Gordon Ramsay Shows a NFL Star How To Make The Perfect Ribeye


all right welcome to gourmet estate here

in Baltimore and the amazing horseshoe

I'm about to surprise family for

talented comics tubes they think they're

in a competition I have no idea that I'm

here to judge them today so I'd be super

quiet but the good news this is a real

surprise so

I can't wait to see romantic over half

an hour mystery box so there they've

just started and they're about to get

the shock of their lives here we go

thank you so much

PVC tom my goodness me let's just say

the students are doing well right it

looks good it looks fast and why lap for

individuals for very strong individuals

suddenly there's only one first place


it is a stake off okay now look so I've

got the stakes out I'll be room


ribeye I use this a lot because of the

marbling of fat so let's see you around

a great rib eye is in the coloring put a

rib eye because there's this eye in the

middle here is like this sort of the

chef's piece and this rib cap here is

the bit that is absolutely delicious

okay so first thing we're gonna do lift

up the steak and just season the tray

okay salt and pepper quite generously

because we will lose 30% of that before

actually goes in to the pan then lay the

steak on top good and then again a nice

salt and pepper again now it looks like

we put a lot of seasoned on there but

like I said we lose a lot of it and then

what I like to do then from there it's

roll it round and lift your mop up a

seasoning now sometimes you can have a

beautiful ancho chili rub a coffee rub

it goes so well with ribeye yeah then I

get the fat side down the chain and leek

there and I also mop that up as well I

hate waste right here only use all that

seasoning now that steak is done I'm

goofy seasoned all the way around yeah

that's really from their towel in the

hand pan nice and hot

okay go start up a touch of oil in there

first so the cutter doesn't burn oil

into the pan and then the pan goes

straight in about a tablespoon first

when you put the stake in lay away from

you okay straight down always away there

you go

good now come they're lifting lift that

up and just make sure that's not

thickened right how's that caramelizing

you see that it's not that fat yeah it's

not really good come they're gonna pick

up my time okay I'll pull Mero Matson

now now sit my time on top I'm a garlic

in there okay and now I'm gonna start

off with a the sort of normal butter

just down to the sides and you'll see

that absolutely go into a nice nut brown

beautiful color from there lift up the

face and turn that over again

there you go and again lay away

so the all sorts of butter from burning

very carefully lift up that side down

and sear that fat underneath that change

there's a letter below and the more fat

we render the flavor profile that stays

and get better and better

now from there keep it really nice and

hot I'm gonna go with the top of our


you oughta take some truffle butter in

and then put it down to the sides take a

spoon okay and lift it carefully push

the steak up and the base my steak with

that truffle butter and literally push

it to the side and now we're doing now

is making that steak even more tender so

the plat bender down inside there's a

beautiful caramelization and lot

yeah almost like spooning arosa between

1/2 4 minutes max Timmy's on each side

and then from there take it out and let

it rest now one final turn hold it up

again and turn it around very carefully


now I'm gonna go to medium rare okay

that means I'm gonna take it out of the

pan rare so come off with my gas stay

off the dirt gonna lift up my steak

hesitation side up and literally pick it

up over there I'm gonna put on my hour

max over the top and let that sit okay

yeah beautiful and then finally

something that you'd recognize



I can guarantee you next time we got a

barbecue at home trust me be really

grilling a ribeye good job Sam everybody

appreciate it for what I've got great

job great


hello Baltimore its guys Barry here

happy Mother's Day

don't look good slim hello Baltimore

it is Bobby Flay here wishing you all a

very happy Mother's Day

yes you didn't know his English but me

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