ASH vs MAPLE vs BIRCH - Which is better? Wood Baseball Bat Reviews

all right JT moment of truth man out of

these three which one are you going with

birch maple or ash what up what up

it's Willie here with the baseball bat

bros and today guys I don't know if I've

ever been so excited for a video to be

honest we got a really cool test to do

three baths the exact same weight exact

same length exact same turn model that's

right wood bats

we got a maple versus an ash versus a

birch three war sticks let's do this

alright so you guys probably saw our

unboxing intro video of these if not go

check out the top of your screen and go

watch that video right now and we kind

of break down what's going on here but


today we have three thirty three and a

half 31 and a half wsk p11 wood bats

that's gonna be the war stick Kevin

Pilar model it's actually the same type

of like shape would turn model bat that

Mike Trout swings so this is a really

popular wood bat model and the Biggs and

these are all going to be from war stick

they were nice enough to help us make

this video happen but guys quick

disclaimer I mean at the end of the day

MLB grade wood is MLB grade wood and

like honestly like between a war stick

an Old Hickory of victus Marucci a

Louisville like the best of the best

maple is going to be just that the best

of the best maple and really at the end

of the day you're just getting some

different turn models but guys the big

question of the day is what type of wood

is best so on the bottom here you see we

got Pro Reserve birch kind of a new and

emerging wood in professional baseball

and guys are turning to it like crazy

then you got maple here definitely far

and away the most popular bat right now

made popular by Barry Bonds himself with

us and that but maple like is guys

probably like 90% of the wood in in

professional baseball's maple now but

back in the day probably like you know

early 2000s and before that like 80s and

the 90s guys it was all ash and you can

really tell like that defining

characteristic as you can see the grains

all the way across this one looks super

cool so we're gonna test it out today

guys what's the pros and cons at the

swing way it's going to be pretty much

oh the same because we got the same

weight on each one these are all cup to

make sure the exact same weight there

but we're just gonna tell you which

one's the hottest and kind of try to

settle the debate here between other

three main types of wood ash birch maple

let's do this all right JT if you're

gonna bet your money right now who do

you got who do you thinks gonna win this

thing I'm gonna go with the birds right

now Oh going with the sweeper pick I've

been hearing some great things about

it's like it's got the best qualities

from both ash and maple and uh just to

go against John I'm gonna say maple just

because I mean that's what everyone

swings if everyone still swings that

it's got to be best right so let's try

this out all right we got maple





okay this one's heavies but it's got

some frickin mass in the barrel it's

gonna launch the ball hey guys from what

I'm hearing this is also going to be one

of the most common sizes used in pro

ball 33 and a half 31 and a half dropped

to birch

oh good


damn well I could hit that very good

know what feels good all right now we

got ash my favorite looking bat and then

this is what I use growing up most

that's one the i13 ash which is going to

be a kind of a similar turn model to





okay all right I think I know guys I

think I know what I like this all right

JT moment of truth man we're about to

tell every professional baseball player

in the world look that he should be

swinging all right so out of these three

again all right here we got a maple we

got ash and we got birch I'm pretty dead

set on what I think but JT you took a

good amount of swings we're only gonna

show you guys like three swings but we

took probably like 15 20 with each bat

we're freakin exhausted right now but

all right man out of these three you're

going up to the play you're playing

double-a for the Royals right now which

one are you goin with birch maple or ash

he's going with birch Wow okay so you

are literally picking the least common

option professional baseball however it

is the fastest-growing wood bat type in

Major League Baseball for a reason it

hits tanks man so what do you think

about it overall uh I think it like I

saw an article where it said birch had

the best qualities of both ash and maple

I can really feel that it's got the

springiness and like the it's got a

little bit of flex like the ash but it's

also got the hardness in the pop of the

maple and like the maple it was heavy

and hard to swing but if you really

squared it up and won a mile this if you

squared up for one a mile with the ash

it's lighter to swing easier to get

through and this one was lighter this

one you mean you get through the maple

dam was a good analysis yeah but all

right birch it is man right on so will


ash birch or maple war stick what's he

going with all right um did JT you

nailed it man I agree with you birch

hands-down dude

so like if I was gonna like kind of

position these three bats I would say I

would say that the ashes like a

contacted her bat kind of like it was

the most even though they're all the

same weight you still felt like the

proportion of where the weight was in

the bat kind of mattered so the ash

still felt most balanced it was the

easiest to swing and like weirdly enough

it felt like it have like the biggest

sweet spot too I mean it really felt

like you know the closest thing to life

composite back when you're swinging wood

I would definitely swing ash if I was

like you know just a singles guy and

then the maple was the complete opposite

extreme the thing was a log man

I I I didn't hit like many good hits at

all with the maple but when I squared it

up the thing launches man it's like a

super n loaded ultra power optimized bat

in my opinion at least compared to these

three and then JC just like you said man

I feel like this was a little bit of

both it was a little bit lighter

swinging than the maple had almost as

much pop if not as much and it was like

a little bit flexible good sweet spot

decent on this hits and guys they were

all pretty durable which was dope one

thing I have experience with ash maybe

just a lower grade Matt Wilber great ash

the barrel starts flaking off and then

birch has that material where the grains

are like super tight together it's

really solid wood to where you're not

gonna have it flake off like that if

it's gonna break it's gonna fall on

shatter on you but I agree man birch all

the way and I've never even swung birch

but I mean I think it was clear today

that that was the superior wood out of

these three at least for like a more

versatile hitter like we are so yep

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guys there it is so I mean we hit nukes

with all three of these they can all hit

bombs but again I'd say the ash is

probably more for a base hit guy the

maple is gonna be I mean that's a Barry

Bonds bat right that's a he was the

first guy to swing it makes sense and

then the birch is gonna kind of be in

the middle it gets you the best of both

worlds I mean similar to like kind of

what the goods offers you like it hits

tanks but it still has a giant sweet

spot it's forgiving and kind of light

you know it probably mimics that style

of that that we really love the most out

of these three so we're going burnt guys

Han from what I'm hearing from a lot of

pro guys I'm talking to they're making

that switch too so I think birch should

definitely be considered more

a lot of guys are still just going maple

right out of that and then you know you

old schoolers are still swinging it's

still sling an ash but ashes slept on

guys honestly like it was a light

swinging at a huge sweet spot sounds

good it is probably like really

consistent across the barrel compared to

some of these like the maple kind of

sucked unless you really barreled it up

and it was just godly where was like the

the ash was pretty moderate across the

whole barrel more like a composite bat

or like the meta or something like that

so I got a super fun review again go

check these out at war sitcom slash bro

I mean guys again mo b-grade woods mo be

great wood I'm not gonna tell you guys

Old Hickory or victus ever a route to

your Louisville's better than one or the

other job at is up there too I mean guys

it's not like these guys have like their

secret super genetically engineered tree

farm that they're picking wood from

right it's just some of the best wood in

the world everyone has the same stuff

but these look dope as hell so I think

you guys should go check these out but

thanks for hanging out today guys

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