Epson Inkjet vs Laser Printer Street Challenge

I'm right now here at the bustling

raffles place to see if printer uses

know of their prints as well now I've

got two handouts here one from an inkjet

and another from a laser printer it's

now raining so wish me luck and I hope

to find some people to test their



like two images here you can tell that

one is sharper and clearer than the

other which do you think is from an

inkjet and laser printer a laser printer

will be able to deliver a sharper image

for colors which do you think is from

the inkjet printer

she thinks the one on the top is from an

inkjet printer and this is from t laser

printer okay

you were actually full lettuce the

clearer and sharper one is actually from

an inkjet printer I guess the one at the

bottom is from the inkjet printer the

images is sharper the HS are cleaner and

the college which which do you think is

from an inkjet printer you son Joe while

you actually are right so as you can see

inkjet printers produce just as good or

even better quality printouts


okay so I have in my hand a 4-hour

picture without any borders which do you

think this came from an inkjet or a

laser printer I think you're probably

injector ink jet engine this will be

engine I think this is from the injector

any reason for that because I use

interpreters to print photos yeah so I

think that is mostly I haven't seen the

photo printer from laser printer before

it is a portal as there are no borders

which printer do you think this is from

inkjet or laser laser okay so this

actually came from an inkjet printer

so most laser printers actually won't be

able to achieve this bottlers printing

okay now I have three sheets of paper

now they are different in thickness and

texture now number one is something that

you would use in your office and number

three would be something you might use

for something a bit more fancy do you

think that all three papers will work

well on a laser printer not necessarily

I think this one's if I'm gonna appear

well er so she thinks that number to be

the most textured and thicker paper will

not work on a laser printer which do you

think may not work on a laser printer I

think sometimes the toner might not

stick on to the paper that well yeah and

the ink Jets usually can take like

bigger papers a bit better

printers should be able to take any Cal

papers well guess what all three papers

can actually work effectively on an

inkjet printer

however the texture one won't work so

well on a laser printer but after the

street challenge you now have a better

understanding of your printers with a

lower total cost of ownership inkjet

printers can be a viable alternative to

laser in your office getting a printout

which suits your business and personal

needs is crucial but getting one that

helps savings is even better