What's your favorite steak? | Ribeye VS NY Strip | Grilled Reverse Sear

hey everybody welcome to the real show

barbecue today we're gonna be cooking us

some nice dry-aged steaks with the new

que Argentine grill these are the steaks

that we're using today

these are 30-day dry-aged pasture

centered this is a New York Strip and it

is super thick this is also a bone-in

ribeye nice marbling on both of them

this is from Brasstown beef right here

in North Carolina they're all-natural no

hormones no antibiotics and it says they

are real beef raised right so I know

these are gonna be great let's go ahead

and get these seasoned and first of all

what I want to do is just spray a little

bit of olive oil on each side the

seasoning that I'm using today is by big

Papa's double-secret steak rub I tasted

it right of all it's got some great

flavor I know it's gonna be really good

on these steaks and I'll be putting it

pretty heavy because these steaks are so

thick and they can take that we're

hitting get our ribeye first

and as always we're doing on the sides

and on the backside as well we have both

of these states nicely seasoned we're

gonna let them sit here and rest out at

room temperature while we get the new k

grill up yeah grill is nice and hot

we're cooking indirect I got our coals

this way and so we're gonna lay our

steaks on this side so we're going to do

it like a reverse sear and I'm we

putting the thickest one which is the

New York Strip closest to the fire and

then the ribeye just on the side here

I'll put my probe in this thickest one

right here we're gonna keep this monitor

if you're not familiar with this new que

Argentine grill I'll leave a link up

above on how it looks and how it's set

up and everything so you'll be able to

take a look at that then close the lid

down and keep just monitored and then

once we get to a pride around a 100 110

we're gonna take it and start doing our

reverse sear already been going for

about 20 minutes and these are already

reading close well that's 90

yeah 90 degrees there that was 96 so I

went ahead and flip these and give them

just a few more minutes and we're gonna

start doing our sear

but I'm gonna slide this one away from

the fire a little bit because it's

afraid it's gonna get overly cooked why

this one away I'm a monitor that's

really heavy I don't want to overcook

these we'll get these flipped over in

just a moment another ten minutes I'm

gonna go ahead and take these off and

start giving them a sear I got the

steaks over here getting the Cyril not

gonna take very long I'll try to go

about a minute on each side and then

kind of see where we are internal I'm

using jealous devil charcoal that runs

super hot and will last you a while if

you're going along Koontz as well all

right we've been going for a minute we

will go ahead and turn these over

I want another minute let's check these

out 1:30 that's right at 1:40 you won't

go ahead and pull this one see where

this one's at

1:23 1:21

get this one another minute or so that

we're gonna turn on its side and give it

some Syrah on the side as well

you want another minute I'm going to

flip this over and kind of see what we

round now I kind of raised the charcoal

or I lower the charcoal a little bit or

lower the grill grate a little bit one

31 33 and 35 all right let's take it off

here our steaks this is the New York

Strip this one is the rib eyes you can

tell let's go ahead and cut into them

real quick let's do the thicker one

first you see all the juices already on

the table just gonna cut across it like

this steal plenty of juicy that's

probably close to a medium which is what

we really like yep that's definitely

more of a medium to a medium well on

that one which again probably a little

bit thicker down here but he's plenty

juicy I know that's gonna be very good

sit this one to the side it's kind of

cut into this ribeye

oh yes yeah more than medium in let's

cut a piece off right here man

so juicy you've got you a little bit of

red in there perfectly cooked as far as

I'm concerned

yes sir nice nice nice nice let's give

this a taste test all right my official

taste tester is with me again today

Mason we're gonna try the New York Strip

first we'll wait today we try two other

one see which one's our favorite it

might be hard to beat alright now we're

gonna try this ribeye ribeye is my

favorite cut alright let me try it what

do you think you know I can definitely

taste a difference in the ribeye I just

love love to prove I've got more fat in

it and taste both I'm a great be sure to

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awesome we're doing it right here in

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