How to make money with cryptocurrency: Bitcoin in Zambia part 1

okay guys

my name is Keith welcome to this video

okay so in this video I want to talk

about Jupiter currency I know there's

been a lot of things going on about

cryptocurrency and Zambia and most of

them are kinda very negative okay so

from this you can today number two

cryptocurrencies in Zambia what

cryptocurrency is the risk where to buy

and co and the university so it is high

time that you had a long overdue debate

on the on this review about the

cryptocurrency and thank you so before I

read about it perhaps Bitcoin II reached

$20,000 in 2017 if you didn't know if

you read all the headlines perhaps

you've got a buddy who won't stop Turkey

perhaps you up in join Queen B's account

and don't know what to do about it so

there are two voices Queen base broke


bounnam and so on does that Bitcoin

wallet yeah so in this video demo

I hope you understand what cryptic is

actually is and most important what it's

not so the first thing we need to know

is that bitcoin is not a scam bitcoins

the sectarians

so what makes Bitcoin is calm actually

is the people behind the sitting company

without the vineyard of copper is coming

up or invested ease and get this yeah

those are just people trying to get all

your money right now so just consider

between and squadron so you can see a

question man is uses calm because he

just he carries a see someone Casey

compiled by investing in question good

hundred watch after seven days and that

person runs away does that mean that the

pot is fake so it's not siding company

brain that investment thing is on

research that is calm or fake so these

are things of to know obstinate of

Commerce will never be new bitcoins is

calm but they forget that when they send

their bit way that's where we get

scammed from I it's waiting by having

them yeah that's you need to know how to

invest them so in this video that's what

you did how to invest Bitcoin and what

it is so between is a cryptic areas okay

so the development and funding Africa

cryptocurrency should be differentiated

you have not many clear views or in the

tech side dockside technologies

important and may be used for many

purposes without cryptography however

cryptography is no good at all compared

to boring in batteries and bonds we

French cryptocurrencies

speculation due to its unpredictable


relatively stoic like and high risk of

failure you have little cash floating


speculation means there have been no

potential cash for you only hope that

the prices would increase and it

actually what I can bring

protego that will so it's it's not to

see you

it's not to see you never supposed to be

investing you looking under your

financial house first and then put a

script like a Bitcoin yeah for example

want to invest in Bitcoin if good the

only money you want to buy a house came

buy a house if any invest between later

on in other things so only do it a bit

waiting okay only invest in Bitcoin how

good Adam to sure that you refer to lose

that money

you wouldn't be hate that much so what

is skip token skip two classes in

digital countries but uses dogs

introduction processing technology we

are decentralized as we autumn is that a

bank or electronic structure does not

handle a capital so no one controls

Bitcoin not even the banks not anyone we

open trade or all part of it so it

cannot be abused by government we've

seen how government abuse these local

currencies so it's a teacher in-state

abduction is in this

the job run by peer-to-peer or maybe

peer-to-peer I had so much of a phone

number were ETA p.m. yeah it's supposed

to pay so no kamae to companies like

that yes a peer-to-peer competently

trick that manages organizations

cryptocurrencies transactions so it's

actually too difficult well that's time

to have it weeks it takes us to how

cryptic is wigs so let's look at an


wait I want to make sure that you

understand is make an example mismatch

in two people under the name of Andrew

Hungary AC and rings Oh Sofia so unlucky

to by Joseph painting which accepts

Bitcoin as payment so by looking into

away eight Andrew transfers the amount

of Bitcoin to Joseph so here in the only

person that's what your private key and

communicative dog for tracking

transactions this a unique numbers and

letters which record the amount of money

knew how aggressively verify them on

Windows home so all have to work ten

minutes to complete this transaction in

this time the payment details are

analyzed by a network of computers

working on verifying

pending transactions as the bank does it

does nothing is applied to the

blockchain at it's been checked so when

you ascending between from average to

another to another one it it goes

through a process called as wave I ought

to keep coal mining where the

transaction has to be verified so

professor deduction

disappears yeah there are people

forwards supercomputers known as Bitcoin

miners this drop of this competitors to

be paid under chains and by the way

brief introductions you can actually

make money by that like that's good

Bitcoin mining so when you verify

produces the cliche make money

so you know if you want like in the what

this used to be plus the men in Briscoe

into it's possible to manage new

computer but right now can not really

profitable to mine Bitcoin using your

computer it's very hard you can't make

enough copy profit from that

yeah so they wrote to cryptocurrencies

in Zambia and his Bitcoin litecoin video

so I think him talk about a stud of

Bitcoin Bitcoin David means started in

in 2009 by the position also known as

Satoshi Nakamoto it's good in mysterious

in the preneur and that now the special

identity has not yet been identified

yeah yeah

then this was Red Queen Red Queen

started in 2011 by Charlie let's go in

yeah his name is charity 20 Devon be him

is there been a filium just put in the

year so now how to invest in Bitcoin

without getting scams that's a big topic

okay how to invest in Bitcoin let's get

into account