Inkjet VS Laser

let's say you need to print reams and

reams of full-color documents how would

you print them you wouldn't use an

inkjet printer it is too slow and the

cartridges are expensive you would use

the state-of-the-art color copier so

pretty so fast and you would point and

laugh at the pathetic inkjet with its

expensive refills and slow speeds well

technology it is a change in a new

species of inkjet has arrived what is it

it prints three times faster it costs

fifty percent less to operate and it is

10 times more reliable than your color

copier and it's inkjet golly look at

that ancient go how does it do it well

Johnny those are 24 heavy-duty inkjet

heads that remain in a fixed position as

the paper moves quickly and reliably

through the printer unlike color copiers

its simplicity lets it run at room

temperature but the pages from my color

copier come out so warm and toasty

that's because color copiers our

electricity Homs dependent on a lot of

moving parts a complex paper path a

fusing system and lots of heat making

them much more vulnerable to failure and

downtime huh you could cook a turkey in

there well fortunately there's a new

type of high-speed color inkjet printer

that requires less electricity less

maintenance and less money to operate

and it's more friendly to the

environment that machine is relentless

the total cost of ownership is

freakishly low oh my color is cheaper

than black and white that ain't jet is

so cool well let's get one it appears

color printing has changed forever


introducing a new species of inkjet

printer the fastest meanest toughest

greenest color printer on the planet