Bitcoin Core: Data Directory of Old Hard Drive with Bitcoin Blockchain Configuration

I have to press Q lots of times error

error a fader interview

I don't want to press okay did I just

kill my wallet did I just lose all my


hi everybody welcome back to the Bitcoin

they traded Channel I have found a hard

disk with an old wallet on it I insert

it into my PC it's called 500 gigabytes

blockchains it has different block

chains and it has my Bitcoin blockchain

this is my wallet and it was I think

Bitcoin 16 or something but I have no

Bitcoin core on this PC yet so I have to

reinstall that and I thought let's do

that together that is the plan for today

this Bitcoin blockchain is very big

let's let's check out together

it is a folder of 240 it's even more

approximately 250 gigabytes so we don't

want to download that all again yeah

nobody wants to read download stuff

again look how many blocks these are

these are all 130 megabytes the beasts

and it's sixteen hundred and eighty one

pieces I have over here we don't wanna

read download it we want to reuse this

old wallet

so let's do this to get let's go to blab

the black dots but can't do that to

Blaire cuz this is very hot against help

us find students to care it's so much

fun or desktop wanna difficult to

utilize QR codes and make it transit

we're talking about the big money but

when you want to have everything safe

have yourself the Bitcoin core that's

first next this is so stupid I'm an

experienced user of course so boy I just

want Bitcoin core thank you

this is a lot of work to get paid common

core man 19.1 let's download the Windows

version and while we're downloading we

have our self fortune cookies

see fortune cookies glue sticks flip

scoop you need to collect the daylight

sweat and to reduce this sweet scene one

fortune cookie give me advice how to get

private key let's hope it gives me

fortune I'm not so superstitious

power may create an imposing image but

no large yourself tell that to Darth

Vader but what is power that's call

touch times amperage Wow

what did i do why did I do it it's a dry

cookie but I was hoping that it would

give me some fortune some advice on how

to get the private key okay let's

install this together it's very easy and

straightforward just click Next Next

Next Next Next there's nothing special

there are no hidden things in this

install that's right if it is the first

time run it it will ask you if you

already have a wallet somewhere run

Bitcoin core here we have it welcome to

Bitcoin core yes this is the first time

the program is launched you can choose

where Bitcoin stores is there so let's

choose to default directory first so you

can obviously click here and say use a

custom data and then pick your old your

block change folder and choose this

folder you could do that I could choose

this one but I'm not gonna do that

because that's too easy it's just too

easy we can do it the easy way we gotta

do it the hard way so let's use the

default data directory so we're hiding

it and we don't want it to download it's

not necessary because we don't want to

use this eventually is there a way how

we can change our wallet in here let me

check quickly no no no let's just do it

the cool way we're gonna do this the

cool way okay we are here at Bitcoin

day-trader channel that means we are all

Bitcoin day traders and which means that

if you are here and you have been here

before you know that we love to use

command prompt on this window on this

channel we love to use command prompt so

what we're gonna do now is we're gonna

learn how to open both go in a cool way

and I'm gonna teach you how you can

figure this out for any program we're

gonna start with me

so let's start with opening the command

window so press your windows button CMD

for command right click and run as

administrator what we're gonna do in

this command window is we're gonna use

this command window to start Bitcoin the

ordinary way first so how we can do this

is we have to know where Bitcoin is on

the PC and we just installed it

somewhere on our PC and totally clueless

I don't know where Bitcoin is but I can

find it here so right click here more

open file location' right click

properties and it would say this is the

location where we are supposed to go the

target you see the target so what we

have to do is we have to get to this

folder in a command window so what we

can do is type CD for change directory

we always do this on this channel and

then write C double dot backslash and

then it's Program Files and if you write

P so if you would press the tab then it

would autofill it and then we go to

Program Files and from the Program Files

we go to CD Bitcoin and again I wrote B

I and then I press the tab button this

button so now we are in the Bitcoin core

folder so let's check out this folder

first directory dir and we can see we

have here our Bitcoin qtx e we want to

run this we want to learn how to start

the program so let's start this program

this way so just right very easy bit and

press tab and it would say Bitcoin cutie

dot exe press ENTER and what will happen

magically the program starts so now you

know that we can communicate something

to the program when running it let's

continue this and let's go a little bit

further now we want to use our old

wallet forward so let's exit it now now

it's gone we want to reopen a program so

you can press the arrow up for Sam but

we want to give it a little bit of more

information so we want to give it I

think it was Danton directory equals and

not quite sure this is a test I'm not

gonna add this out it's the first time

trying I can't remember it completely I

hope I'm doing it right now we have to

give the data directory of our

background it's the blockchain back then

Bitcoin blockchain so this here would be

the right directory okay double dot

backslash with Bitcoin blockchain that

is copied from here right click and

let's try it works did I do it correct

something happened did you see what

happened did you see that it

definitely happening because I saw

something move in here is this from


yeah that's today yeah it found our

ruler so basically this is all that we

had to do take very long I am very very

confusing can we safely exit this

already works as you can see it is

working I checked the logging file and a

log in file says at the moment today the

Bitcoin core version started it says the

default data directory is this directory

but then it says we're using the data

directory so this was the input that we

gave it ourselves which they use data

directory is something different what we

can do is we can conclude that this was

all that was needed to start the wallet

that is the entire trick I want to show

this lock screen that I just showed you

we can see that here nerd in this screen

too but we have to use not bît-yakin QT

but we gonna use the Bitcoin demon and

you're like what is the Bitcoin daemon

stop the sorcery what is a Bitcoin

daemon well as you can see here we have

a directory daemon what is it well

daemon is like a ghost

the demon is a program that runs in the

background so this is for instance very

interesting for you if you just want to

run a node you don't want to see this

stupid Bitcoin screen the entire time

you just want it hidden on the

background so we're gonna use the demon

here we saw that there is a demon

directory so in its full of daemon we

have the Bitcoin demons so let's run the

Bitcoin daemon with arguments that's the

word that I was looking for the same

starting arguments let's go to that

folder CD and then we need to go to

demon but it's diamond with an

before we're gonna do this knife we're

gonna say it show us the directory and

then we will see that we are in the same

directories and we're gonna start

Bitcoin D dot exe with the same

arguments that we used before so get out

of the way mouse

it's not gonna be Bitcoin cutie this

time we're gonna use Bitcoin D and we're

gonna run Bitcoin D with the data

directory the old data directory ever

gonna use print to console so it's gonna

show us the lock screen roughly I'm not

quite sure entirely sure but I think

it's gonna show us the console right

here right now which is very cool and

then I think we can exit this video

let's hope it works yes it works well we

can do this

okay so Bitcoin core wallet is starting

it is exactly the same as we did before

the wallet is working it is running I'm

very happy it will continue downloading

the blockchain but it is very cool to

watch it download the blockchain if you

want to close this wall if you want to

close it you have to press ctrl C and

you have to press it a lot of C press

love that ctrl C like copy paste in

Contra C I hope you guys learned

something new today like I always say I

hope you guys got the access to your own

Bitcoin core wallet and blockchain back

and I hope you don't have to redownload

the entire blockchain because it will

take a while to download free hunt

gigabytes of information if you did

enjoy this video let me know it by

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see this a PC is having a hard time

because doing multiple things at the


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