Is Audiomack the New SoundCloud?

streaming platform audio mac has just

made a major power move in the back ends

of the industry and if you're unfamiliar

with audio mac you never used it you

never looked into it

you might want to think a little bit

differently after this video let's go

ahead and get into it


what's going on my name is corey

co-founder of country brand agency and


i want to talk about this this beautiful

power move that the streaming platform

audio mac has just made now like i was

saying earlier in the video

if you're unfamiliar with audio mac they

are a streaming platform that currently

boasts over i believe 16 million or so


so they're not like a super huge

streaming platform but they've been

making a lot of ways

within the last i would say a year and a

half two years or so they originally

started as a mixtape platform

back in the day with all the og web

sites like that pif and live mixtapes

but they were one of the ones that

managed to evolve and survive within the

streaming era and actually become a

viable streaming platform

for music artists and for fans today you

know saying so kudos to them because

that's pretty far

so they just made a big power move that

i think is going to boost them in the


i think it's going to add a lot of

credibility to the platform and to

people who are growing on the platform

and it's something that you you might

want to know about man you don't seem

like you might want to get into this but

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all that good stuff now with that being

said let's go ahead and get into it so

what exactly is this power move that i'm

talking about right

well as of this past week of me making

this video

audio max streams will now count towards

billboard chart positions and

r double a certifications meaning that

your audio max streams will now account

for you to be able to get onto the

billboard 100

the top 200 or any billboard chart that

you're interested in

as well as counting towards your streams

for gold platinum and so on


and this is a huge power move for audio

map because they are the first streaming

platform in a while to get added to

that that billboard point system i think

the last time that we seen a new

platform get added to it was what maybe

youtube views

in 2018 um so about two years two three

years ago you know so

no other new platform has even been

added in the same way that audio mac has


so that makes it huge within yourself

and once again as we make in this video

currently the streams from audio mac

that count will be

the paid streams from pay users and ad

supported streams which is a fancy way

of saying all the people using it for


so all of audio mag streams counts


billboard chart positioning and they

count towards your riaa certifications

once again i think this is huge because

it's going to make people take audio mac

a lot more seriously

if you've been following me for the last

i don't know year or so i've been

talking about audio mac in a way that if

you're putting your music on soundcloud

on youtube or any free streaming

platform then audio max should

definitely be included in that in that


one they pay you for your streams which

is amazing already right

two is pretty easy to distribute your

music on there you can just make an


or you can go through most distributors

distributed audio mac i think tunecore

does i think distrokia does all of them

really should

and three it has uh it gives me

soundcloud vibes like if you liked old

soundcloud if you're one of those people

that talk about

how you missed devise the old soundcloud

and the community

and how much organic reach and traffic

you get from old soundcloud

audio mac pretty much gives me that same

vibe you know saying it is

it is soundcloud 2.0 if you ask me

and i think that they do some things

better than soundcloud and they've

managed to continue growing without the


of being and you know there's no audio

mac artists you know the same way we

kind of rip on soundcloud rappers and


artists there's no audio mac artist you

know so they can kind of get over that

while being able to do some of the same

things that people love about

soundcloud so once again i know this

news isn't going to affect

most of you you know like most of you

aren't trying to get onto the billboard


you're not trying to get a gold single

you're not at this stage right now where

you should be caring about that type of


but it's interesting because that means

that the projection of

audio map can only go up from here you

know like with

so many people now realizing that oh

audio mac is going to

count towards this big goal i have in

the music industry more people are going

to start using it

that means that more traffic is going to

be brought to the platform which means

that there are going to be more eyes

that could possibly

see your music if you are one of the

ones using the platform the only bad

thing i can see coming out of this

i have thought about and i've seen some

of my followers talk about it on my

other platforms

but the only bad thing i can see is that

labels start to manipulate

the audio map system in order to game

their streams for a billboard right like

they come in and they

figure out a way to just unnaturally

inflate their numbers over there

before everyone hops on to it and and

you know i'm saying they just milk that

game while they can it's a very real

possibility we've seen them do it before

you know we're going to see them do it

again and again when platforms come out

so that's the only real worry that i

have you know

but i mean you know it happens it'll

subside and

things are kind of peter out but i'm

curious to know what you guys think

about this whole situation do you use

audio mac do you not use audio mac do

you like it do you not like it if so

why if you have any alternate

recommendations let me know in the

comment section below i'm always

interested to see what you guys are

getting into and what you're using to

pop yourselves off

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once again my name is corey and i'll see

y'all next time