Is Soundcloud Go Worth It?

hey guys what's up I'm Christian Taylor

and today I'm going to be answering a

question is SoundCloud worth it now if

you're like me you probably don't really

know what SoundCloud go is maybe you've

heard of it maybe you think it's just


competition to Apple music or Spotify

Premium or YouTube red but really

SoundCloud go is much different than I

thought when I actually got into using

it so first I want to cover that there

are two different versions of SoundCloud


there's SoundCloud go for $4.99 a month

and SoundCloud go plus for $9.99 a month

now let's explain what each one does

SoundCloud go is basically the YouTube

read of SoundCloud if that makes any

sense it allows you to remove ads for

any songs on soundcloud and download

soundcloud songs natively in the

SoundCloud app now there are a couple

things I want to point out with this

number one you can only download the

types of songs on soundcloud so I

learned that SoundCloud is really a

community of unique any music that you

won't really find anywhere else

ensure some mainstream artists put their

songs on soundcloud but a lot of it is

just in the artists who maybe don't want

to pay to release their stuff on iTunes

and Apple music and spotify and all of

that so really the only reason to pay

for SoundCloud for five dollars a month

is if you really spend a lot of time on

soundcloud listening to the unique

library and engaging in the one of the

kind community but right off the bat

SoundCloud go is not just another Apple

music or Spotify competitor

all right so if SoundCloud go isn't a


then what is SoundCloud go+ well go+ is

this weird hybrid we're trying to be

Spotify but we're not typing basically

it's everything SoundCloud go is plus 30

million additional premium songs and

these are more the conventional songs

that you would find on Spotify and Apple

music alright buddy well if you just

said that then doesn't that make

SoundCloud go plus the same as Spotify

Premium not exactly well you do have 30

million songs and while that may sound

like a lot is know workflows to the 80

plus million songs available on Spotify

Premium I was able to find about half of

the artists that I listened to through

my YouTube red subscription through

Google Play Music but really nowhere

close to all of the artists I listened

to so who is this for well SoundCloud go

is definitely worth the $5 a month price

tag if you use SoundCloud regularly and

I'm talking like on a daily basis now

you also have to use SoundCloud on your

phone not just on your computer maybe

you listen to songs at the gym don't

want to deal with the ads and you don't

want to be using all your cellular data

you just want to have a downloaded

SoundCloud go for five dollars a month

is for you now unfortunately I cannot

recommend SoundCloud go plus I'm sure it

does have what SoundCloud go has and

more but it's just sort of this

half-baked service I don't feel like

it's worth paying another five dollars a

month if you really love SoundCloud and

you also love just conventional music

you'd be better off coughing up fifteen

dollars a month for SoundCloud go on its

own plus Spotify or Apple music or

whatever you choose I just don't think

you're getting enough value with

SoundCloud go plus so I wouldn't

recommend that

now one thing's for sure I definitely

have a new appreciation for stuff

cloud I sort of kind of ignored it as

like this sketchy site to get music but

the more I've really engaged in it the

more I realized there are some really

cool tunes on soundcloud that you can't

find anywhere else so I'll definitely be

using SoundCloud more often but

definitely not often enough for me

personally to justify the soundcloud go

price tag so what do you guys think if

soundcloud go works it definitely be

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