Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?

now that these two behemoths have been

on the market for three years and we've

had time to get comfortable with what

they have to offer it's finally time to

decide once and for all which one is

king this is rocket science level stuff

welcome to

and in today's verses we're pitting the

two leaders in the console market ps4

and Xbox one against each other to

decide which console is the superior

piece of machinery in order to make our

decision we're pitting the consoles

against each other in five rounds each

with a distinct topic the console with

the most points at the end wins let's

get it all round one specs the heart of

that system is raw power now because

Xbox project Scorpio hasn't been

revealed yet to match up with the ps4

Pro for the sake of a fair comparison

we've decided to focus on the two

original models let's start with ps4

Sony equipped his console with an AMD 8

core CPU which clocks at 1.6 gigahertz

it also boasts the 1.8 for teraflop GPU

which is based on AMD Radeon technology

the GPU has 18 compute units with an 800

megahertz clock speed you confused yet

this fast stuff is kind of come in real

handy what we're trying to say is these

specs make the ps4 look pretty darn good

graphics are clean and crisp and some

games are able to run at a sweet 1080p

in short it's a pretty powerful console

I'm Hanna chef

that's not to say that Microsoft didn't

come to the table prepared there Xbox

one has a near identical CPU except that

it runs at one point seven five

gigahertz rather than Sony's one point

six however this makes a negligible

difference to the games performance will

you step

leave where the Xbox one falls short is

in the GPU Department as it only has 12

compute units with a clock speed of 853

megahertz so what does this all mean

while the differences are slight there's

no denying the ps4 is advantage in the

specs Department on paper Sony's GPU is

50% more powerful than Microsoft's

giving it an advantage in graphics power

rendering and appearance games on the

ps4 look better if only slightly

virtually every time winner PS for round

2 extra features

whatever so what kind of other game

related goodies do the consoles bring

the ps4's single greatest draw has to be

the PlayStation VR released in October


the PSP R is arguably the most

affordable virtual reality experience

you can have at the moment due to its

fun games and relatively low cost

rather than needing a high-end PC that

few can afford psvr

hooks up directly into your ps4 and

gives you a great PR experience complete

with some fun games like rigs and until


rush of blood the Xbox one comes

equipped with two large gaming related

drawers that the ps4 doesn't have

connect and PC cross play well let's

just say PC cross play because honestly

does anyone even care about the Kinect


even Microsoft seems to have abandoned

that ship

however the Xbox play anywhere program

is a huge draw allowing cross play

between Windows 10 and Xbox Live gamers

who purchase a game either through the

Windows Store or Xbox Store will see it

appear on both their consoles and their

PCs complete with full synchronization

like the stairs

nice good cutter you can even play

competitively with friends who aren't on

the same device meeting PC players can

finally gain with console players some

games already released with that tech

include Forza horizon 3 and Gears of War

4 as cool as play anywhere is we still

have to give this round to the PSP our

virtual reality offers a far more

immersive and unique way to play that's

not even a fair fight winner ps4


round three backwards-compatibility


let's get one thing out of the way PS

now is arguably the dumbest thing in

videogame history except for maybe et

for Atari but in order to play older

playstation games gamers need to either

subscribe to playstation now for 20

bucks a month or 100 bucks a year

first off twenty bucks for one month

just for ps3 games come on you got to be


also if you don't have a solid internet

connection you're Sol as the games

stream off the Sony servers rather than

download into your hard drive so your

mileage may vary

you're not doing what you want to do on

screen you're not doing what you're

doing with your controller on screen and

it leads to messin up when you're aiming

at people it's just not cool

there are also some ps2 games you could

purchase off the PS Store but the

selection as of the time of writing is

kind of limited there are also new ps1

games available despite previous Sony

consoles having that option

on the other hand the Xbox one allows

for good old-fashioned backwards

compatibility via emulator technology

while not every 360 game is available

and there are no original Xbox games

which is a real bummer

nearly 300 fan favorites have made the

transition to the new console including

Red Dead Redemption and the Mass Effect

series leads an unstoppable force across

the galaxy with even more coming in the

near future and without the input lag

that the PS now games can suffer from

Xbox one wins this round because PS now

is not a viable replacement for genuine

backwards compatibility winner Xbox one

I'm sorry Asha I had to make a choice

round for controllers


yes we know the controllers are

basically just personal preference at

this point but this is a versus video

and a winner must be declared ps4 is

DualShock 4 is a fine controller indeed

it comes with a headphone jack which

allows gamers to plug headphones or

earbuds directly into the controller

rather than messing around with wires or

bluetooth it also comes equipped with

some unique tools which help with

interaction including the speaker RAM

touchpad the controller speaker pops up

in the odd game to act as a phone or a

similar device and the touchpad usually

serves as a sliding mechanism so we

tried a bunch of different things with

the touchpad the controller also has

motion control built in which is used to

great benefit in games like until dawn

where you can't move lest you be eaten

just don't be the party pooper who

places it on the table the only negative

thing we can think of is that this

controller charges via a USB and a

single charge is only good for about 8


Sony seriously needs to work on the

battery life there

the Xbox one controller is also mighty


complete with some slight improvements

from controllers past like a tweets

d-pad and a nice rumble in the triggers

so in addition to the Rumble game

developers which they've had with 360 is

with Xbox one they're gonna have the

rumble as well as this additional

feedback as you said where they can

maybe give the kick back of a rifle or a

vehicle another nice caveat is that it

either runs on double-a batteries or a

proprietary charge kit which allows it

to run for up to 30 hours the Xbox one

also has the added benefit of the elite

controller which comes with hair trigger

locks swappable components button

remapping and a bunch of other great


while your average casual player may not

care too much about it the elite

controller is a great addition to any

serious gamers collection

sorry DualShock your battery life sucks

and we simply can't pass up the beauty

that is the Aleut winner Xbox one round

five exclusive games Sam put the gun


I warned you uh yes the games you know

the actual reason why we buy these

machines in the first place even if

you're an Xbox fanboy there's no denying

that the beasts are the ps4 exclusives

they have a pretty awesome library of

games like Uncharted 4 blood-borne

Ratchet and Clank and the Last Guardian

what the ps4 may lack in backwards

compatibility it makes up for in

remasters as the console is also

exclusively home to amazing-looking

remasters have already great looking

games like the Uncharted trilogy The

Last of Us and God of War 3 that is

actually before my time that is not to

say that the Xbox one doesn't have its

fair share of exciting titles console

exclusives include Gears of War which is

a great return to form for the series

but for its the series of games which

are arguably the leaders in the racing

genre sunset overdrive and halo 5

guardians another entry in Microsoft's

biggest franchise

it also has one of the coolest

compilation packs ever with rare replay

30 amazing titles offer a discount price

and honestly this puts most other game

compilation packs to shame


however while fun these games arguably

don't even compare to the modern titles

for the ps4 both in terms of artistry

and sense of enjoyment Nathan Drake also

many Xbox exclusives can now also be

found on PC which you know kind of

defeats the purpose of an exclusive

title winner ps4 shut off my goddamn

plane mate we're fine thanks so there

you have it the ps4 just edges out the

Xbox with a score of 3 to 2 while the

Xbox has some fantastic controllers and

the welcoming addition of backwards

compatibility the ps4 is exclusive games

superior specs and it's edition of the


pushes it over the edge

so do you agree with our outcome which

console was your favorite

be sure to debate with civility in the

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