Pilates vs Yoga, What's the Difference?

hi and welcome back to trifecta Pilates

if you're new year my name is bad it was

recently doing a mat Pilates workout and

someone came up to me afterwards and

said was that Pilates or something

because it's like no yoga I've ever seen

and I did answer her that yes it was

Pilates and even though there are some

similarities between Pilates and yoga

they definitely are a different movement

systems so I'm here today to answer the

question what's the difference between

yoga and Pilates let's get started with

some similarities so both systems are

really mind-body Fitness modalities and

what this means is we want awareness and

thoughtfulness while we move on our mats

the benefit of this is we can really be

conscious of when an exercise is working

for us and when it's not in addition to

when we leave the mat usually we feel a

little bit more refreshed not only in

our body but mentally as well both

exercise systems will work to stretch

strengthen and tone your muscles and

we're both really obsessed with making

sure that you're breathing deeply though

we do breathe deeply in different ways

so in yoga it's all breathing in through

the nose and out through nose and

breathing into the belly and Pilates we

like to breathe in through the nose and

out through the mouth and doing that

lateral breathing that we've talked

about in some of the Pilates classes on

this channel and as you inhale feel the

ribcage push the hands away to the sides

of the room as you exhale just bringing

the hands back together again your ribs

come back together again

even though you'll see some of the same

positions in both yoga and Pilates and

yoga you do yoga poses or asanas and

then obviously do exercises so in yoga

you may hold a pose and employees we're

going to move through that body position

because it is an exercise in general

employees will do more side-lying

exercises than you do in yoga and you'll

strengthen the obliques and leg muscles

a little bit more that way

in yoga however you'll tend to do more

standing exercises in general in the

apply this classroom we want you to keep

moving with each and every exercise

whereas in yoga that we hold a position

for a length of time why these classes

were always supposed to be short and

effective workout so they don't take a

whole bunch of time the mats are also

different and remember I talked about

this in another

Pilates mats tend to be a little bit

thicker a little bit more cushy and yoga

mats are a little bit thinner and

usually non-slip because we're rolling

along your spine imply this is really

important that we have that extra


whereas in yoga you're holding poses so

you don't want to slip for me personally

besides the class feeling different the

way I feel after I leave a yoga class

compared to apply these classes much

different yoga typically will feel

really peaceful and calm kind of mind

cleared out may take us a while to ease

back into the rest of our day whereas

employees it's really energizing and

uplifting typically it's like you're

just ready to go back into your day


there was a point in time where I didn't

like Pilates or yoga and it wasn't

because this movement system was bad I

probably just picked a class that wasn't

suitable for me at that time and the

instructor I wasn't really vibing with

either so if you've ever taken pleasure

yoga and really haven't liked it before

try a different instructor try a

different class because the movement

systems are really beneficial for your

body and life if you've taken employees

or yoga and you really feel a difference

between the movement systems leave a

comment below and let me know what you

think the differences are as always I

hope you have a beautiful day and can

join me on the mat soon for another

Pilates class