Exchange Bitcoin to MTN Mobile Money / Exchange MTN Mobile Money to Bitcoin instantly

hello thank you once again now we are

here this is coming from DC crypto

market and we are here to introduce you

I'm here to introduce you the exchange

platform all right right now I want to

say this is my account I already signed

up and I'm having so fun when I'm eating

point 8 USD in my account now for me to

exchange for MCN mobile money and

exchanging exchanging for Bitcoin damage

I want to add my Bitcoin or if I want to

sell my Bitcoin for mobile money what I

simply do is that I click on my left

hand side I go to exchange once I go to

exchange this is how it looks like this

side looks like a half two hundred and

two hundred and nineteen dollars and my

account now I want to exchange my

Bitcoin for mobile moon what do I need

to do I simply need to click on Bitcoin

does from and I click to mobile money

does to I feed in my mobile money empty

mobile money come alone I feel it my

mobile money account that meet the

number that has a Mobile Money account

so I just quickly filled my mobile money

account and I put the amount I want to

sell so I want to sell 10 dollars so if

you see here it shows how receive this

among what of BTC and I will receive I

will and I was cell i was sent out this

among water BTC and i will received this

amount in in my mobile money so I click

on exchange so they asked me to wait on

the confirmation so that the BTC can go

to my to my mobile money so I'm waiting

once the company confirms my

translations will go exactly to my

mobile money okay right now I just

receive mobile money don't you see I

have sent out BTC right now I'm having a

minimum of it see I was having if you

look here I was having 90 I was having

$219 but now I'm having 218 point it

issues ten dollars have been deducted

from my account now if I want to receive

back that my ten dollars that means if I

want to buy bitcoins from the side nav

sold I saw it might be coins on I'm

buying Bitcoin for PC crypto market I'm

exchanging so what I simply do is that I

click on mobile morning does MTN and I

click on Bitcoin that means I'm sending

mobile money does from I mean I'm

sending mobile money to receive

I'm sending mobile money to receive

Bitcoin so what I simply do what I

simple do right now is that I feel in

the mobile money they my account that I

have mobile money in it and secondly I

feel in the amount I want to buy so I'm

buying I'm buying I feel in the amount

of Bitcoin I want to buy so it shows

that I'm buying this amount of Bitcoin

and I'm sending this amount what of


that means cos alpha/2 receive this

I'm sending this amount what common

safer and receiving this amount part of

BTC so the Armani's in USD that's $10

USD so I simply pick on exchange and the

side ask me to die star one to six to

confirm my transaction so I will simply

die star 1 to 6 and

confirm with my coat a click confirm is

confirmed already and I prove so yes

hold on okay you see they're

successfully transferred so when I click

on my notifications it shows I was half

on the on song from VidCon and if you

look right down here Kinley where my

mouse is pointing it shows I just

received $10 worth of Bitcoin simple as

that as like I saw you simple as that

you can sell and receive big you can

send out and receive Bitcoin at any time

with MTN mobile money using PC crypto

market thanks for watching

buy one