings you smart card

security for all your assets on all

Samsung phones

from the galaxy line so I think that

something extremely important to stress

know if you want to develop an

application under Samsung device you

guarantee to your users that you are

going to use your asset with the best

possible security so it can be directly

embedded if you are using an s10 with a

Samsung key store or on any other

handset you will get a very good

security by using a hardware wallet so

it's just a little bit more complex

because then you have to connect it but

you can connect it for USB for the Nano

as of you ble for the Nano X for the

best experience in my opinion so it's

for developers it really makes things it

lowers a great barrier of adoption which

is the complexity of understanding all

those protocols so the choice of the

wallet is extremely flexible you don't

even have to think about it you can just

focus on your application and the

Samsung blockchain platform SDK will

take care of the rest so secure you I

will make sure when using Hardware

wallet so that you are presenting the

best possible information for your user

and again that's quite important because

knowing what you do is the basis of

proper asset management and finally I

would say that this integration will

drive good habits to people for well

holding you a set of spending your

assets it's important to think that when

you are spending when you are spending a

lot of assets you want to keep them an

external device well just because it's

more secure when you are transacting

with smaller assets you want to add them

on your phone because well it just lets

whiskey I mean you do the same thing

when you with your wallet when you are

when you are walking into the street and

with this SDK you have the possibility

to do that completely transparently so I

think this adoption is great for the

posi ecosystem and I can't wait to see

what kind of great applications our

people will build using this SDK so and

now where we have a boost as well in the

partner in the partner area so if you

want to ask more question don't hesitate

to no digitate to come and I will head

it back to two universes for Q&A session