SoundCloud is STILL the #1 Platform for New Rappers/Artists

Soundcloud in 2020 is extremely

underrated and I know that sounds weird

but in the past couple of years I've

been feeling this push away from

SoundCloud or people seeing it as not

being as valuable but I think for an

upcoming artist and a brand new artist

especially it is critical the fans that

are on soundcloud are people that want

to discover you while you're coming up

while you're getting established while

your music is still rough while you're

not famous they love those types of

artists which chances are you watching

that that's how you are these are gonna

be your first fans these are gonna be

your most loyal fans most likely for the

entirety of your career so you need to

tap in with them right now so what I'm

saying is you should definitely be

focusing on SoundCloud posting on there

very consistently and just being active

with the SoundCloud community if I

notice that are very similar to you on

SoundCloud whether they have a similar

following similar fan base similar style

similar genre or they're similar size

where they don't have a lot of followers

and you don't have a lot of followers

try to connect and get in touch with

those artists reach out to them collab

with them try to make music with them

try to cross-promote each other try to

just genuinely build a relationship with

them I can assure you that these

relationships that you develop with

these other artists will probably end up

being some of your best friends in real

life and allies in your music life

speaking from experience something that

I was a part of and I'm still a part of

today there's a whole community of

artists out there that are associated

with each other and affiliated with each

other that met each other on soundcloud

talking about guys like convoke gucci

high waters Shinigami tommy ice coy

Kishore savage gasps Kevin Kazi surf big

baby Gucci I could name so many artists

more than that I mean the community is

really really big but these artists are

affiliated with each other by the fans

and then have been able to cross promote

their music across fan bases and then

you find this community of artists that

are all relatively established and

almost all of them are making a

full-time living

their music because while they were

making a come-up on soundcloud they work

together now almost all of these artists

that I mentioned are getting to the

stages where they're starting to be more

independent and more disassociated with

SoundCloud and getting closer to I don't

want to say the word mainstream but just

a more established artist meaning

they're not so much underground anymore

but what I'm trying to drive home is

that they started on SoundCloud they

built a community together they became

affiliated with each other they shared

their fans with each other whether or

not they're actually affiliated with

each other in real life the fans think

they are they built this community of

fans what you need to do is find these

artists and these people that are

like-minded and want to build a

community of fans and an artist

community don't try to just tap in with

the guys that are already popping try to

become the guys that are popping you

know I'm saying so don't just try to

make your goal to get enough of a fan

base so you can be associated with

people that are already doing it try to

recreate try to build from the ground up

keep in mind that SoundCloud is good for

building an audience and building a fan

base and it's not really that good for

revenue although you can sell features

and reposts and you can make a little

bit of ad revenue on SoundCloud

even though monetizing your music on

SoundCloud is kind of a slippery slope

and it just ends up not being worth it

what I'm trying to say is SoundCloud is

good for cultivating a fan base not

fattening your bank account thank you

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