BITCOINHD (BHD) - What Is BitcoinHD - BitcoinHD (BHD) Review

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BitcoinHD is soon to be released and it will totally change the current landscape of bitcoin mining

ASIC monopoly has given miner producers the power to raise miner

price at their will, mining farm centralization has caused barrier to

entry, not to mention it’s enormous energy wastes, surpassing 159 countries.

BTC mining is now a game of the rich, the monopolists and elites only, making

making normal people simply cannot participate. BHD’s vision is to realize the

original ideal of Nakamoto’s bitcoin: a currency that anyone could mine, manage, and use.

PoC is a relatively new mining

algorithm for people that don't really have a super powerful computer to do mining.

PoC uses the users available hard drive space, the process allocates a

certain amount of space to generate new coins and that space is used to store

large pieces of data You don't really need to go out and buy thousands of

dollars’ worth of equipment to mine proof of capacity efficiently, you can use any

any sort of hard drive, you can even use your phone's hdd to mine them! all you need

is space. Running a hard drive farm is way more efficient that running a GPU farm

Basically meaning that while you mine PoC coins you are also

being more eco friendly than people mining Bitcoin and other PoW cryptos.

There is no need to upgrade equipment, old hard drives and new hard drives work

all you need is space and if one day you decide to stop mining, all you have to do

is delete the data in the hard drive and it will be ready to use, not like GPUs

which after a few months of mining are almost dead. Can promote even more

decentralization because everyone has hard drives so everyone can

theoretically participate in the mining process

the BHD with the PoC mode that has been launched has enabled miners to only invest a small

amount of electricity, contribute hard disk capacity, the equipment investment

can be gradually recovered. The principle of PoC technology behind BHD is to

use hard disk space to mine, which is energy saving, quiet and low noise.

Users can use unused space on the hard drive without having to use expensive video

cards and intelligent machines. The traditional mining machine has high

energy consumption, high noise level, high temperature, professional mines are

usually centralized, and ordinary users participate in high thresholds.

The Proof of Capacity proves that the hard disk is scanned once every few minutes.

Usually the hard drive is in standby mode, the energy consumption is ignored, the mine

does not charge for electricity and has a natural resistance to energy.

Compared to the powerful Proof of Work, the power of PoC proves energy saving, low power

consumption, low noise, lack of heat, and a return to Nakamoto white paper

can be used to extract minerals. This is a real decentralized extraction.

SSD is expensive, PoC does not require fast data throughput, only capacity, so PoC

naturally, eliminates ASIC chips. Based on the evidence of power, the future

supports large blocks and adds zero knowledge and other functions. Future

Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly PoC, natural

resistance ASICO bogged down on the proof of PoC power. Returning to the

the original intention of Ben Kong, decentralize everyone to mine it

supports large blocks with zero knowledge of evidence BHD will use a

a rigorously proven Consider - Proof of Capacity consensus mechanism.

Proof of Capacity uses meticulous verification methods to prove that a miner has a

particular amount of hard disk storage space available to blockchain network

PoC involves only minimal expenditure of electricity

unlike the hugely wasteful Proof of Work, and can finally rid mining of expensive ASICs.

The project believes that BHD will be a greener, faster, and

fairer version of bitcoin, moving back to the original ideal of a currency that

anyone could mine, manage, and use. No ASIC, no electricity waste

BHD is people’s bitcoin.

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