How to Calculate your Crypto Trading Profits - Altrady for Better Cryptocurrency Profit 2020

hi everybody and welcome back do you

know exactly when you are in profit for

the current position that you're in in

this video I will show you why it's

important to keep track of your

breakeven price and I will also show you

what I use to calculate it in seconds

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let's get started there are several ways

to get into a trade for example you

could use the moving average cross overs

or the RSI indicators or you could use

the signals from a signal provider like

the crypto base cannon but whatever your

preference is it's important to know

when you start selling so we all know to

buy low and sell high but how high is

high enough a common mistake among

beginning traders is that they wait too

long to start selling or they don't sell

enough and this usually means that

before the price reached their so point

the price actually went back down so in

this example it's pretty easy to see

that I'm not in profit yet because I

bought the dip but in this example it's

pretty difficult to see when exactly am

I in profit so how to determine if you

are in profit well for that you have to

calculate your break-even point but what

is your break-even point how do you

calculate it well for that you have to

calculate the amount that you've

invested and you have to calculate the

amount that you've recovered so how do

you calculate your break-even point well

you have to calculate the amount that

you've invested and you have to

calculate the amount that you recovered

then you check how many remaining coins

you have and you apply the following

formula so for example if we bought one

Bitcoin at $9,000 and we buy another

Bitcoin at $8,000

then our break-even price would be nine

thousand plus eight thousand and we

haven't sold anything yet divided by 2

means that our breakeven point is eight

thousand five hundred but if we start

selling this becomes a little bit more

difficult so let's look at the example

so we bought the two Bitcoin and we've

sold half a Bitcoin for eight thousand

two hundred and fifty dollars and we

recovered four thousand one hundred and

twenty five dollars so we applied the

formula we get nine thousand plus eight

thousand minus the four thousand one

hundred and twenty five and we divide

that by the remaining coins which is one

and a half and then we get the

break-even pirate price of eight

thousand five hundred and eighty-three

dollars as you can see this is a little

bit more difficult to calculate in your

head so you also need to calculate the

average buy price and the average sell

price so you can come to your realized

profit and the realized profit is the

profit that you've made on the coins

that you've already sold the unrealized

profit is based on the current price so

that we just mean that if you sold all

the coins that you currently have

against the current price how much loss

or how much profit would you make and

then you also have the total profit

which is just the realized profit and

the unrealized profit profit added

together in order to make it easy to

calculate all these things you could use

an excel sheet like this you just

created an excel sheet for each market

and you mentally copy over all the

trades to this sheet and you update the

current price now as you can imagine if

you trade a lot and you trade them lower

therefore markets you have to have a

sheet for each of these markets and it

becomes a cumbersome task which takes up

a lot of time and it's also error-prone

because you can make us you could make

mistakes with copying over the trades

but it does give you all the information

like the average buy price the average

sell price and you realize profit

unrealized profit and the total profit

it will also show you your breakeven

price and you know exactly when you

start selling

but there is an easier way to do this

you could use the break-even calculator

from ultra T for faster and easier

break-even calculations all tradie

automatically syncs all your traits from

the exchange which avoids copy and paste

errors and an incorrect break-even price

also the price is life updated so your

unrealized profit is accurate you can

also easily adjust the trace that you

want to include in your breakeven

calculation so for example if you've

traded the markets multiple times then

you can group it together to see your

latest trade position now if we look at

the breakeven calculator you can see

your breakeven price is clearly

displayed here you can see how many

traits are included in this current

period and you could see the realized

profit the unrealized profit and your

total profit we also include an

estimation of the current dollar value

so you know exactly what you're playing

with we will also show you how many

remaining coins you have and how many

dollars you still need to recover

now all this information is saved in all

trading and you can use in the breakeven

calculator instead of the Excel sheets

it's a huge time saver if you want to

give it a try then all trading comes

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active trader and you have a lot of

trade history and you want to calculate

the break-even prices for all this

history then all you have to do is

import your trade history from the

exchange and all trainee will calculate

your breakeven price for these markets

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