Why I Stopped Uploading My Music To Soundcloud

rappers of music producers Curtis Nia

Curtis came beats dot-com and today I

want to talk to you about the reason why

I no longer use SoundCloud or any other

website that I am giving my music away

for free let's talk about it rapid music

produces you know that I have had a very

testy at times in a very complicated

relationship with SoundCloud let me

first say that before I get started

because this video the intention is not

to bring down a SoundCloud or to talk

bad about them I actually really

appreciate the sound cloud platform and

I appreciate the opportunity they gave

artists like myself to use a platform

that was so user friendly that was

mobile friendly and at the same time it

just helped me generate a lot of traffic

because obviously with them promoting

their website and making new advances

and new features it made it easy for

people to kind of discover my music

however times have changed and as I have

developed within my career as a rapper

and producer the need to monetize my

career just every year seems to be just

that much more important the reason why

I chose to walk away from SoundCloud and

not just SoundCloud I want to single

them out but any website that basically

gives you the opportunity to put your

music up for free and then in exchange

you're using their space and their

bandwidth to drive traffic from your

audience or your potential audience and

that's sort of the arrangement some of

them even have like monthly subscription

services which is nothing new but let's

talk about it today because I think that

over the last few days I've sort of had

a few different epiphanies and a few

different wake-up calls and it has a lot

to do with this Spotify playlist that

I've been making now you guys know a few

days ago I released sort of the first

phase of a plan that I have that is

going to put new energy into the beat

leasing business by making sure that

rappers and producers who need one

another find a way to not only come

together as a community but also find a

way to discover each other

talent and then on top of that generate

more income because now people are doing

business with one another who probably

wouldn't even have known about one

another because the internet is just so

big so I created two playlists and you

can go to the description below if you

want to go check those out or even see

how you can submit your music but it's

specifically for rappers

who buy beats online and for producers

who sell beats online why because first

of all before you can have new energy in

any industry the respect and education

must occur first now the education must

happen not just on behalf of the rappers

and producers the education must happen

on behalf of the public because the

public has some outdated stereotypes

that they associate are some stigmas

that they associate with the rappers and

producers who do business online they

look at producers who sell beats online

as if they're just people that are never

maked and they're just selling your

beats for dirt cheap they're probably

not that good

they're remakes of other people's beats

they look at rappers like well you're

buying your beats online because nobody

wants to work with you and your music is

probably not that good however I can

tell you even before I got these

submissions that you guys were sitting

in I knew that the quality of music was

already at a high but I gotta tell you

once I started listening to you guys's

submissions it just drove my point home

even stronger there are so many talented

rappers and producers and let me tell

you what I'm most proud of those who

have submitted is the fact that you have

your music available on these streaming

services the music industry has changed

we know that even SoundCloud has changed

so before we get into that

transformation conversation let's talk

about the reason why I actually walked

away from SoundCloud now when I first

had an account with them they were still

very new I was using them I was using

like a Z share I was using audio Mac I

was trying to figure out which one would

get me more leverage as I was submitting

a music off to blogs and they did well

for me

right I got a lot of plays but I started

thinking man what if I could have just

monetized a percentage of that what

would that have been cuz a lot of you

have the worry of I'm not gonna put my

music up there if nobody's gonna listen

to it

well you're still paying your

subscription fee to SoundCloud anyways

why not put it towards something that

can even generate you cents back I mean

that's better than making nothing at all

I feel like but as I was uploading me

I was generating a lot of plays I was

definitely driving a lot of traffic to

their website which is this is how they

make their money you generate traffic to

their websites and they satisfy their

advertisers they get more clicks and all

that good stuff so I was generating

plays and I was not the only one of

course there's people who are generating

a whole lot more plays for them however

those are plays that because I wasn't

associated with a third-party company or

a label that can go monetize it by

becoming a partner with SoundCloud or

because I wasn't a part of a beat stars

account I was not able to monetize those

plays now I was generating these plays

before these monetizable options were

even available at that time my goal

wasn't necessarily to monetize it was to

get my name out there

however they started cracking down a few

years on some of their policies dealing

with copyright and you know unlawful

remixes and using music without

permission I started cracking down on

that aggressively as they were doing

some things behind closed doors and one

of those people that got caught up was

me because I had a remix I had a remix

of a goochy goochy song by Chris Sean

and I did this remix in 2010 everything

was all go cheap in you and I was

generating a buttload of plays and I

actually reached my download maximum

limit at that point in time because they

had a cap on that at that time I reached

that and then I had other remixes that I

put up cuz I thought everything was cool

I thought because they had DJs on a

platform everything was cool and then

they decided everything's not cool and

they got aggressive about it and they

gave me a strike and when they gave me a

strike I was like oh oh they're gonna

give me some more strikes and I'm going

to lose more privileges including my

accounts so as I'm going back and I'm

combing through my account and looking

for other songs to take down I get

another email that says you have strike

two and now you can no longer put up

free downloads so at that point it was

like the hell am I here for it

am I here so that I could have a pretty

player for my music because truth be


let me just say like this truth be told

we all in an ideal world should be

generating all that traffic we send to

these websites even shriman websites to

our own websites let's keep it 100 but

most rappers and producers out here I

feel like it's not a blanket statement

to say they don't have their own website

there's a lot of us that do it's a lot

of us that

so we have to look at our options and

see what makes the most sense and when I

took away that privilege I was like look

before you can give me a thirst crack

I'm gonna delete my account save my

email and just go about my way and

that's when I started streaming more

music and I'll tell you having these

checks that come in on a consistent

basis for music that I myself have not

even listened to for years it's a crazy

feeling and I want you to have the same

feeling now in retrospect having my

20/20 vision

I look at websites like SoundCloud and

audio Mac and even like the throwback

ones like Z cher and a whole nother

light now they serve a purpose right

they serve a purpose to help you share

your music they serve a purpose because

they generate traffic they serve a

purpose because some of them have a

shuffle option that basically allows you

to play your music and once you play it

you go through all these different sort

of playlists and all these algorithms

that are playing all over the world so

your music may get discovered by

somebody who wasn't even looking for

your music that's awesome but when it

comes to monetizing your music and when

I started seeing some of the numbers

that were being floated around the

internet about the percentage that

you're making offer actually streaming

on soundcloud it was almost laughable

I'm like nah that's not what you're

getting and I gotta tell you I was being

stubborn especially when it came to put

them a music on these streaming websites

always look the streaming websites like

well you put your stuff up there when

it's like official official like when

you have a full project you put it up

there or what do you have a single that

you're gonna promote heavy you put it up

there I didn't look at the streaming

websites like Spotify Apple music title

the Deezer

the Pandora's I didn't look at those in

the same light that I look at SoundCloud

am I should have been and what I mean is

this if we look at SoundCloud as a place

or a hub that we can upload the songs

that are just drafts we can upload this

and that and they're generating plays if

they're good enough to generate plays

and share with our audience guess what

they're good enough to be up on

streaming so now I'm starting to look at

my shriman experience almost the same

way I looked at SoundCloud on the very

beginning the way that I feel like you

really win with these particular

screaming websites is to start stacking

up as much as you can on there now I'm

not telling you to go put the worst of

your music up there I'm just saying that

the more you have on there the better

opportunity not only do you have of

being discovered because people are

always searching for new music to add to

their playlist but you also have an

opportunity to generate income the more

songs you have out there I don't care if

it's a freestyle that you did over a

beat that you leased you now have that

up there that's somebody's favorite song

and they play it a gazillion times

shared with their friends that could be

a $10 $15 check for you so one of the

biggest obstacles for me and putting my

music or putting more music up on the

music streaming websites and kind of

having SoundCloud as something I was

just relying on was the fact that it was

so expensive it was so expensive to

renew your subscription for every single

album and song that I that you uploaded

I mean it became a hassle because I'm

looking at albums that weren't

generating in a year the cost of money

that it required to renew it and just

that doesn't make any sense I'm not

gonna lose money every year on that so

you gotta imagine my excitement when I

got introduced to a district kid and I

was able to pay $19.99 a year and upload

unlimited music so now that you have

something like that available and that's

not the only wonders are the websites

that even let you do it for free but

with websites like that available

there's no excuses anymore to use these

websites that can't give you anything

more except for plays you know I want to

make sure that you not only become

successful I want to make sure that you

not only are happy with making music

because some of you don't want to

generate income and I will say continue

using your SoundCloud continue using all

that but for me it doesn't justify it

because of the bottom line the bottom

line for me is these songs as much as I

love to create and I love my music they

need to generate income they need to

generate income because that is my

responsibility to my family my

responsibility to my career and so it is

my job to ensure that that happens and

that I am profiting on that so I'm gonna

ask the question of you that I axed


why are you still using these other

websites for what so as we march forward

with the Spotify playlist I want you to

keep this in mind I'm seeing a lot of

rappers and producers who got their

music up there for streaming and I'm so

happy I'm so proud as your

here but there's a lot of y'all who are

still sending me SoundCloud links you

send me links with free downloads in its

light there's nothing wrong with a free

download but my thing is this if you're

already gonna do it for free why not be

in the environment of people already

paying a subscription who would more

than likely pay for your music who would

more than likely pay for your

merchandise it would more than likely

pay for a ticket to come see you at a

show no instead you're attracting all

this free free free free free and people

who think free free free free free

they're not gonna buy nothing from you

today was a bit of a rant I want all

over the place but I needed to say this

today because I wanted to plant a seed

in your minds to at least give it an

opportunity look if you want to start

streaming your music today like I said

before I have a link in the description

how you get set up just 7% off and get

started with district kid I want you to

get your music stream I want you to

start seeing return on all that work

that you've been putting in at the end

of the day where your options ask why

you are doing it and then make the

changes you need to make once again this

is courtesy and Curtis Keene beats calm

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