Is New York Strip or Ribeye Better?! | Cooking Is Easy

today we have the Battle of the state

they got that big boy

ribeye push the big boy New York Strip


first what we do add it dry what the

steaks completely dry before you get

them on the grill now what we got to do

this season we got the simple seasonings

of sea salt big piece of meat you want

to season pretty liberally coarse sea

salt fresh cracked pepper


so now what I want you guys to do is

take a guess which one's gonna be better

drop a comment below which is your

favorite New York Strip or ribeye so now

we have our grill blasting and we have

it as hot as we can get it it's reading

700 degrees you know


I really want to hear that sizzle when

you're grilling so like I said before

we're cooking to an internal temperature

of 125 degrees we're gonna rotate it

that way we get a nice crispy crust on

the outside and we're gonna see which is

better ribeye or New York Strip


now what we got to do is rotate you want

to get a sear all the way around do

we're looking like Oh child look at that

crispy crust

I'm take a look that's what you want to

see you want to see browning of the meat

you don't want to steam your steak want

to make sure you're getting a nice hot



back up I will come back in another

couple minutes so now let's go check it

back see where we're at and let's see

here oh yeah come look at that coming

close on that zoom in on that


push it down make sure you have good

contact with the grill coming along nice

and good


now we're gonna measure our internal

tendency where we're at

we are still at 65 degrees not good we

got a while to go


oh we're working on that sear you just

want to allow it to come up to temp what

do you do have a nice sear on it you're

gonna move it over to indirect side and

the grill is gonna act like an oven and

you're gonna slowly allow it to come up

the heat temperature and it's raining

welcome to Miami

sunshine one second ring the neck I

don't know

welcome to Miami huh


analysis that night centricity we're

going to move into indirect side Wow

something burns me


we're back let's slice it up and see who

is the Wiener I would say we did pretty

well with Ellen know just like slice the

street first that juicy or what Jesus


all right let's give it a try first the

strip ruler that has stupendous flavor

some interesting adjectives BP salty

juicy tender exactly what you want out

of a state let's try the river who's

gonna be better

Oh food bite I will say the strip was

for some reason seasoned a little bit

better I don't know why the strip is

seasoned a little bit better

but the the ribeye is still very good as

well very tender very beefy so I guess

the ultimate thing is you have to try it

for yourself drop a comment below let me

know what's your favorite steak and

we'll go from there if you want to see

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