Should You Choose Laminate or Hardwood?

hi this is Ted with Ted's Abbey carpet

and floor many people come in looking

for flooring and the two floors that

they're considering is a hardwood floor

and also a laminate floor and they

wonder what the difference is used to

the main difference was laminate floors

look like a fake hardwood and that's

what a lot of people refer to laminate

ass today they refer to it as fake

hardwood but really laminate was not

made to be a fake hardwood and fake in

fact they make laminate to look like not

only hardwood but they also make it look

like ceramic tile slate travertine and

other things laminate is really a

totally different item then hardwood is

hardwood is an actual piece of wood on

whether it be oak hickory cherry walnut

or whatnot and it's actually stained

whatever color it is and finished

whereas laminate basically laminate has

a different core board to it has a

different core board and then whatever

it looks like what they've done is

they've basically taken a picture of

something and they've put the picture on

top of the core board they could take a

picture of my face and put it on

laminate point not that that would look

good or that you would buy it but you

can make laminate look however you want

to or however the manufacturer wants to

but the big difference between laminate

and hardwood is laminate tends to be a

little bit more scratch resistant than

what hardwood is it's a lot tougher

laminate is actually you've heard of

formica countertops you know how tough

they are as far as scratching basically

it's the same exact thing as Formica

type countertops on your flooring so not

only is it going to be a little bit more

scratch resistant than hardwood but it's

actually impossible to stain laminate

flooring you can draw on it with a magic

marker you can spill wine on it you can

spill mustard whatever you want on it

and it will just wipe up with a wet

cloth impossible to stain

whereas hardwood you can stain it the

other thing is is laminate

is impossible to dent you can drop a

bowling ball on laminate and it will not

dent which is not the same when it comes

to hardwood and the way the patterns

that they're making in laminate today

you absolutely cannot tell which is

which we've installed laminate flooring

in a house and people swore that it was

real hardwood flooring I will say that

another difference between laminate and

hardwood is because of the fact that

laminate has a different chord board and

hardwood is solid wood is laminate is

going to expand and contract a lot less

so if you have any type of moisture in

your home it's going to affect hardwood

and how it performs a little bit more so

than what laminate the the effect that

the moisture would have on the laminate

itself if you have kids I can tell you

this laminate would be great because

they're less apt to scratch laminate

flooring than they are hardwood flooring

but again hardwood is not a bad product

we sell lots of hardwood but we also

sell lots of laminate if you're putting

this in a kitchen where there's going to

be chairs on a dining room table I would

strongly consider laminate the most

popular places that we do install

laminate is kitchens laundry rooms

utility rooms things like that but

anymore because of the patterns and how

good they look

we're actually installing laminate all

the way through houses today even on

steps so when you come in just look at

the different patterns find a color that

you like and if you want a floor that's

a little bit less apt to scratch you

might consider laminate flooring and

remember it's laminate it's not fake