How to buy and sell Bitcoin in Zambia within 5 minutes

okay who pees oh my name is my name is

Keith ruins okay I am a freelance and

web design and marketing from circa

zombie and the mystery convene to talk

about how to write and seal Bitcoin and

other cryptocurrencies instantly without

getting his comment okay a feminist has

been a challenge for many understand by

Bitcoin okay men have been swindled when

I lost money in building and setting

okay I think it's a very big challenge

for a vote but so you just decided to

write up something which I wrote they

put in by and so between instantly in

them or wherever you are watching this

video from okay so first let's talk

about the requirements you need to have

written by and so cryptocurrency is

instantly I could not send them to

anyone because I cannot trust no and

unless maybe you someone whom you really

know okay you can do that okay so what

are some of the requirements you need to

have to buy Bitcoin and still instantly

okay so the first thing we need to have

is a bank account because I went with

the bank account to receive payments and

they want to use your bank accounts to

make payments for so that emoticons is

it's hard to buy and sell Bitcoin okay

so the first thing you have to have this

bank account I wish

rich has

so the first thing we need is a bucket

on to the visa and I don't mean ain't

gotta count okay so you can use in the

bunker card apart from one point which

is an example of which is the knock oh


Dino conducts most experimental drug

dependencies and forage platforms and an

accessory require or chickpea

verification okay so an OTP may come to

use an aqua bunk but to awake

okay so trying to make finish I

recommend you opening other bank

accounts applied from the knock oh okay

can you see the pocket cones

okay so just if the knock oh are we okay

so the first thing you need to have is

but we must be above 18 years of age of

course and you must possess an analogy

yep so I pursue my analyst you must

possess a proof proof of business and

the number of quotes okay

so why do we need an analogy okay well

when you the perform going to introduce

you from working by between okay you

need to verify your account before a

teen boy and see so to verify you need

to upload your analysis a proof of

residence and your phone number

okay so proof of these days you can

approach the Tippie you can upload your

products intimate you can outride your

desk or goon unit or any document that

with your full names your physical

address and it must be not out more than

three months cake must be no not really

no but just a recent one okay so the

fifth thing only 12 is that i think

president is two of the majority of this

then I'm good to go

okay and of course time money to buy the

between two sale okay so what is this

photo bomb introducing of which can

allow you to buy and Co bit screen

okay so this platform is actually this

ad is okay we're doing okay this

spectrum is called advanced gosh okay

that's the suplex right the vast gosh

okay advanced gosh it's monitored

electric screw of which connotes we send

money to people and receive it was what

I was wanting to buy and sell Bitcoin

also can sell Bitcoin they had arrested

someone in a zoo pay people directly

unblocked accounts can also pay people

director to be a Visa Visa card yeah so

that's what entranced cash means this

one over which I use also flip but for

the past years now like it's much either

buy from there okay so how do you stop

advanced cars and where do we release

the phone okay I keep the day page on my

website where and post holdings of

things I use also to go to the link for

the registration just open your Chrome

for any pearls of yours

okay unseat for I give to rinse he

waited for kitchens open up the first

drink you see which is case address

that's me okay so when you open up this

link okay you need to keep on the butter

after click on min when you click on

menu click on the link or button called

dues okay so induced painted as a post

holdings of products and services I use

and recommend you to buy or sign up okay

so we need to scroll down a puts up

first brokers I convened this I cam

Jones is if I'm not the sum payment

gateways then you worried okay so you

need to scroll down and find where it's

written fundraiser take a while it

okay so colleges we are going to find

the registration iniquities click here

to sign up for and

- crush okay because I'm not seeing it

it's this button here you go and click

you okay so you need to click on this

button okay so this is advanced cache as

you can see now how are you can buy

crypto Cardenas right away from here

okay so she's done before the bear

should do nails so just do which are you

Oh what is the minimum beginning boy and

so amount is too small let me have what

above $10 before you just I didn't find

out which is the minimum okay so the

minima came by is five dollars of which

no other efforts from can allow you to

buy Bitcoin will be five dollars they

all start from and 2015 1500 okay so

what are some of the features of advice


again without the rest courage the

minerals of the posting cash there okay

so let's talk about the fees first of

all okay

well invest cash there two accounts is

Blitzen on business I'll keep with

persona so to open account is 100% free

there's no maintenance fee okay so to

send the money to one another is also

free to send monetary reserve card or

MasterCard it is free to sleep with face

piercings okay undo it the drone money

of also sending to someone is also free

okay so to withdraw money to a Visa card

is four dollars plus represent

and go with your cryptocurrencies there

is no fee but advanced cash uses its own

internal exchange rate meaning let them

put their own X in the US which is beta

ok ok so these are the fees so how do

you create an account or you can in a

click on this button call to get account

code their registration okay then you

need to enter your first name last name

email and password

ok so much until the session the first

thing we need to do is to verify our

construe to unlock all features of this

asks platform okay so you need to

approach it in Alessia I'll verify your

phone number we will fire in no address

I will fire performance test it takes us

thank two hours to verify everything and

I'm ready to go on the buddha 2 by n cos


yeah so this is keyframes if you that's

the window feel free to like I have

another questions that's fit to comment

I read all called mins and now I do

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