Spotify vs Soundcloud!! - Which is Better?

and I don't know where I'm going I know

it's gonna be a long time Hey after

University and this video are the

comparative Spotfire to SoundCloud let's

get to it

so our cloud is more used for remixes

and one official music for artists I

just came in second while at work so

although there are music at home and

kind of developed from there for example

I have my own SoundCloud account you can

go check out the description below

basically all there I do is I compare

normal songs into album the gym or

prefixes and a few drum beats every now

we get from 40,000 views Bob plays now

followers 55 songs and 6.1 K downloads

no money so only certain people get

money from some of our daily official

people who get selected or chosen to

actually work also on song cloud you can

make your own playlists and radio so you

can add songs to a mutter players all

your friends do and that's not news

people who want to show up that taste in

music and see what people think about it

which you can also see on star 5 so it's

not a big deal

Spotify is more use for the original

songs from the original artists upload

it to the website

from themselves last year they raised

2.9 billion for the actual composers of

the music which is a lot of money

tonight industry currently I have 52

songs downloaded onto my offline account

on my Spotify Premium account so listen

to offline that if I on the Wi-Fi all

the time which is great as you know

certified doesn't include that feature

it just waits to be data yeah premium

account would cost money and I was quite

a lot but he's a lot cheaper than buying

the app for songs and storage space a

lot lots of startling so in the one

where it's cheaper thinking like most

about spotlight it's time to lay out it

looks great like if you go Mia or the

Windows PC version check how it just

looked pretty good from past I love at

first a lot the logo because look pretty

sick the way it's all like it's not wave

so it's followed with a bond looks

really good

the control buttons on the screen on too

close together off the part power so

community pressed it without the stretch


also when you go to next song the next

time if you just walk across the

thumbnail at the artwork song and it

plays have something I think you see if

I'm being honest I do like the sound way

of that but they have a sound file they

can see the actual sound waves but

they're not real they're just guests in

the estimate all the time comments that

come along with that way you see each

column at each part of the song I think

it's a great idea for properly used to

be or every no second features anymore

yeah to see what you guys thought of our

Spotify and sound when I asked attempt

that's 50 people what they thought about

it and it returned out that a lot people

used sample of the Spotfire results I

tell you tomorrow and

all people used a cell phone a lot

people are filthy Stacy you sparked by

an intense to music which was quite

surprising 124 South hard implies that a

lot of people use as it's free and the

music's guitar will be crushed and

spotlight when I checked out each

profile for people who answered the

sound what people seem regular decent

people you know probably not like you

but seems to go around within the

Spotfire it was things we got kind of

rich spoiled kids stop the parents will

be paid for every bit of help which I

did not say and immediate object and

then night people have to agree that

like I know there are a gentle break is

like me they install their own music and

download it freely so that's what they

work while they just bought up iTunes

they don't I could really spoil people

they were did not spoil what's stupid to

smile at the same time so I think up it

does to pay 2005 - exactly

stereotypical up still that's the result

of service on Club money so the quick

Spotify was released in 2006

whereas our coverage live in 2007 that

goes more Swedish gold may think it's

trading Stockholm and

Linda made yes fine but I guess these

are some powders and more views and

wallace's in less time in stock I did

not very brothers so our hope is also

the second biggest meet experience

service the achieve is from that Express

place so it's quite interesting and

stuff I put it down also some about

woman award it's called the screw these

strangers Innovation Award from 2011

stop Massimino in terms of ghetto sample

English the whole point at both of the

services I think swallow five and on the

opposite sides there are extreme

settings together their pitch is the

lows and the highest kind of thing and

the base leaves some sounds pretty good

try this with a few songs that I think

this is because on soundcloud when

people make their own music at home when

they upload it they are the best quality

generators of sound going on so job the

most expensive equipment to a for that

kind of thing to make the music that

make sense whereas people on Spotify

with the professionals they have enough

money to make music Beverly you looking

up to a Windows PC

especially on a Windows 7 or lower you

do find that SoundCloud can only be

viewed on the internet browser itself

but you can't get a separate software

whereas Spotify come on the Windows 8

PCs you can get like an application into

Windows Store to call the Spotfire

so honey was pretty good where's my

private our little installation programs

accent as the same features as the lsah

yes but if I can also be used as they

stop rubbing on that and on both OS did

you look very nice and it is quite a

good forever to try out I think if you

don't have a spotify premium account you

should still try that anyway if you're a

Windows 8 PC due up do download that

SoundCloud little extension up for the

Windows 8 PC and it is a very good one

if you get a user club so as I said

before with a premium account start

finding kind of safe songs now I don't

know how what you can save so far i've

saved 50 - no problem sir

it's quite good downloading from listen

to me about walk around so I would hop

does not have this feature so if your

Wi-Fi equal listen to it on three years

well or for those without limits it

later you are screwed as it will be

really nice and good overall I think

that even I use both some spot by spot

fighters win as premium features and all

that you still love that it is a

SoundCloud yeah check out the

description below to find out my

favorite songs on soundcloud and the

Spotfire can also find my spot song

about Canada as well so yeah any

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