I Mined Bitcoin On My Computer For 1 Week

today is thursday november 12th and as

of right now

bitcoin is trading for 16 000 per coin

i really want to get into all of this

cryptocurrency action now

so with that being said let's take this

shovel put it into the ground and start

mining for some bitcoin

guys i'm obviously not that stupid i

know i can't just mine bitcoin by

digging in my backyard but in all

seriousness if you guys were living

under a rock since 2017

and don't know what bitcoin is well it's

a decentralized

unregulated currency based solely on

supply and demand

and i like to think of it as cash for

the internet over the past several years

the prices for this digital currency by

the name of bitcoin have absolutely


in value and this has caused a massive

wave in a new industry by the name of

bitcoin mining

this is basically the equivalent of all

of the people who were digging for gold

in california

back in the 1850s at first in the early

2000s bitcoin mining was super easy to

get into

as all you needed was your laptop to

start mining some bitcoin

and making some serious money but now

that the price for a bitcoin has

absolutely skyrocketed and the industry

of bitcoin mining has become much more

well known

the business has a much higher barrier

of entry and the people

actually making money with it own mines

with thousands of super computers

worth millions of dollars after reading

up on bitcoin mining i determined i

really want to get into the industry but

unfortunately all i have to get started

is a four-year-old pc my dad bought me

for christmas

so for the next week i am going to be

mining bitcoin on my pc

in hopes that i earn enough money to buy

that lamborghini i have always dreamed



when i first wanted to start mining

bitcoin on my pc

i had no idea how to get started so to

solve that issue i did what most people

my age do and i googled it from there

immediately a youtube video popped up

explaining how to start mining bitcoin

in 2020 with nothing but your laptop

intrigued enough i clicked on that video

watched it all the way through to the

end while simultaneously getting things

set up

and now i am making that passive income

with this website

this website makes it super easy to my

bitcoin and even the crappiest of

computers as what it does is it minds a

bunch of smaller cryptocurrencies

that take up less power on your computer

which then gets converted into bitcoin

which then gets converted into dollars

if you so choose

just for signing up for this application

i got some free bitcoin

which comes out to about 20 cents in

value so if you guys decide you want to

try bitcoin mining after watching this

video all the way to the end

i will leave my honeyminer affiliate

link down below in the description

over the next seven days i'm going to

leave my computer on a mining bitcoin

for 24 hours per day

and every single day i am going to give

you guys an update

showing you how much money i made this

is going to be a very interesting

challenge guys

but for now i'm going to take a little

break leave my computer on mining


and by tonight i will show you how much

we've made so far

it is currently 10 13 p.m i've literally

been editing a youtube video

all day so i apologize guys i'm super

tired but for the day

one bitcoin mining update you guys can

see that we have earned a little bit


50 cents so far ignore the fact that it

says the mining earnings have come in


three days yesterday was when i actually

signed up for the honeyminer account

and this is what we got as a signup

bonus and then today was actually when

we started mining

and for some reason it split up over two

days since i'm guessing

honey miner is somehow in a different

time zone since it's telling me we've

entered november 13th

and it's only 10 13 p.m on the 12th

i am definitely going to leave the good

old pc

running all night mining bitcoin while i

sleep so i will check in with you guys

tomorrow when i am well rested

hello everybody it is currently 1 26 p.m

and as you guys can see

so far we have mined a total of 0.00

bitcoin which equates to about 68 cents

in value

at this rate mining approximately 1 100

000th of a bitcoin every single day

it will take us approximately 274 years

before we mine just one bitcoin clearly


aren't going too well so far but i hope

bitcoin production speeds up

but i guess we will have to wait and see

over the next couple days of this


and just like that over the next several

days my computer mined bitcoin at a rate

slower than a tortoise racing a hair

by the end of day two of this challenge

my computer had mined a solid

.005478 bitcoin

and after that throughout both day three

and four of this challenge my pc

continued mining like bob the builder

all the way up to one

thirteen thousandth of a bitcoin which

is worth about a dollar and twenty cents

in today's market

it is now day four of this challenge and

as you guys can see

so far we have mined a total of

0.00007576 bitcoin

so far things definitely aren't going

too well with this challenge but i've

literally made

1.20 so far in passive income doing

absolutely nothing except leaving my

computer running 24 hours per day

what i want to do next to increase the

total amount of money we make by the end

of this challenge is take whatever

bitcoin we've earned so far

put it into the online gambling website

rubet and

boom hopefully we double our money this

is probably a very stupid idea but you

know what guys

i'm trying to secure a quick bag of cash

so let's hop into reubet

join vegas virtually and hopefully we

make some money

all right guys i am now sitting on rubet

with some bitcoin in the account and now

it is time to get into the first and

only game we are going to be playing on

rwbed and this is a game called crash

this is basically where you bet a

certain amount of money it begins to


and you can pull out whenever you want

to take profits

but the only issue is the game can crash

at any point and you'll lose

everything i think the strategy i am

going to go with is to bet literally all

of our money on crash

three times in a row and cash out at a

conservative multiplier of like 1.25

or maybe at the max 1.5 hopefully this

works because we're literally betting

all of the money we made over these last

four days

and if things go wrong we will literally

lose all of it all right guys as you can

see i am now

sitting on roulette ready to join the

first game i have an initial bet amount

of one dollar and 20 cents which is how

much bitcoin we've mined so far

and i also have an automatic cash out at


which we may cash out a little bit

earlier on since i don't want to push my


so guys with that being said as soon as

this round of rubet gambling ends

i am going to bet on the next round and

hopefully we make some money we just

placed it back guys

keep going keep going keep going be

greedy be greedy it was at this moment

that he knew

he [ __ ] up no it crashed

wow guys that definitely didn't go as

planned but you know what i am going to


i never made the stupid decision to

gamble our bitcoin mining earnings

and with that being said i will check in

with you guys in a few days

when it has officially been seven days

into this challenge

and i will show you guys how much i made

mining bitcoin using nothing but my


it has officially been seven days since

i started mining bitcoin with nothing

but my pc and well after leaving my

computer running for 168 hours straight

the total amount of money we made is

right behind the screen right here

and it is two dollars and 22 cents or


zero zero zero one two four oh one


honestly guys i wasn't really expecting

a whole lot more than that since bitcoin


is literally 100 passive and i can't

expect to become a millionaire by

literally leaving my computer running

all day

honestly i probably spent more on

electricity than i actually made mining


but luckily i still live with my parents

and they still cover that

if you want to make some money with

bitcoin i would recommend that instead

of mining it you invest some money into

it with an

app like robinhood which will be linked

in the description down below

you literally get a free stock for

signing up and at the start of this

challenge i invested a little bit over


into bitcoin and since then in the last

seven days bitcoin has gone up in price

by 2 351 which leaves me

with a profit of about 180 bucks on that

note in the next episode of this bitcoin

series i am going to try day trading it

for one week and in case that episode is

already out you can find it right here