Which Windshield Wiper Blade is Best? Let's find out! Michelin, PIAA, Bosch, AC Delco, & Aero

have you ever been caught in a real

heavy rainstorm at wishing you had a

better set of windshield wipers for

vetting we're today we're going to be

testing quite a few different brands to

see which brand can deliver the best

performance we're also going to be

looking at the construction of how

they're made in what they're made of our

silicone wipers really any better than

just the traditional rubber wipers so

let's get the testing underway in the

first test will use a high-speed camera

to compare just how well these blades

perform in a simulated rain environment

we'll also see which blades are the

quietest and which ones squeak and clunk

will also see how these blades perform

in icy conditions we'll take a look at

the blade construction and see how it

affects performance a quick description

of the blade designs Before we jump

right into the testing the design it's

been around for decades is the

traditional steel frame with a

superstructure and blade claws then

there's a hybrid which uses a steel

frame with a plastic cover finally

there's the frameless curved blade

design these blades use either rubber or

silicone elements the goal of this first

test is to see just how these blades

perform an assimilated medium to heavy

rain condition this there's a lot going

on in a split second we'll use a

high-speed camera to slow things down a

bit to ensure a fair test the water

spray nozzle is attached to a rubber

cone and the wider pressure and spray

pattern will remain constant throughout

all the testing the least expensive

wiper blades we'll be testing are these

Auto Drive wiper blades costing only

eight dollars and ninety four cents for

two of them they're a high performance

all-season wiper blade it's pretty rare

to find something that's not made in

China these are actually made in Vietnam

the auto drive really struggled with

water management at first look it

appears that water is passing under the

wiper element after a closer look it

appears that the wiper element is

working just fine as the water is

traveling up the blade water accumulates

and finally passes over the blade

leaving water streaks



very affordable at ten dollars and

ninety two cents for a pair the Bosch

clear advantage is an all weather

performance wiper blade it claims this

graphite treated wiping edge reduces

friction for a quiet and smooth wipe and

all seasons

these Bosch blades are made in China

instead of using a steel frame the Bosch

blade uses a plastic beam blade

construction boss did a much better job

at sweeping and managing the water there

is a single streak of water on the sweep

to the left at the end of the sweep

water is pushed away from the blade

fairly well however when the blade

begins to return back to the right there

is some water that's brought back with

the blade compared to the auto drive

this is a far better blade and is in

large part due to the modern beam design

clearly Bosch won the side-by-side



the third least expensive wiper blades

we'll be testing are these AC Delco

all-season blades costing only 11

dollars and 46 cents for pair these AC

Delco blades are made in Mexico the AC

Delco blade looks a lot like the auto

drive using a steel frame construction

the AC Delco did perform better than the

auto drive but the steel frame

construction caused the same problems

it's like the auto drive as water

gathers up against the element water

splashes over the element leaving water

streaks once again boss is a better





as $16.98 for a pair of blades these

arrow blades claim they're made of a

durable material that offers more

thermal resistance and longer

performance life specially blended

rubber delivers smooth clean streak-free

and chatter free wipe flexible spine

design fits the windshield better

provide superior windshield contact the

arrow in the boss share the same beam

frame design it looked nearly identical

not surprisingly they performed nearly

the same both did extremely well managed

the water on the left sweep and had a

moderate amount of water brought back

with the blade with the sweep to the




since this one was too close to call the

wind goes to the less expensive blade

the boss blade costing only $17.98 are

these Guardian Michelin wiper blades

that are designed for all season natural

rubber with dura glide coating smooth

quiet operation made in China the

michelin Guardian uses a steel frame

construction similar to the auto drive

in the ACDelco but also has a flexible

plastic cover

at first the plastic cover seems to be

helping with water management during the

sweep to the left but several streaks of

water appear just still better than the

all steel frame construction

unfortunately as the blade returns to

the right water that appears to be

trapped under the plastic cover begins

to get slung across the window


once again the box takes the win costing

quite a bit more than the Guardian is

this Michelin cyclone premium hybrid

costing twenty six dollars and thirty

six cents dura flex cover maximum

flexibility plus protection from

clogging with snow and ice made in China

the michelin cyclone appears to be

extremely similar to the Guardian both

blades use a steel frame construction

along with a plastic cover


they both leak considerable streaking of

water on the sweep to the left and both

appear to accumulate water under the

plastic cover which gets slung back onto

the window during the sweep to the right


once again the boss takes the win

costing $36 and 86 cents for a pair are

these PIAA super silicone wiper blades

silicone advantaged two times

longer-lasting the PIAA blades are made

in Japan even though the PIAA uses a

steel frame construction the price of

the blade can be explained by the use of

a silicon element which typically

outlast rubber elements


just like the other steel frame blades

water can be seen passing over the

element during the sweep to the left it

actually did fairly well on this weed

back to the right but the much less

expensive box still outperformed the



costing thirty eight dollars and ninety

four cents the most expensive wiper

blades we'll be testing is the Michelin

endurance XT silicon beam durability

tested for two million plus wipes

extreme weather performance stays

flexible and resists cracking from minus

eighty degrees Fahrenheit all the way up

to one hundred and ninety five the

Michelin endurance XT uses a frameless

beam construction along with a silicon



there weren't any water streaks during

the sweep to the left at the end of this

weep it seemed to do fairly well at

releasing the water to sweep to the

right only had a small amount of water

sling compared to the competition the

Mitchell endurance XT definitely did a

better job than the Bosch



costing $30 and 54 cents the rain-x

latitude is the third most expensive

wiper blades we'll be testing these

wiper blades treats windshield with a

water repelling coding these rain-x

blades are made in korea for optimal

water repellency results ensure

windshield is clean and dry turn on the

wiper blades and wipe dry at the medium

speed for 2 to 3 minutes spray washer

fluid briefly and water repellency is

activated the rain-x also uses a

frameless beam construction but also has

a rubber element not a silicone one like

the Michelin endurance XT the last way

for blades for testing are these rain-x

wiper blades since they leave a film on

the window then run these wiper blades

dry for 2 minutes for the instructions

and they'll begin testing according the

instructions we'll use some wind should

wash your food when we're done running

these for 2 minutes and then it should

activate the rain-x

so is the rain-x as good as the Michelin

endurance XT during the sweep to the

left there are a couple of water streaks

which is better than the steel frame

blades and the coverage steel blades but

not as good as the Michelin endurance XT

silicon blade it did seem to do a great

job just like the Michelin XT did at the

end of the sweep releasing the water an

equally good job on the sweep to the

right so the wind definitely goes to the

Michelin endurance XT silicone blade


up next we'll compare how these blades

perform when they're not frozen as well

as when there's ice formation on each of

the blades the auto drive has a lot of

flexibility but unfortunately with all

this ice on it definitely not good this

is going to be a problem in winter

weather conditions this is the bosch

blade very flexible when it's not frozen

this one has been exposed to the same

amount of moisture content as the rest

the blades

okay there was some resistance there but

as you can see the ice quickly broke

away from the blade and it's very


ACDelco very good flexibility when not

frozen and the frozen ones not doing

very well obviously ice is gonna be a

problem on a metal frame construction

the michelin blades are both the same

construction with the metal on the

inside let's see how this performs

definitely better than the all metal

construction but it's still not in the

proper shape that it belongs in in order

to do an effective job see how much

force this takes actually that didn't

take much force at all pretty impressed

a lot easier than the metal frame

construction when dealing with winter

weather conditions obviously if there's

going to be ice on the actual element

but with that being said the frame

itself is flexible the michelin Durance

xt silicone blades definitely seem like

the best overall blades but they come at

a very expensive price at nearly $20

each rain-x latitude came in second boss

clear advantage with a very affordable

price tag tied with aero for the third

position and PIAA came in fifth when it

comes to windshield wiper blades

technology obviously makes a huge

difference and you don't have to pay a

lot to get a lot with bosch I have to

say though I'm really impressed with

that michelin xt silicone blade that

thing is amazing but it's also pretty

spendy now one thing we didn't test for

is UV exposure and that test will begin

today I'm gonna place these blades all

in direct sunlight and we'll come back

in a year and see how they are doing all

my video ideas come from viewers

including this one so please keep those

video ideas coming and I'll keep making

videos please take care and I look

forward to next time