Yoga Mat Buyer’s Guide - Our 10 Favorite Yoga Mats On the Market

hey everyone my name is Ashton August

and today we're here to take a look at

the best yoga mats on the market when

you're on the market for a yoga mat

there's a few key features that you want

to look for the first of which is an

eco-friendly yoga mat made with

eco-friendly practices you also want to

look for mats that are super durable as

well as offer a lot of traction and

cushions so you can get the most out of

your practice these are our top 10

favorite mats on the market and they all

share these qualities so now let's take

a look at what makes each mat unique all

right we are going to start with the

$100 or above category and we're gonna

start with the Manduca black mat pro so

Manduca is like the epitome of a quality

yoga mat it comes with a lifetime

guarantee which to me just speaks to

their confidence in this high-quality

mat and you can feel it that it's really

built to last this is a super thick

durable mat and what I really like about

that is it's very comfortable to

practice on what I also love about the

quality and durability is that you can

even wear shoes on it so it makes a

great exercise mat also it's made with

closed-cell technology so it's not going

to absorb your sweat or any moisture as

you practice one thing for you to note

about it is that you do need to break it

in a bit for you to get really good

traction but then you're gonna have

awesome traction ok let's move on to the

next mat the Aloha native cork yoga mat

this is their chakra print obviously the

most unique quality about this mat right

off the bat is that it's made out of

cork so these mats are made out of

recycled cork on the top and then

recycled rubber on the bottom cork is

naturally antimicrobial which is awesome

for hot yoga and for not having to clean

your mat all the time and it also

creates excellent traction especially

when it's wet so wet or dry you can

practice on this mat but for hot Yogi's

this is definitely a favorite

there's no break-in period you can step

right on the mat and get right to it

alright last but certainly not least

let's jump on over to this lifeform yoga

mat life form was the first alignment

system that I saw on a yoga mat and you

see this mat everywhere it is incredibly

popular amongst yoga teachers around the

world and a lot of that popularity has

to do with their unique alignment system

that's really effective but also really

subtle and sleekly designed so you can

just place your hands on these lines and

effortlessly find your alignment and

that's the other thing I loved about

this mat is that it's made from

sustainably sourced natural rubber and

it creates a really unique feel it's

almost like this satiny silkiness that

has a lot of traction and grip hot yoga

or otherwise it's a joy to practice on

and while it is over that $100 price

range it also comes with a really nice

carrying bag too all right you guys our

next category is matched between 75 and

100 dollars I'm gonna start off with a

Fermat's that I'm standing on here this

is the rise and shine XL any XL after

mat is going to be longer than a

traditional yoga mat and my favorite

quality about Afra mats is they're

really unique affirmations this is the

rise and shine on their other statements

like I am enough or I am beautiful and

you can even customize your own saying

another unique quality about Afra mats

is that they're made with a unique jute

blend so this gives it a really organic

look it's a really nice texture to

practice on and it's going to give you a

lot of grip these mats are also made out

of biodegradable materials all right

let's jump on over to this lovely guru

grid mat this is the GU rubber

eco-friendly premium yoga mat guru grid'

has three levels of mats this is their

top-of-the-line mat and the feeling is

really a unique and traction that's

similar to Lululemon's B mat it's also a

very practical alignment system mat and

that it's got squares as well as numbers

to help you not only find the proper

alignment in each pose but also gauge

your progress in certain poses and

that's why I really love this mat for

beginner yogi someone who's just

starting off and still really learning

their form let's jump on over to the B

mat strong by B yoga as soon as you step

on this mat you're going to notice its

most unique feature which is its

cushioning this cushioning reminds me of

the cushioning that you find in running

shoes these mats come in a variety of

colors there are very rich vibrant hues

we have found that some of the colors do

tend to fade if you leave them in the

Sun very small price to pay though for

such an all-around

quality and enjoyable Matt to practice

on this Matt is a favorite amongst guys

it's offered in an extra long and extra

wide version perfect for the taller yogi

and last but certainly not least let's

check out hugger-mugger z-- para rubber

yoga mat this yoga mat has a beautiful

really peaceful tie-dye design on it and

the traction is awesome so it has two

sides worth of traction and textures

that are slightly different and they

allow you to practice on any surface

this mat is made of natural rubber and

you really feel that in the grip the

cushion and the traction and what I've

found with hugger-mugger over time is

that their entire line of products are

all very high-quality with an affordable

price tag and that's what I particularly

appreciate about this yoga mat - all

right this is our final category these

are the yoga mats that are below $75 and

we'll start off with Wei Lana this is

the weight Lana

yoga and Pilates mat it's the most

affordable mat out of all the mats that

we've reviewed here today and the most

striking feature is this rich yellow

color it's associated with happiness

expansion and upbeat energy perfect for

your yoga practice it's also a very

comfortable mat to practice on and while

it doesn't have the best traction out of

all the yoga mats we've covered it does

still offer traction and it's great for

a vinyasa or in restorative or a slow

flow this is a good mat for beginners

who are just starting off alright next

up let's look at this pogo mat XL this

is another favorite yoga mat amongst the

guys out there this yoga mat is 7 feet

long excellent for the taller Yogi's and

it's also really really thick with

memory foam cushioning so as I'm

standing here I feel my feet getting

slightly indented very comfortable not

to practice on excellent mat if you have

any injuries you're working with or sore

sensitive joints so it's awesome for a

restorative yoga practice but it's also

really really durable so you can do your

high-intensity workouts on this mat and

it will definitely stand the test of

time all right last but not least let's

check out the Jade harmony mat the

harmony Matt is Jade's top-selling yoga

mat it is a very classic timeless yoga

mat if you're looking for a simple

reliable mat that's a joy to practice on

this would be an excellent choice for

you the

also happens to be my boyfriend's

favorite Matt is the only Matt that he

will practice on and what I really love

about Jade in addition to their high

quality maths is that their company that

gives back forever yoga mat sold they

plant a tree and they've planted over 1

million trees they also donate to many

charities and it's just an awesome

company to be a part of well there you

have it these are our 10 favorite yoga

mats on the market and we recommend

every single yoga mat I'm confident that

you would be happy with any of the yoga

mats that we've covered here today so

really your choice just boils down to a

matter of budget the level of your yoga

practice the type of yoga that you do

practice and then your personal

preferences so I'd love to hear from you

in the comments below if you have any

questions about the yoga mats we covered

if you have any comments about them and

of course we would love to know which

mat you end up deciding to go with thank

you so much for joining us and be sure

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