Inkjet vs. Laser? Comparing Printer Options with HP!

hey everyone tim scofield here and it's

time to take a look at a couple

different printers from

hp and for me a printer is a necessity

when i work from home and then if you do

have a home office or maybe even an

office space

you really do rely on a printer a lot so

we're going to compare a couple top

printers from hp the never stop laser

and the office jet pro i do have to give

a shout out to hp for sending both of

these over for comparison

and also sponsoring this video so we'll

take a quick look at what comes in the

box of both of these and then also

apparently the setup process is really

seamless my current printer setup

process is terrible

so i'm kind of excited to check that out

and we'll show off some features and you

can figure out which printer is right

for you whether it's the officejet pro

with its productivity

ease of use and eight months of hp

instant ink or the never stop printer

which has the long term savings and is

great for people who print a lot

let's go and get started inside the box

of the never stop laser you get your

standard booklets you've got your power

cable usb

cable and then a paper tray and paper

tray cover

to attach to your printer and i have to

say this printer

is really clean looking inside the box

of the officejet pro

you have your booklets your power cable

the paper tray is attached

to the printer and it is very easy to

fill with paper

and even has a mechanism to catch your

prints and then of course you do have

your hp

ink cartridges first the hp never stop

laser tank 1202w multifunction printer


a laser printer with a reloadable toner

tank and we even have the toner reload

kit that we can take a look at as well

but with the never stop laser printer

you are really going to be saving some

money with this option not just with

your initial purchase but also

long term the hp never stop printer's

initial cost is 330

however it is a true business investment

because of those long

term savings the never stop has the

lowest cost per page on hp

laser printing the never stop also

includes 5 000 pages of pre-loaded toner

and then when you do run out the hp

toner reload kit is only going to cost


15.99 you can buy it separately and that

includes 2500 more pages

at that low cost and then you have the

officejet pro 8035 which will print and


and it's really made for ease of use and

saving you time not only with the setup

process being super simple

it has self-healing wi-fi that

automatically detects

and resolves connectivity issues to help

you stay connected

the officejet pro 8035 includes eight

months of

instant inc which is hp's ink delivery


instant ink saves you up to 50 on ink

with customizable print plans that are

flexible to the needs of your business

inks deliver it automatically before you

run out and with instant ink high-res

color photos

and text documents all cost the same

this officejet pro does have a nice

coral accent which i'm a fan of it goes

well with the

color printing capabilities it does have

however keep in mind that there are

other color options out there

with the officejet pro you can print

color copy scan

and even fax if you need to and with the

never stop you can print in black and


copy and scan the setup process was

insanely simple as expected you just

downloaded the hp smart app

that printer popped up right away once i

plugged it on in and then it auto


to the wi-fi for me once connected it

prompted me to that i

could input the free eight months of ink

that was included inside the box we'll

talk more about that in just a second

of course you don't just have to use the

app you can use a laptop

a tablet a desktop to print to this and

then it auto updated my printer once it

was connected to the wi-fi then i had

installed the ink cartridges that were

included which was super simple

you actually line up letters and colors

to which one goes to where

and we can even do a quick test print

that it prompts you to do

uh when it did print it out it was just

a congratulations page which was printed

in color

the never stop laser setup was also very

easy i did have to actually manually

type in the wi-fi password so one extra


not that big of a deal if you ask me and

then going into the app

it will give you the toner level and

with the never stops 5000 pages of toner

included that's

seven times more pages than in class

laser printers

on the front of the never stop there's

also some lights indicating what your

toner levels are

the hp smart app does a lot more than

just setting up you can manage your

printers you can manage your hp

instant ink you can scan files you can


photos you can even go through and copy


documents through your phone's camera

and a quick

example of that if we select copy it

will bring up our camera

and we can just go ahead and select

whatever specific document that we are

trying to scan

and once it scans it it shows up on your

phone and you have a few options you can

start a black print you can start a

color print

we're going to select color print and it

will just send it to our office jet pro

and print it out in color really nice


within the app you can create smart

tasks so for me if i wanted to call on


you can have it run specific actions if

you want to print it in a certain way

you can have an email directly to


or somebody else and then of course you

can save it

to the cloud you can even scan pages

directly to your phone it shows up in

real time

and then once completed you can go ahead

and save that file to your phone for

later use you can email it off to

someone share it in a different app

or of course you can run one of those

smart tasks that you have set up

or even just directly go ahead and edit

that file to your liking

when it comes to printing on the office

jet pro it's super

simple if you do have a specific

document you need printed just go ahead

and hit print with hp

smart it gives you options to kind of

resize the print if for whatever reason

you need to

and then just go ahead and hit print and

while it runs through that printing

process want to give you an idea

uh with the office jet pro you can print

up to 10 pages per minute in color

and then up to 20 pages per minute in

that black and white

and taking a look at this print which

was a lot of color i'm happy with how it

turned out

and of course more than just red it can

print in blue and any other color that

you need it to

also with hp instant ink color prints

are the same cost

as black and white prints since they

just go by the number of pages you're


i also really wanted to run a test where

i scanned

a color document and then printed it out

after it's scanned so running through

that process was much quicker than i

thought it was going to be

and then once it did print out i

honestly couldn't tell the difference

between the original

and the scan and then with the never

stop laser printer same process through

that hp smart app but don't think you

need to go through the smart app if you

don't want to you can just print


from your desktop from your laptop if

need be

but the hp smart app does give you a

crazy amount of

options now while the printer the never

stop is printing it actually prints up

to 21

pages per minute and i found that these

prints have actually been really high


aside from a couple different functions

let's take a look at the features of

these two printers and figure out which

one is best for you

now when it comes to the never stop

laser printer it is really focused on

the end user saving money if you're

someone that prints a lot of invoices


intake forms just paperwork in general

this would be the go-to

with a full tank of toner you get 5 000

pages out of it and then of course you

have that toner reload kit

which will fill at 2500 pages and will

only cost you 15.99

in comparison other in-class toner

cartridges are 60 to 70 dollars

so not only is that gonna save you money

because the toner reload kit is


it's also super simple to do there's

just a slot you go ahead and put the


reload kit in and you're good to go and

then on top of the functionality the app

brings you can connect multiple devices

to this printer so you can print from

all over maybe an office space

if you run a small business this would

be perfect for printing out a bunch of

different forms

you don't just have to print copy scan

from your phone or your computer you can

also just do it directly on the device

there are multiple functionality buttons

on top with a screen as well

and in comparison when it comes to the

officejet pro hp is really focused on

ease of setup

ease of use in general and then if

anything were to go wrong maybe


it has that self-healing wi-fi to detect

and resolve connectivity issues


so maybe if you are a home based

business and don't have any it support

this can handle that for you this

officejet pro has had a great wi-fi

connection i haven't had any issues with

the disconnecting whatsoever

it prints really quickly even when you

are in that high color

and the color quality is very good i

have to say

and you end up saving money in the long

run when you do print with better color

you're not gonna have to reprint all the


and yes the never stop laser has a

simple way to refill that toner however

what about the office jet pro when it

comes to those color cartridges and such

hp has a pretty amazing way to actually

reorder cartridges without you really

even having to do anything in terms of

the ordering process with their instant


service so after those eight months what

are your options essentially based on

the amount of pages that you're printing

you can choose a specific

plan that goes with your printing habits

so if you are printing 100 plus pages a

month they have

a plan for that if you're only printing

50 pages a month they have a plan for

that as well and it's priced accordingly

depending on how many pages you need

and with hp's ink delivery service

instant ink you can change your plan or

cancel anytime so it's flexible to the

needs of your business

also like i mentioned black and white

and color prints cost the exact same

since it's based on the amount of pages

you're printing

and then of course it eliminates the

hassle of having to go out and order ink


and the installation of the color ink is

super simple

this officejet pro even has a print

anywhere function which is pretty

incredible if you ask me

essentially you can allow remote access

to specific email addresses and then if


email files to a designated email that

you can customize

the officejet pro will actually print

that file that you emailed to it

and the officejet pro has a touch screen

on the front for different controls

maybe you want to dive into settings

without pulling out your phone or using

a laptop

that's totally an option and it just

makes it look better in general so

realistically both the never stop and

office jet will save you money in that

long run especially when it comes to the

printer quality the ink quality that hp


and then of course that toner cartridge

refill being very inexpensive

so that would be my full comparison

between the neverstop laser printer and

the office jet pro from hp hopefully you

got a good idea of which printer you're

deciding to go with drop a comment

let me know which one you like better be

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as always guys

thanks for watching