so this is a video I've been planning to

make for a long time already and it's

all started when I was listening to


on Spotify and I really wasn't enjoying

the sound I really thought there was

something wrong

I do have Nirvana on vinyl at home and

then I listened to the final and I

thought yeah there is something wrong

and then I compared different streaming

services with each other just on ear but

I couldn't really figure out which

streaming service was doing what and

today we're going to figure that one out


alright so for our scientific test setup

we have Reaper running in here and what

I have in here is a track called missing

you this one is produced by I think it's

is called if she or he she if she I

think it's hip she and the vocals are by

Richelle and I did mix and master this

track and I'm really thankful to Natan

who is the record label owner the owner

of sport records that I may use this

track in this video to do this test with

so this is the track we're using to test

the quality of streaming services so

what I do have over here is the original

master which is directly from the

produce project because I was doing

things in produce back then and what I

have over here is Spotify and Spotify is

set to low quality streaming because I

want to record Spotify back into Reaper

in low quality and also in high quality

so we can compare them both I also want

to request title in here because Title

claims have a higher quality stream for

comparison reasons I also want to do the

Apple music and YouTube stream the last

one is also really interesting because

if the YouTube stream is also low sound

quality you probably aren't able to hear

the differences between Spotify and

title and the original master those are

all things we're going to find out today

and let's get started with recording the

first stream so I have an internal

routing through my mode 2 that makes

this possible alright so now we have a

short wait because we need to rip all

those things out of these streaming

services all rights of recorded CD low

and high quality from Spotify what I

want to do right now is

I'm underneath the original like as

precise as I can what I first need to do

is normalize everything because

streaming services always lower the

volume of track for loudness reasons I

made two videos about that so check them

out if you don't understand what I'm on

about and then I want to lay them

underneath the original track as

accurate as possible so we can even do

some face swapping tests so let's

quickly do that I know what I first want

to do is do some some a be testing so

let's first do an a/b between the high

and low quality Spotify and let's see if

I can even hear a difference over here

so it's just kiddin I know you




do you guys hear a difference because I

I thought I was hearing a difference in

the beginning but I think I don't let's

also check if there is a difference

between the original file to the

original master and the high quality

from Spotify let's start with your ratio

and I'm going to sit here so I can also

hear what I'm doing send 30,000 feet up

in there sitting by a window seat for

the name stereo without going wrong it's

just kidding I know you




minor difference over here I'm even not

sure if it's coming across on on YouTube

but I think that I can hear a a slight

very minor difference between between my

original master and the Spotify one so

let's do a face swap so so we can hear

the difference between them - okay so

this is this is the difference between

both signals whoa

that's a lot of information like whoa

and all that that grainy stuff in there

in the low mids


so what we can conclude is that there is

a difference in the high frequencies

that was also what I was hearing in

Nirvana so they they aren't just missing

they are just differently encoded which

gives much more stress on our eardrums

and that was also what I was

experiencing I was getting very tired

from the music is in fact does prove it

but now I want to see what title is


maybe title is doing the exact same

thing we don't know so let me get title

up and running and let's search for the

same track missing you here it is so I

got my setting set to master but this

one is only uploaded in hi-fi which

should be lossless so no artifacts so

let's also record this one back into

Reaper all right so I've got title in

here so let's compare title with Spotify

let's do this first yeah

up in there setting by a window seat

with an L stare I hate the thought of

old thoughts guys I hang low

it's just kiddin I've known you




it really takes some concentration and

some listening to to really hear the

differences the differences are in fact

very small but let's let's compare the

the title one to the original one just

the same as we did with Spotify and

let's see what happens it's much cleaner

and I'm not going to say that and I'm

not saying that it's completely clean

but it's it's 99.9 percent cleans from a

technical perspective and a professor's

perspective yes I think that the guys

from Fido in fact have a point they have

higher quality streaming all right so

now I really want to know how it's with

Apple music does Apple music provide us

with the same quality as title or is

Apple music more a Spotify type of

quality streaming service let's go to

Apple music so I literally brought a

subscription on Apple music yesterday

because just for this video let me also

you record this one alright so I have

the file from Apple music also in here

and while I was listening yeah I'm not

sure it's really difficult if you don't

maybe them it's it's really difficult to

say what was sounding better but while

listening I thought I heard some

artifacts we might as well check it out

just check it out let's compare the

Apple music one with the original

up in there setting by a window seat

with an M stay

my daughter's old dogs cuz I know it's

just kids um I've known you

[ __ ]


you know


I don't know if you guys can hear it but

this difference is very big it's very

very very big very huge let's face

whopper then let's listen to the

differences between the original and the

Apple music one oh that's only phase

four one yeah like that I was I was

really hearing a big difference



it's almost almost home range targets

going out there even you can even hear

kick in the difference so I don't know

what Apple music is doing but it's

certainly not what it's supposed to be

doing and even if you think about Apple

as you know they're a company that

really wanna stand behind quality I

don't want to get all the trolls in the

comments but that I mean I mean I dare

to say that this is like a quality build

like like I cannot even bend it so and

they are really good at the quality but

why aren't we getting quality audio so

the last one is the most exciting one

because that's actually the platform I'm

going to post this one on and that's

YouTube so let's compare the original

and YouTube one with each other

sorry I'm still used to produce

shortcuts alright for the noon stage

my old thoughts guys I know it's just

kids um I've known you




I don't get it

so I normalized them both so they should

both be at zero but the huge one sounds

quieter and I even think that there's

some multiband processing on it or

something it really sounds weird and it

shouldn't shouldn't do that so let's

first listen to the drop I really want

to know what's going on there so that's

let's do out of face testing oh that's a

lot of [ __ ]

whoa okay so let's do a full track


that's a lot I was really expecting

YouTube to do to do better than theirs

in the test


it is





okay okay okay I get it all right so

let's draw a conclusion to this videos

shall we

so let's arrange the tracks in a way

that I think stands for that the quality

difference so the worst quality dress if

you ask me is huge of screaming it's

it's really like what are they doing

second one to that is Apple music they

are a bit better but even they are

altering too much if you ask me then

it's prolly for low and high quality I'm

sure if you're being ripped off or if if

there really is a difference between

those two but it's minor then title

title really gives the cleanest

experience of them all and then of

course the original app file but and

that's also one of my problems you

cannot get them anywhere there isn't a

distributor that that really puts out

rough files or other flag files or

something for regular music and I know

what you guys are thinking now like

isn't this a bit over exaggerated isn't

this a bit too much like like too much

in the details yes and no so first of

all if you compare them both with each

other the details are pretty small with

our ears have a special feature built

into them and that is that they can make

up for mistakes in audio pretty easily

pretty simple the thing is that if your

ears are correcting a lot for the audio

they are hearing they are getting tired

sooner and this is bad news for for

listeners but also for artists because

we don't want people to get tired of our

music or do we I mean that that's what

happening with streaming services and

the other thing I don't get from this

whole streaming thing is I'm able to

stream 4k video I mean that's a whole

bigger bitrate and a whole bigger bigger

amount of data that has to come through

the line or through the Wi-Fi connection

so why effect are we actually making the

audio files so small that to a point at

which we are getting distortion of stuff

in there why can't we keep the files at


mostly I'm not saying that we have to

stream waffles because that's really a

lot of data but let's keep them lossless

it shouldn't make a difference if you

ask me so yeah if you also want to see a

change in this whole streaming thing

share this video with everyone you know

and with every platform you know and and

let's get a bit of attention to this but

the same amount of attention that it

deserves because in the end is it's

again a crazy audio engineer that is

talking about things that normal humans

cannot hear and with that being said I

want to end this pretty long video for

my channel over here so if you like this

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bye bye