Ribeye Steak vs. New York Steak: What's the Difference?

hey everybody welcome to meat report i'm

here with chef phil williamson here

what are we going to talk about today

we're going to talk about the uh

japanese a5 wagyu so right here we have


japanese a5 uh ribeye and this is

our japanese a5 new york strip they're

the same

they are not the same cuts so if you can

see the actual

eye of the rib eye is a lot smaller

on the ribeye here we have a massive

decal here

and some nice little pockets of meat


if you look at the new york strip here

the actual strip

loin is a lot longer we still have a


piece of meat flap on top

but again we have a rib eye and the

mirror strip beautiful what makes these

so special

bill flannery is beautiful

thanks chef