Xfinity TV Prices, Packages, and Channels | Xfinity TV Review

Xfinity TV has well it has room to

improve shall we say in areas like

customer service hidden fees DVR

capacity but Xfinity also has a no

contract option and a fantastic

on-demand selection in its win column

but is that enough to make it worth your

money well let's dive in Xfinity x1

cable TV comes in three different

packages starter preferred and premiere

checking in at fifty sixty and a hundred

and five bucks respectively but those

prices by the way might be different

depending on which part of the country

you live in

now I won't go over every channel

available in each package because well

because I want you to keep watching this

video so here's the simplified version

the starter package is basic yes but

it's good you'll get all of the most

popular channels right there in their

cheapest offering the preferred package

adds about 80 channels for an extra 10

bucks a month and the number of those

are niche sports channels like MLB

Network and FL network NBA TV some of

the regional college sports networks so

if sports is your thing the preferred

package is actually a decent deal for

all that stuff now the biggest price

jump is going to be up to the premiere

package which is another 45 bucks a

month the difference here is simple

premium channels HBO Showtime stars and

more than a dozen other premium movie

channels getting all of these on their

own would cost you a lot more than 45

bucks a month so if you're a movie

junkie and you know you'd take advantage

of all that premium content then the

premier package might be worth it to you

so that's the basics of the available

packages and what they cost but your

next question might be what do they

really cost and that's a good question

the prices I've already mentioned are

the promotional pricing for the first

year you're with Xfinity if you sign up

for a one-year contract after that first

year is over your price will go up but

that new price will vary by location so

I can't say exactly what it will be for

you you'll have to go get those numbers

straight from Xfinity unfortunately

there is a no contract option by the way

which is fantastic pretty simple here

you just add about 10 bucks to the price

of whatever package you're looking at

and there's your no contract price now

we're not quite done with pricing though

because I have to mention Xfinity z'

additional fees which are not great 10

bucks for HD 10

for DVR and if you want additional

receivers around the house each one of

those will run you another six to ten

bucks then you've got regional sports

fees and broadcast fees whatever those

are and taxes of course point is yeah

those things add up pretty fast so while

the promotional prices are okay what you

see advertised is not exactly what

you're going to get certainly not in the

long term

now channels are one thing but what

about the experience of actually using

Xfinity well let's talk about the DVR

situation Xfinity offers two DVRs the HD

DVR and the x1 DVR the HD has a 60 hour

capacity which compared to the 200 you

get from DIRECTV or the 500 from dishes

hopper it starts to make Xfinity look

pretty unimpressive the x1 DVR system

comes with some nice features like voice

command on the remote and it can record

six shows at once but a big caveat here

is that x1 is only available when you

get TV in a bundle so if you're looking

at standalone TV service from Xfinity

you are out of luck with the x1 one

place though that Xfinity really shines

is in its on-demand content Xfinity on

demand has thousands of titles that you

can watch anytime and even download and

watch on the go Xfinity stream which is

a separate thing that I won't really get

into here we'll get you even more movies

and shows not bad at all you know what

is bad though Xfinity reputation when it

comes to customer service they're a CSI

score in 2018 was a 57 good enough to be

on the extreme low end of an industry

that already has a low average and

frankly our experience with it has

reflected this our written review has

some excerpts from our customer service

chats that you can check out but the

gist is that our questions were

sometimes ignored other times answered

incorrectly and that can be even worse

so overall our feelings on Xfinity TV

are mixed the customer service the

hidden fees the lackluster pricing these

aren't so great but the on-demand

options are fantastic and we always love

having a no-contract option if we were

to recommend a specific package we'd

probably say the preferred package that

middle one is gonna be the best bang for

your buck if you want to get even more

detail and decide for yourself whether

Xfinity is worth it for you check out

our full written review and let us know

in the comments if you have any

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