How To Cook A Perfect Steak Every Time

whenever I cook for someone for the

first time I always rack my brain on

what to make it's stressful and yet

every time the answer is steak because

all it takes is 15 minutes and four

ingredients to make somebody love you

forever see to me steak is something

that is really really really easy to

make amazingly a steak is really tasty

especially if it's a good piece of steak

but at the same time it's also really

easy to screw up and when I say easy to

screw up I mean you have seconds before

it gets overcooked or maybe even

undercooked if you don't like it medium

rare or rare although let's be honest

the right answer is medium-rare now the

method I want to show you is a technique

that is kind of the industry standard in

the restaurant world when you go to a

restaurant they're probably gonna be

either pan roasting or just searing off

a steak in a pan and then basting it

with butter but it is the timing in the

way that you do it it makes it great

first things first let's talk about what

kind of steak to pick you want to make

sure that your steak is thick and when I

say thick I mean three C's in other

words you want to make sure you're

getting a steak that's one-and-a-half to

two inches thick if you go any thinner

than that then you're probably gonna

overcook it before the outside is

properly browned now there's so many

cuts of steak to me the king that

deserves the crown is the ribeye that's

just my personal opinion

plus if you take two rib eyes and put

them together it makes a little meat

heart perfect for a romantic dinner or

valentine's day you're welcome but if I

had to give you guys a list of what you

should be using t-bone sirloin strip and

ribeye those are my top picks now for

the most important tip I'm gonna give

you let your steak come up to room

temperature before you sear it off I

cannot stress this enough if you do not

let it rest it is not going to get that

nice even super crispy crust on the

outside and it's gonna be gray a lot of

people skip this part because they don't

think it's important I'm here to tell

you that it is very important so yes

pull your steak out of the fridge and

let it rest give it a little blanket

pull out the Noma fermentation guide

read it a bedtime story and let it

rest now we're ready to cook the steak

if you're still here thank you for

sticking around take a medium to

large-sized skillet and bring it up over

medium high heat with about two

tablespoons of oil and make sure this

oil is a high smoke point oil now while

that's heating up Pat your room

temperature steak with a paper towel

just to make sure that it's dried off

and season it very generously with

kosher salt and fresh cracked black

pepper don't be too scared to go heavy

on that salt this is a thick steak and

it's very sad when you get an under

seasoned steak now for the moment of

truth once your pan is rip-roaring hot

you're gonna add your steak now the way

you can tell that it's hot enough is the

oil should be shimmering and moving

around the pan really easily and it

should be just about this smoked more

importantly you should hear this sound

now if you're like me and you like your

steak medium-rare then you're gonna sear

that bad boy at that hot hot temperature

for two to three minutes on both sides

until you get that nice crisp brown

crust now I'll talk about temperatures

in a minute but when you flip that steak

to sear the other side let it sear for

about 30 seconds to a minute then add

four tablespoons or 56 grams of unsalted

butter two cloves of garlic lightly

crushed left in their skins and one

bunch of fresh thyme let that butter

melt and baste the steak over and over

for a minute or so until you've reached

the desired doneness this is the other

secret to a good steak baste and baste

and baste with butter there is nothing

that can go wrong with that make sure to

keep a close eye on that internal

temperature so you don't overcook it you

know you can do the touch test if you

know it but if you don't know it then

the internal temperature you're looking

for for medium-rare is 135 now as soon

as that steak is done immediately take

it out of the pan place it on a cutting

board and pour all that sweet butter and

juices on the top and then let it rest

for five to eight minutes before cutting

into it and you've got the most amazing

steak of your life so yes the answer is

that simple and if you follow these

guidelines you too can become a steak

master but before that happens we've got

one more set of Bureau


alright guys and that is it steak well

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