I'm Done with SOUNDCLOUD - Why no one should use it anymore

dear SoundCloud it was a whole lot of

fun with you for years but since the

introduction of South Carroll

financially for the artists for the

listeners the entire platform doesn't

make any sense anymore there are other

competitors doing everything right so I

think it's time to just say goodbye Hey


hey guys welcome to the vlog today is

Thursday just two more no it's Wednesday

two more days to my release stay and as

you know a new release needs always to

be promoted and the right way because

making the song is one part and

promoting it and making sure everyone

knows about that song is another part

you have to take care of as a musician

as a producer basically the day starts

with EMS and will also end with emails

and on this channel we already talked

about how to promote your music on

Spotify which i think is the most

important market if you've missed that

video I will link it up here in a

nutshell try to get your song on big

playlists and this way get a whole lot

of place make a good song to actually

get picked for those playlists for

YouTube it's finding big channels that

will support your song with their

following and for SoundCloud I don't

know it kind of changed soundcard it's

the one thing where I'm not really sure

how to promote my song anymore since

they change from SoundCloud to

soundcloud go and you can now or

distribute your get yourselves on to


it's just not the same anymore I almost

forgot that I had this jump signed mark

the cover of the fall remix by Diamond

Eyes so like a year ago Sankat was just

working in a way that you had your sound

profile you uploaded the tracks you

wanted to upload if you hit a limit I

think it was one hour of uploaded music

you had to pay I think 50 to 60 euros

per year and reposting was always

possible so you just reached out to

other producers that were on the same

level having the same following the same

style and you asked some hey would you

be interested in trading repos so they

reposted your track you repost their

track so your followers saw on your

starting page their song and the other

way around basically a free way to get

your son out there and boost it you

could also pay bigger channels to do the

same for you to trade with other big

channels or maybe even uploading your

song to one of those big channels

basically doing the same as with YouTube

channels but all of that isn't

working anymore because SoundCloud

changed the way the reposting works it

doesn't work as it used to work

because now since SoundCloud introduced

some cloud go they paid the big labels

money for the tracks being on soundcloud

they also pay the artists if they want

to monetize it but to be honest not

worth it not at all it's the smallest

payout in the entire music industry it's

so bad that a lot of distributors don't

even work with Sanka together and then

there's the thing that I personally hate

I have to pay as an artist to have this

Pro Plan to upload as much as I want I

mean it's not expensive but still I have

to pay to get my music out there for

other people to listen for free to it

and now even they have to pay to listen

to it which doesn't make sense I mean

it's the only platform on this planet

that takes money from the artist and at

the same time also taking money from the

people that are listening to the music

so on both ends they're trying to make

money which is just ridiculous if you

want to get your track out there on

Spotify it's possible for a small fee or

even for free or for a cut to share that

the distributor gets or you do it with a

big label and then the label text half

of your money but usually they have the

promotional power to make like four or

five or even more times more money for

you so at the end it's fair again so for

me definitely the time of SoundCloud

being a big and important thing is over

not saying that it's irrelevant I still

have a following on there and I will

still upload my songs there but in a

different way I will explain later in

this video because that's kind of the

solution I came up with because I don't

want to give my music away for free

anymore I was never a big fan of that

because you invest a lot of time and

making the music you pay a

singer-songwriter the label gets a share

the distributor gets a share and at the

end the song can be a couple of

thousands of yours if you count in your

work hour as well which is and then

giving it away for free

it's really only worth it if it gets

back to you a whole lot of promotion and

followers and fans which is definitely

the case

with edits and remixes and official ones

but these aren't possible animal and

SoundCloud as well this was like the

most attractive selling point on sound

card you could cut blowed almost

anything and get a whole lot of place

and then maybe even turn it into an

official release I think that's

basically what happened with one of the

two first Robin Schulz tracks he just

made a remix uploaded it it got so many

place that it had more than the original

and then they officially signed it same

story with Van mood and this

recognition one day song same story but

now that SoundCloud works together with

the big labels they have to delete those

tracks so if you upload an unofficial

edit it gets detected it gets deleted

and you get a strike and three strikes

and you're out

happened to a friend of mine he had like

12,000 followers all gone and the worst

part is he paid six years for the sound

cut pro plan

it's almost turning into a sound town

trend but don't get me wrong I actually

like the idea of it but they're just

doing a lot of small things so wrong

that it just messes up everything just

another example my son come page at the

moment at the very top there are tracks

that I didn't put there the first two

tracks there are old releases I think

five six seven years old but now the

distributor of that label that skin dish

the subtitle of get physical they are

now working together with SoundCloud

so my tracks that got distributed

released with them are now on my self

profile and if I click on to delete edit

or I want to do anything with it it

doesn't let me access only the right

holder can change it so I contacted

SoundCloud they told me they can't do

anything about it it's just up there so

I'm paying for a profile that I can't

even edit and change and now they're on

top tracks that are extremely old that I

absolutely don't want to have out there

and now I can only contact the label

they might not respond actually I

already just sent them to a mast it

didn't respond very typical for them

tried calling them the

I reach the stove me he doesn't know

anything I should call again so this

really upsets me because now I have

those old tracks up there with like 80

to a hundred place no one cares about it

every one checking out my profile sees

them first listens to it and just is

wondering what that is because it's so

old it doesn't fit to the stuff that I

do right now

if it would be like down in that list

not as a new release I would be kind of

fine with it yeah anyways let me just

finish my coffee do my emails and

business stuff and the promotion head

over to the studio and then maybe talk

about the solution I kind of came up for

myself and is for now the only thing I

will do on Soundcloud because it's

already just not worth it and I don't

feel treat it in the right way and I

think this entire system is so messed up

I don't want to be part of it anymore so

the rent part negative part about status

is over just it just may be the one more

thing you might have heard about it that

some have decreased the quality of the

music which makes it even worse but yeah

I don't know how you can mess up

something like that even Twitter

acknowledged that buying and investing

into sound that was their biggest

mistake ever financially speaking


full halt done fashion work I don't even

know why it went to the studio it was

just emails phone calls emails phone

calls but the great news everything was

working out with the stay song as good

as it never did before building up my

connections to the bigger playlist and

knowing the right people and going to

the Amsterdam dance event and also the

dancer helped me a ton so I think stay

will definitely be the best promoted

song and I also think it's one of my

best productions so hopefully those two

combined Wally to a really good really

stayed and yeah my solution for

SoundCloud is a very simple one I will

still upload my songs to SoundCloud but

only a part of the song so maybe 30

seconds maybe 40 seconds maybe up to a

minute but no more than that put a link

underneath that leads to Spotify where

people can listen to the entire song

ever music and all of these other bigger

streaming and download stores cuz again

I don't want to support that sound car

taking money from the artists and from

the listeners and less people listen to

soundcloud most people I know have a

Spotify account and they're willing to

pay 10 bucks or if you shared with your

family it's just like I think 15 for

five people and those people that don't

even want to pay that for music they

will basically never pay for music these

kind of people that I absolutely don't

understand will never ever pay for music

they don't get that this way they were

supporting the artists and make sure

that their favorite music has a higher

chance to be made more off and what I

love about Spotify and all other

streaming services the person you listen

to the most gets the most out of that

share it's really a fair way so let me

know what do you think about the

situation with SoundCloud do you also

see it like me that it's going down and

we'll eventually you not exist anymore

maybe in two three years or another

company will just buy it or the

infrastructure and and maybe the edits

and remixes I really loved the initial

idea of SoundCloud I wish they would

just try to make it like YouTube like

you upload you directly monetize and

make sure that it's that it's

and that you get your share and if you

make an edit or remix that you at least

get like 20 percent or maybe 25 percent

and the rest goes to the right holders

they never accomplished something like

that and now they are having like this

weird mixture between the old SoundCloud

and the SoundCloud go no one understands

and like there are too many competitors

Spotify way better quality I don't know

let me know if you use SoundCloud go if

you've paid for it if you've tried it I

really don't like it and especially with

it being so easy to get your songs out

on Spotify for a minimum fee usually I

don't know there is no point in using

SoundCloud anymore that much it's it's

sad kind of I wish it succeeded because

it could have been so great for the

artist as well as for SoundCloud and the

labels basically everyone because

everyone benefits for more people

listening to music but they definitely

mismanaged it they never came up with a

real structure to to monetize their

service in a way that the company is

sustaining itself that's basically it

for today I will go back to phone calls

and emails if you want your music to get

out there on on Spotify and all other

stores check out the link in the

description I have like a sub-label

that's called sign up it's definitely

the easiest and fairest way to get your

music out there it still invite-only so

you have to apply with your song but

yeah just check out the link it will

give you all the information you need


picking up the pieces shut it off