Positano Italy - A guide to The Amalfi Coast and Capri

I did say create the taco all right

it's our favorite turnoff Tom Bradley

International I'm going to keep the Tom


no you're not look it's horrible traffic

usually takes in 20 minutes took us

almost an hour to get on Ellie




Colet just got a brand-new nightmare

that she really wants to show off ready

I think it's cute do you guys think - de

la la a la la colonie Maria do it Louis

is a leader so bro so go suit on or mom

comes for that matter it's not easy to

get to two flights taxi now our shuttle

we chose through shuttles 100 euro we

take that instead of taking the bus from

surprise cheaper but after about 16 18

hours fine we just want to get to our

apartment there's so many amazing things

to go see in Positano that we wanted to

make must-see list for you to use

rent-a-car rent a scooter take a cooking

class hike the path of the God take a

day trip to Ravello Pompeii or Capri eat

lots of gelato and rent a boat and you

have to eat plenty of pizza no Italia

trip we complete but lugging luggage



so the thing that Positano is are plenty

upstairs so even though there's tons of

hills and steps that'll make your heart

race that's okay because we're eating

all of the pasta all the pizza and all

the gelato I'm going to say that we're

not going to gain one pound

we have a good day today because we're

able to negotiate awesome rate on a boat

so tip everyone to take a trip somewhere

and you have boats or excursion as long

as it's not the high season can you try

to do this in August

no they laugh in your face but consider

this is May how many people are here

they've got boat sitting there and

people wanting to do work so we showed

up the day of and got that for basically

a 50% discount Cathy Stepp this is our

view for the day


they were on a dinghy now heading over

to the frontal you know which is one of

the best places to eat and also free we

ate there on our honeymoon so we have

decided to go back lafawn Selena is the

most epic place to get lunch on all of

Capri there are two ways to get to

Lafont aleena if you're staying on Capri

you can get there by land or my

preferred method is to get there by boat

because that's the boss way Lafont Elina

has a special dinghy that will come out

to your boat pick you up and bring you

back to the restaurant and after your

epic lunch at lafon Selena you must end

it with lemoncello okay

darío our driver is a little




you guys like what sunglasses I like

this one we're just pulling into the

green grotto right over here green



but we got an approved jump

I don't know that was approved all right

let's take you with the book the gap

that's not really happy we just went

through what all right we just went

through the green grotto

so one of our days we went to one of the

most luxurious hotels and that is lacera

news and this is a great place to go if

you want to have a per all spritz or get

some of the best photographs of the city

they must visit for anyone who goes to

Positano listeria news became famous

when John Steinbeck visited in the 1950s

and wrote about Positano for Harper's

Bazaar Steinbeck said Positano feist

geek the fair news is one of the most

Pancho tells in all of Europe it had

some of the best ocean views and the

best dining in all of Sophie tano it has

a Michelin star restaurant called

laFonda it also has a champagne and

oyster bar and a general hotel

restaurant this is where we went to eat

and indulge in a few after all spritzes

are you sensing a theme here


we just made a mistake and driving all

the local Italian drivers we're happy to

tell me hey what's the matter with you

okay so that happened to you that means

you're doing the right thing in the

tourist so you just give them a little

bit of that bad fun more steps Nora