Eureka! Long lost Bitcoin Wallet?



Yurika ha we wish this is Carter let's

get into this alright folks what you're

seeing right here is not a Bitcoin

wallet I know I know what you're

thinking look at all that cheddar all

these different transactions it's making

us sad too especially since there's

thousands of these transactions I mean

look at this scroller what this is is

when we were cleaning out one of our

hard drives before we get going to step

back a second when we break down some of

the equipment some of these older builds

had spindle hard drives before we

started doing a lot of Lennox builds and

etho less and all these other stuff we

use a lot of old spindle drives well we

don't really get rid of those drives and

before we do we usually go through them

you know do a hard wipe on on make sure

there's nothing on them and just happen

to do a deep scan on one of them and

found a wallet that well there was no

other associated files with it so of

course the first thing that we're going

to do on an old hard drive that we've

had for a long time and since we've been

doing this since 2011 was to go and see

if we had accidentally misplaced one of

our Bitcoin wallets and looking at some

of these transactions from back in 2013

the immediate thing came up and showed

once we attach it to a Bitcoin client

which it's still syncing it had all of

these different BTC transactions but

when we start to do a little deeper dive

on it and actually like we click one of


transactions it brings up the actual

transaction ID as if it was a Bitcoin

transaction amount however a couple big

things one it son confirmed to the

transaction ID and the actual

transaction address that it came from do

not show up on the Bitcoin network so we

immediately thought okay well this is

either something really jacked up that

we have not experienced before or this

is not a wallet debt from a Bitcoin

wallet this is actually one of the fork

coins I like coin or feather coin which

were thinking that this is probably

feather coin or this is quite a bit of

light coin that we just found but more

than likely it's feather coin which is

not worth that much at all to be honest

with you I think that the total in this

wallet dumping it out to excel is only

like eleven thousand or something but

eleven thousand five going that is not

eleven thousand dollars so don't get

your hopes up folks but the interesting

point of this is the fact that if you

take another wallet that has been

essentially fork not too far from that

coins structure is that if you open up a

Bitcoin client point it to that wallet

it will actually open it it will not do

anything with confirming transactions or

anything but it will actually display at

least some of the I would call the meta

data around at the transaction history

transaction ID and all that it just will

not give you a status on confirm because

it's not the right chain but just

thought that was an interesting thing

we'll have another video tomorrow and

we'll get this thing open to the proper

wallet in the mystery will continue

until we figure out what coins this is

associated with

stay tuned yeah

and it's right in front of me I know I