This Soundcloud Promotion site just got even better!! *crazy results*

yo guys what is going on it's mmx vi ak


aka aka today i'm bringing you another


in my 60 minute series this one is going

to be 60 minutes of marketing as you can

see right here on screen i have the

artist plan trial

for repost exchange i'm sorry

if you haven't seen it already i did a

video on repost exchange i'm going to

put that up in the corner

right here this site is amazing for

promoting your soundcloud

so if you're trying to get your views

your followers everything up on your

soundcloud then

definitely go check that video out

repost exchange was kind enough to

give me an artist plan trial and i've

been trying out the features just seeing

if it's anything worth making a whole

video out of and

honestly the results of using just this

plan alone

are insane like you can really promote

music well

using just this 12 a month plan so i can

only imagine using any of the ones after

it like 250 a month like that's pretty

expensive like imagine running

20 simultaneous campaigns on your songs

like that must be

so crazy for growing your numbers like

insane so what i'm gonna do today is i'm

gonna start the two simultaneous

campaigns that i can run for two of my


i'm gonna show you the stats of the

songs beforehand as well as my follower

account on my soundcloud and then once i

start those campaigns i'm going to start

a 60-minute timer and go through

listen to a bunch of music just for an

hour straight do a bunch of reposting on

the site to earn myself some credits and

then for some reason if it limits the

amount of reposts that i can make for

the day

i'm just gonna go to the outgoing

request tab and start sending them to

other artists that are on this site i'm

really hoping this turns out well i

think it will

it might give you guys some inspiration

on how to promote your music doing this

for just like an hour a day could really

make a huge difference to your career so

without further ado let's get right into

the video

so looking at my tracks over here on

soundcloud i think i want to promote my

newest one for sure because it's at

my lowest plays and i don't really focus

on my soundcloud plays too much and i

noticed that a men's is almost at a

thousand plays so i really want to bump

that up to that mark my current follower

account is

527 followers so we're gonna go over


under repost campaigns you can see that

i actually had one going for nobody


oh no i can't accelerate this campaign

okay i can run a second one at the same

time as this one

and i'll do an acceleration on that one

and then i'll just use a higher budget

on here and just try to restart it so

i'll put this up to

150 credits i'm gonna keep this check so

i get some more comments on the song

and i just want it under hip hop and rap

with the artist campaign i can actually

choose the max amount of followers for

the people that repost this

the max number of reposts from that

account in the last 24 hours

and their max number of reposts on a day

average so i'm gonna actually turn this

on so i don't

drop a bunch of credits on someone who

has 10 000 followers i kind of want

people with like 5 000 and under i think

i'm just gonna leave these two unchecked

because i don't think it really matters

that much and we're gonna go start okay

so i just dropped 150 credits there

start new campaign

so with this artist plan you can use

this campaign accelerator whatever your

budget is on this song it's gonna do the

math and add 50

in credits to how much it costs so i'm

gonna check that on

i really like this song and i think

it'll do really well so i'm gonna

actually spend 150 on that plus the 75

to accelerate it put it under just this


and then that's a total of 225 credits

so we're gonna push start i'm taking a

huge hit to my credits by making this


so if you guys are planning on using

this site after watching this definitely

sign up using my url below

it makes no difference to you guys it

literally just sends a free 50 credits

to me so if you do that i'd really

appreciate it but of course no pressure

i appreciate you guys watching the video

at all so thank you but now that we got

our campaigns running

let's uh get into reviewing songs so

here we go

don't know if you're even real but you

heal this pain i feel my dream girl

this is the worst song i've ever heard

the thing is with this site you end up

going through

like 25 songs before you even find

something that you really [ __ ] with

but i mean that's what makes it fun it's

kind of like a game

okay i'm gonna repost this i hear a lot

of potential definitely needs a better


so i'ma let him know needs a better

mix he boston pam


bro catch me burning down your house now

i'm all ashy and i'm city bro

i mean he's really telling a story there

for sure if you didn't see my first

video on marketing through

instagram quite a few of the people that

i found through the hashtags and was

like reviewing and kind of roasting and

making jokes of

they found that video and they [ __ ]

commented on it so i'm curious how many

people are gonna do that for this video

it's probably gonna be quite a few so if

you're watching this after it's gotten a

few views

check the comments i'm so dumb i forgot

to set a timer but

i know that i've been going for about 15


so i'm just gonna start the timer right

now for 45. see this is what happens

when you're independent people don't

[ __ ] call you out on your [ __ ] you

gotta call yourself out on this [ __ ] and

nolan you're a [ __ ] dumbass okay 45


boom good enough let's get it

[ __ ]

listen producers if you're watching this

stop releasing these beats with the

hooks on them because

every single one of them has been a fail

i failed i saw it coming i was like

huh sad boy rap that i actually

kind of [ __ ] with because it sounds

really good just wait for the verse and

then it comes in

mix boom none of it [ __ ] flow [ __ ]


confidence man's wrapped through the


man uses a sock as a mic certainly plugs

that [ __ ] cable straight into the

[ __ ] sock

and there you go you got this oh my god

[ __ ] man

i don't know why it's in my mind feel

like i'm

getting in line to be losing my

mind uh stress drinking

yo that actually has a lot of potential

it's getting a repost man's called it

[ __ ]

mac and cheese i think if he punched the

lines in it would be a little bit better

because you can tell he's running out of

breath trying to do so much of it at


oh i'm out of breath okay and then the

mac and cheese i'm

needs a better master because it's kind

of quiet but we're gonna do it because

turn that [ __ ] up and whoo

i already know your favorite colors blue

i already knew it as soon as i walked in

the room i'm like

you [ __ ] with blue and no it wasn't

because you were wearing a blue shirt i

just knew

telepathy baby let's go

if i repost this the [ __ ] nah screw that


i bet we won't ever hear from you again


this is r b that i like good [ __ ] fam


what is this cover too bruh 70 year old

and like a [ __ ] 15 year old is creepy

this is very creepy okay so i currently

have a little over 15 minutes left on

this timer right now so

i'm just gonna cut the video as it's

really filling the card up pretty much

everything you've seen all the way up

until now i'm just continuing for the

next 15 minutes

a few minutes later all right so i

currently have just under six minutes

left on this timer

and i've ran out of available reposts

a little while ago and then i just went

to my outgoing request and sent a bunch

of requests to people as you can see

here i did them all for nobody listen as

that's my newest song

and i'm running a repost campaign which

is just the free non-accelerated version

so it's essentially

the same as running it on the free plan

so if we go over to the repos campaigns

tab you can see amends actually did

pretty well in just that hour

got one comment and a bunch of reposts i

still haven't used all the budget and

it's still being accelerated so i mean

who knows in the next few hours this

could be totally run out i don't know so

i'm gonna go over to my soundcloud and

show you guys the results

so before i ran these campaigns i had 63


four reposts and two comments on nobody

listen and then i had 934

views 34 reposts 19 comments and one

download so we're just going to refresh

the page real quick and okay as you can

see i only got

two plays and a couple reposts on nobody


in that last hour but if you go down

here a men's actually now has 957 views

39 repos 20 comments and still just one

download i'm also just gonna wait a day

and then come back and show you the

results of

waiting 24 hours rather than the

immediate results as you can see i also

gained two followers

so yeah tomorrow i'm gonna come back and

i'm gonna record the

final results for these campaigns and

hopefully they're boosted up quite a bit

day two okay so it's the next day so i

came over to my soundcloud and i

currently have

a hundred and eight plays eight reposts

and five comments on nobody listen and


finally hit 1k oh my god thank you thank


i also have 42 repos and 20 comments so

using this free campaign

with no acceleration my son got 45 views

four repos and three comments so that's


like that's a crazy amount of [ __ ]

growth for 24 hours

and for a men's the one that had the

acceleration on it actually got

68 views eight repos and one comment in

only 24 hours

now i know you're thinking oh that's not

very many views like 68 that's not even


it's not even 100 fam but essentially if

you did this every single day

literally just one hours of work

something that you'd probably waste

laying around in bed

on instagram or [ __ ] tick tock just

scrolling through and [ __ ]

watching videos for an hour you could

just be promoting your song instead of

spending 12

on a meal you save that and you spend it

on the artist plan for repost exchange

and it gives you all these options to

boost and promote your song

like small little tweaks to what you do

on a regular basis could easily afford

you some

good promotion like this so if i do 68

times 30 essentially if i did it every

single day for one hour

for a month that's 2040 views that's

pretty good and that's assuming all of

the views

and reposts that i get are all just

people on repost exchange of course the

more people that repost it from repost

exchange are going to get you

more traffic to your page from people

just exploring soundcloud

it might also put you in the algorithm

to throw you in there discover weekly

playlists who knows like

of course the more organic views that

you get through repost exchange is going

to help you

grow organically without using the site

but these are just

views that you could easily get from

just doing this one hour a day

if we do 8 times 30 that's 240 repos

in a month how crazy is that you could

get 240 people to repost this

in one month by just doing this for an

hour a day and of course at the end of

the day it's up to

the listener whether they're going to

repost it or not because they might not

like your song you might have crappy

music but if you have good music

if you're watching this someone with

some serious talent i recommend that you

do this

and try it for a month see what happens

because the results could be crazy if

you have an insane single something you

want to promote like a music video for

and you really want to get a lot of

traffic to this one song like this could

really help your single for sure

definitely a worthy spot to invest your

money i'm thinking i'm going to actually

pay to get this

artist's plan because the ability to

boost the campaign does a significant

difference to

how fast you see the growth and how many

people listen to your song in that

period of time so

i'm thinking that's a worthy investment

for me again if you got good music

definitely give it a try

my follower count actually went up to

532 but then i refreshed the page and i

had actually lost one so who knows how

steady this will be

i'm not too focused on this it's mostly

just getting the music heard really so

assuming you did this and had the exact

same growth from using the artist plan

and the acceleration

and running two campaigns at a time you

could easily run yourself 120 followers

a month like how crazy is that like

there is so much potential here a lot of

people are looking at the immediate

numbers like oh if i didn't get [ __ ]

a thousand plays

in one day then it's really not worth it

but it's really worth it over time like

it's all about that slow steady

organic growth so consistency is key

definitely get on this site and try it

out for yourself i'd love to see what

happens for you guys if you guys got way

better music than me and this really

blows you guys up

let me know in the comments below if you

discovered this site through the video

make sure that if you go sign up use the

link that's in the top of the


it's not a big deal if you don't but i

just would really appreciate it thank

you guys for checking out the video

if you did enjoy smash like leave a

comment down below what you want me to

see next if you got any websites that

you want me to review or check out that

i don't already know about definitely

let me know

and subscribe for more uh music related

content but yeah i think that's gonna be

it anyways guys been your boy mmx vi

and i'm out peace