What's the difference between a Ribeye and a NY Strip Steak?

huh it's me goes to the butcher and

today we're going to talk about the

differences between the ribeye and the

New York Strip on steak vs. steak what

is the difference between the ribeye and

the New York Strip which one's better

it's one of the most common questions I

get asked at the butcher counter and

with good reason these are two cuts with

more similarities than differences

they're usually merchandised right next

to each other in the case they're

usually priced pretty similarly if not

exactly the same and along with the

filet mignon they're probably the two

most common items on Steakhouse menus in

fact anatomically the rib loin and the

strip loin are two ends of the same

muscle the lunge is a mr. site which

runs along the cow's back but we're not

here to talk about what these steaks

have in common

this is steak versus stick so what's

different about them to me the ribeye is

the most flavorful of all steaks

now these pockets of fat which can be a

turn-off for some people are a big

reason for that but so is this outer cap

muscle which is called the spinalis it's

in my opinion the most flavorful part of

the entire beef the strip steak is going

to be a skinnier steak hence the name

strip it's fat cap is totally external

which makes it a lot easier to trim off

and that's really appealing to a lot of

customers the strip is also only one

solid muscle for the most part meaning

that you miss out on a lot of that

flavorful spinalis and a lot of the

flavorful connective tissue that a

ribeye has but you deal with a lot less


and now for cooking as you may have

guessed these two steaks are cooked

basically the same way the most

important thing is that they get plenty

of salt not just for flavor salt also

restructures protein molecules in a way

that helps them meat retain its

juiciness you want to use a super hot

skillet or grill to make sure your state

gets a good sear this doesn't actually

seal in the juices but it does create

the complex caramelized flavors that

separate a good steak from a great one