Which Should You Promote- Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud


what's up brand man Network is Sean and

I'm back with video number three of the

music release strategy series now this

frequently asked question that I get so

much is which platform should I focus on

should I draw judge Rob everything on

all platforms whenever I drop a song

should I drop everything on only one

platform what exactly should I do now my

answer is kind of the best of both

worlds but let's get specific with it

drop all your music on all platforms

wherever it's accessible to your

potential fans you want things to go to

them and then later on you can tell them

they hey I'm here you come over here

that's how you have to start off because

it's all about user behavior you want to

be as low of a barrier as possible when

it comes to becoming a fan of you so

that's how you start however the key is

you only focus on building one platform

so yes I might have the same content on

SoundCloud YouTube Facebook I don't know

Mixcloud and all these random sites but

whenever I'm pushing my advertising is

heavy I'm really trying to push people

to one that way I can get all of this

fanbase built up in this one and then

start to actually trigger those

algorithms and all those other things

that come with having a good listener

ship on that platform because each of

these platforms are a platform to master

and after you master one you just start

spending some time and some other places

because if you look at how a record

labels move you have to consider the

fact that record labels have connections

and resources to all of these things so

they can instantly activate all of these

but you don't have the same resources so

when they don't have to master these

platforms they hire masters of the

platforms you have to become a master of

one platform or have your team do so

unless you you know can leverage a

master of each platform for yourself as

well if you have that in your budget

more power to you so look at it that way

think about it that way because you

definitely want to make sure you're

building up as big of a listenership in

one place because there's a lot of

benefits that come with that in my


the time honestly is Spotify you hear me

talk about Spotify a lot more when it

comes to videos like this and most

people because Spotify it's a lot easier

on the aspiring artists the the upcoming

artist who isn't highly connected Apple

has its things and its benefits and then

I really don't get too heavily in

focusing in too many people outside of

that Deezer is great but SoundCloud we

already know we're SoundCloud is and

what they're going through but if you

can just focus on Spotify there's a lot

of great listeners on Apple obviously

especially if you're in America that is

a great fan base and one of the

platforms you should focus on it it's

not Spotify but anything outside of that

don't put too much thought into it

personally that's just my opinion

right now at the time I'm making this

video put your music everywhere focus on

one platform but then when it comes to

all those specific things that you know

are all about you and that need to be

custom to you we're gonna get into that

again in the gauntlet workshop where we

build out a marketing plan specific to

you so make sure you join the gauntlet

and get into that series because that'll

get you faster to the point where you

have some music strategy and some music

plan to build yourself up that's made

for you not anybody else you'll be able

to come up with something specific to

you other than that we'll see you next