Inkjet Printer vs. Laser Printers | Which One is Right for You?

Have you ever wonder why

there are different kinds of printers in the market?

Printer is a printer, right?

There are actually more things you should consider

when it comes to choosing the best printer for your needs.

This video will walk you through

the different types of printer and

help you decide the perfect printer for you

according to your printing habits,

printing speed, budget and more.

First, let's determine your printing habits.

Are you looking for a printer for a workplace

a printer that can handle high demand?

If it is, laser printer is a better way to go

as it is designed with a faster processor and print engine.

Or are you looking for a printer for your home

which will mostly be used for

printing photos or your kid's projects?

If it is, inkjet printer is a better fit for you

as it is designed to print high-quality images.

Let's have a closer look

on the performance of laser and inkjet printers.

In general, laser printer can print high-quality

sharp text documents.

On the other hand, inkjet printer produces

clear, high-resolution images.

Even though many color laser printers nowadays

have improved the quality of color print.

Inkjet printer is still better at

printing a better toned photo.

Another important factor to consider

is the printing speed.

If a printer is planned to be used daily at a workplace,

laser printer is fitted for the job,

as it is typically engineered to

print faster than inkjet.

When it comes to printer and maintenance cost,

laser printer typically tends to be

more costly than inkjet printer.

But laser toner cartridge's cost per page

is typically lower than inkjet cartridge

since it can print more pages per toner cartridge.

Deciding on whether you should go with

an inkjet or laser printer really comes down

to what and how much you print.

Take this information into consideration,

and it will potentially save you hundreds of dollars.