How To Buy Bitcoin In Africa & Zambia

hi guys Manos here today's video I'm

going to show you how you can buy

bitcoins for yourself direct without

going through any third parties using

your own Bitcoin wallet and unique one

exchanger so this is the Bitcoin wallet

that I use it's called Electra I'm going

to leave all the level relevant links in

the description so with electron you are

able to send receive buy sell it from

your own wallet Bitcoin wallets give you

a Bitcoin address where you can receive

your bitcoins or where you can send

bitcoins from so it's going to have a

Bitcoin address which you can always

copy easily using the copy button or you

can use a QR code so this is my wallet

but now let me show you where I get the

bitcoins from the exchanger is called C

X dot IO so you need to open it open up

an account with them it's relatively

easy you just need to have an ID a bank

account and a bank card have those handy

plus an ID have those handy in opening

once you've opened it simply log in you

can either log in by through your

account or you can use Google telegram

or Facebook to log in so once you try to

log in it's going to ask you for a six

digit cuckoo Authenticator code so you

need download the app so that you are

able to generate this code whenever you

log in so now once you've logged in it

brings you to this page where you can

either buy sell Bitcoin direct I want

from this button you can deposit into

your CX account where they - it until

you either buy Bitcoin or with droid you

can also withdraw your Bitcoin or your

money to any means of your choosing in

this case I'm doing a deposit I need to

put in some money into this account so

I'm going to click on deposit

once you've clicked on deposit it brings

you on to this page we'll have to enter

in the amount that you are putting into

your CX account and you can either use a

debit card or credit card in this case

I've got a debit card which is verified

you need to verify your cards before you

are allowed to use them on the site you

can also use a swift if you are

international or personally want to send

funds there or a bank transfer if you

live in the US so I'm using a debit card

so let me enter in the amount I'm

getting nine hundred and ten dollars for

a friend so confirm the Commission and

confirm the amount then you can simply

come here to your card selected enter in

the CVV

as the code at the back of the card and

then you can submit once you've done

that you may need to enter in the OTP

you either receive it by SMS or email

depending on how it's set up for you so

once you enter in the OTP

I'll come into the OTP now I can submit

once you've done that your transaction

will go through immediately and if you

go back to the main page you'll see that

the deposit is reflecting okay so the

nine hundred and ten dollars is

deposited now let me just add up a

little bit more money and then once all

that is done you need to click here on

the buy/sell

on this buy sell button up here and that

is going to take your wife and now

buying bitcoins using your balance so

once you click on the buy side button

and you have selected to purchase using

your balance it's going to bring you

here where you have to confirm the

amount it's going to show you the amount

of bitcoins that you're going to get

agree to the terms and conditions and

you can buy when you buy it's going to

go into your C X Bitcoin wallet so C X

will give you a Bitcoin wallet so

buying and selling is easier alright so

aware my Bitcoin shelf purchased has

moved from the balance into the Bitcoin

balance now to send it to my wallet I'm

going to click on withdraw once I click

on withdraw this is where I can move the

Bitcoin from my XCX Bitcoin wallet to a

Bitcoin wallet of my choosing

so select Bitcoin under withdraw options

then here you need to confirm the amount

of Bitcoin that you're withdrawing

that's how much Bitcoin I have my CX

wallet I can withdraw all of it - the

charges which is going to deduct from

automatically then I'll come here to the

left I'll come here to the left and our

paste male Bitcoin wallet once you paste

your Bitcoin wallet it means that you

can agree to the terms and conditions

and we can withdraw from CX into your

Bitcoin wallet so click on the draw once

that is done in tying the Google

Authenticator code once you have done

that it's going to tell you you need to

go to your email and confirm the

transaction so heading off to my email

I've received an email and you need to

confirm this with a link that they've

sinned so simply confirm you can

actually go through this to confirm that

it is indeed you who is doing the

transaction and once you confirm your

transaction is done so if I go back to

my CX account it's going to show me a

history of all my Bitcoin withdrawals

so that is how it's done you do not need

to go through third parties when buying

Bitcoin simply use your own wallet and

CX account so that you avoid issues of

maybe being scammed or being

inconvenienced now let me know in the

comments what you think of the videos is

anything that I missed Mullins I'll see

you in the next video bye