What's the Difference Between Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen?

- Both used for pain control.

And they're both over the counter.

The difference is the site of action.

So ibuprofen we call them nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

drugs so what they do is they act

in the certain pathways of our pain.

So you see when we have pain

there's different mechanisms in the body

and one of them is production of prostaglandins

which is a substance that transmit the pain signals.

Ibuprofen belongs to that group

and what it does is inhibits the enzyme

that prevents the formation or interrupts the formation

of prostaglandin.

So that's how it works.

Acetaminophen believe it or not

has been around for decades but it's still

the exact mechanism is still kind of a mystery.

One of the things that we know

is that it can affect how we perceive pain.

So it acts in the region in our brain called hypothalamus

and what it does is it tricks the brain

to reset the temperature.

So if you're having fever,

you take Tylenol,

it tricks the brain to tell you hey.

Your temperature's too high, let's lower it down

and that's how it affects it.

It can go through the same pathway as ibuprofen

to a certain extent but not like ibuprofen

where we can use it for anti-inflammatory.

Can treat for fever, can treat for pain.

Tylenol good for fever, good for pain.

Not good for inflammation.