Ink-jet vs Laser Printer


hello and welcome to our live printer

display here at printer showcase today

we're looking at inkjet versus laser

printer let me talk briefly about the

differences in the two technologies and

when one technology might be more

appropriate over the other the two

printers we chose for this demonstration

are the C 240 to DN color laser printer

from Rico and the Officejet Pro 8100

inkjet printer from Hewlett Packard they

are similarly priced networked ready

color printers without getting too

lengthy or too technical here's a brief

explanation of how the two different

technologies work inkjet is basically a

printhead that moves back and forth

while the paper moves through the

carriage and basically sprays ink onto

the paper so uses liquid ink sprayed

onto the media color laser printer on

the other hand is much more complex

technology it involves a laser beam

aimed into a rotating mirror which then

charges an optical photo conducting drum

which then attracts oppositely charged

electrically charged toner particles

then transfer it onto the paper and then

fuse through a fuser assembly okay so

when do you use an inkjet use an inkjet

if you need to print larger than 12 by

18 as in engineering drawings plots

anything larger than 12 by 18 inches you

have no choice got to use an inkjet

printer also if CMYK for color process

is not adequate enough for you for

example let's say you're printing

original photography original artwork or

you need to print on special material

like canvas or transfer material you got

to use an inkjet printer you have no

choice if none of those describe you

then you do have a choice in which case

you should never use an inkjet printer

let's face facts by now everybody's

using inkjet printer everybody's

familiar with all the issue

inkjet printers have inkjet cartridges

drying up before they're used up because

you're not using it continually if you

leave the printer idle for a few days

and dries up and it clogs up everything

so then you have to do cleaning which of

course uses up and your new ink

cartridges you bought so laser you can

leave for weeks and then come back - and

you don't have to do any cleaning and

the next page looks great so you've got

more reliability with color lasers or

lasers in general the inkjet printers

are generally much slower than laser

printers because they're not true page

printers pages per minute applies to a

color laser printer because it is a page

printer versus an inkjet printer which

freely prints a line at a time

for example this HP is rated at 16 pages

permitted in color yet you can see here

it prints one line at a time not a page

at a time

so this document that took 45 seconds to

print the color laser printer can print

at 21 pages per minute

generally inkjet printers are going to

be more expensive to operate that's just

because of the ink cartridges of them

and their replacement print heads but

also because they require special paper

if you want the quality to be good and

be more permanent which brings us to the

water solubility which is another issue

with ink Jets laser printers use toner

which is tiny electrostatically charged

particles made of plastic

that are then fused to the paper so you

don't have the water solubility issue

with the smearing print in general and

color laser printer is more permanent so

to conclude if you need to plot better

than 12 by 18 you gotta get an inkjet if

you need more than four color process

CMYK you need like six or twelve colors

to produce original photography guy get

an inkjet printer if you need print on

specialty media like canvas or transfer

media gotta get an inkjet printer

otherwise always buy a laser printer

because lasers are gonna be much faster

much more reliable because you don't

have ink drying out and lasers can use

plain paper so they're much cheaper to

operate not because of just the supplies

or the longevity of the supplies but

also because you use plain paper you're

not to use expensive special media

like you do with inkjet printers Thanks

hopefully this helped you out and we'll

see you next time