How to Cook the Best Ribeye Steak | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

it's a big day I'm making Kelly's

favorite steak of all time the one she

asked for big dicks I'm making the steak

Kelly asks for it's a big it's a big day

because I'm making the steak

Kelly asks for all the time and I don't

make it for her all the time

look if you've been married as long as I

have you know one thing you can't give

in always the whole back some stuff make

them wanted make them work for it and

I'm very comfortable saying that because

she's not here right now I'd get my ass

kicked but here's where we're starting

big ass ribeye

that's what oh look it stays by itself

one big-ass ribeye this rib eye is 1 and

1/4 pounds we're cooking this baby but

here's how this goes down we cook a

steak it comes out at rests while it

rests we make the most amazing simple

little delicious mustard cream sauce for

it that you're gonna love Max is gonna

hate it because it's beige and it's

gonna photograph really okay we have to

season your steak so we'll start like

this here's what I like to do I like a

little oil first a little bit cool both

sides and I'm using the avocado oil it

smokes at a higher smoke point smokes at

the highest smoke point and that's what

you want we're not going for flavor when

it comes to the oil for our steak it's

about lubrication 1 and and how high the

smoke point is and we're gonna cook this

thing in a hot cast-iron pan we don't

want the burning because if it

burns it gives off a nasty flavor and

you don't want that

now we season kosher salt and fresh

ground pepper only look you want to put

some garlic in do it and by the way this

might look like a lot but look how thick

this steak is and you have to remember

when you go to eat this it's not being

cut this way it's been cut this way so

you're only getting a little bit of the

seasoning that's right on the top and

then as we turn we like to season the

edges because it's so thick if it was

thin I wouldn't worry about that

so look what you thought I was gonna

cook on the grill well I am technically

but I'm using a cast-iron pan because

that's what I want for this I don't want

the stripes I want like a crust

all the way the bottom side all the way

the top side so we grab our steak let's

take advantage of the seasoning that's

still in the plate and we'll just do

this try and get the last bits of it and

that by the way this is a 1 and 1/4

pound prime ribeye

that's a beautiful steak is that a

beautiful steak or what oh yeah could

eat it just like that and before we

throw it in my grandmother's cast-iron

pan by the way she died 20 years ago

I'd say that's a that pans probably

almost 100 years old let's check the

temperature the two ways the first is

with our little infrared thing and

that's almost 675 degrees in the center

and it's burning my hand right here the

other way to check if your pans ready is

the water test the water test looks like

this we just take a little handful of

water we splash it in and it looks like

that and you see well I'll do it again

stay right there max look at the little

beating when it beads up like that when

it beats up like that and runs off

you're ready and now in goes the steak

we've talked about it before that ladies

and gentlemen is the sound you want if

your steak is not making that sound you

don't have nearly enough heat going on

in your pan and the smell from right

here is steakhouse unbelievable

but here's the thing because it's so

thick we're gonna do something we're

gonna cook it on both sides a little bit

then we're gonna move it to a side

without any heat close the lid and kind

of use it like an oven but right now it

gets all the benefit of all the heat and

after a minute ish minute and a half

beautiful we turn look how pretty

same thing on this side don't touch it

don't move it

just let it do its thing you're building

up this gorgeous crust and that's what

you want okay so here we are we're about

a minute and a half or so on each side

here's what we're gonna do I'm gonna

move it over to this side I'm gonna turn

off the heat underneath this side will

stay on and now we close the lid and now

that works like an oven right

it's the ambient heat on

one side that's gonna keep a cooking on

the other side but without direct heat

underneath so it won't burn the bottom

of that steak anymore

it'll just cook it lovingly and we're

gonna know when it's ready because we

have a good instant-read thermometer you

should get yourself one ladies and

gentlemen these are a very important

piece of equipment for all your cooking

not just that's outside and by the

way what I'm doing here on my grill

should show you two things one you can

use your grill for not just like meat

and fish and stuff like that you can put

a a pan or a pot on it but what I'm

doing here you could easily do in your

house it's no question you would cook

the steak on each side and then put it

into your oven I'm just using the grill

as my oven people forget you can do that

and now we're gonna check because I

don't want it to go over about a hundred

and twenty eight or nine or thirty

there's really nothing to do until then

okay look 123 I think I'm here so here's

what we're gonna do we're gonna take

them off put them on a clean plate and

then cover them up with foil he's just

gonna rest about ten minutes while we

make our sauce let's go we starts in the

pan with some butter and some oil and if

you haven't heard me say it before I

like this combination because the butter

gives flavor of the oil keeps the butter

from burning really an ingredient number

three is diced shallots and if you

didn't have shallots you could

definitely use yellow onion red onion

whatever and by the way I've turned the

temperature down to low we don't want to

burn these onions or our next ingredient

coming in which is a clove of garlic

smell is insane by the way this garlic

press is a Zyliss here's the name Silas

I think they're from Switzerland I don't

necessarily know for sure but here's the

deal you put a clove of garlic in you

notice how it's all come out you put a

clove of

you put damn you you put a clove of

garlic in unpeeled and it's such a great

little press that it squeezes the pulp

out leaves the paper behind which is

very nice this particular one I probably

had for 20 years 1718 I don't know 20 or

something like that it's it's a great

one we'll put a link down in the in the

was a call there no description right

okay let's keep going we've got butter

we've got oil we've got shallots could

be any onion we've got the garlic and

now we're gonna add what's gonna make

this a sauce some regular everyday

whipping cream and as it cooks and

bubbles and simmers and evaporates it

starts to thicken and as it does we add

the last few things we'll start with

some Dijon mustard about a tablespoon a

little worse destler's Wurster with the

whatever the worst err Shire and some

salt and pepper and then we mix okay

it's pretty watery right now but in a

couple minutes it's gonna be beautiful I

can't even do that man it's so high and

look what happens after a couple of

minutes it gets all badass looking look

at now look how thick it is right and I

don't want it thick like like a

hollandaise I just want at night so I'm

gonna turn it off we're gonna let it

stay warm I'm gonna slice the steak and

we're ready here's what we're doing

we're taking our our gorgeous take off

from resting max just hit the light put

it here so we can cut it okay so we'll

take this little this little fat guy off

the side but by the way check out and we

want to cut against the grain and just

let me show you this the grain runs this

way when you cut against the grain you

shorten up those fibers and make your

food much more tender so we'll just go

like this

oh hello perfect

I love you I can read the comments now

it's raw and trust me I cook this a lot

further along than many people I know

that our huge steak people okay so for

presentation purposes let's move

everything over to this black slate

board if I can do this properly I'll put

this kid right here let's spread it out

so it all looks nice

oh boy look here's one of the reasons

you know that expression that I use all

the time fats flavor

welllook ribeye definitely has more fat

but it also has more flavor so we put

the steak here Wow and here's our sauce

hate to repeat myself but oh come on now

the last thing we give it is a little

fresh ground pepper and some parsley I

have a fork I want to use my fingers but

max said no use a fork look it look it

perfectly cooked steak this delicious

little rich sauce oh my god

no I'm not kidding oh my god this is

just kind of insane and you have to make

it so it's Kelly's favorite and I

absolutely love it I don't know why I

fight her so much no I don't want to

make it again I make it again and then

I'm like I'm crazy for it so here's

where we've ended up who cooked the

steak we made a sauce we put it on we've

eaten it and that's what you have to do

I got nothing else thanks for hanging

out with us I always say means a lot and

for the shirts that I've been wearing

lately they make America cook again

culinary statement not a political

statement you can go to make America

cook again calm it's all right there

with new designs actually there's some

cool there all right thanks for

being with us go eat something good yeah