the fake scalp wasn't right or the hair

was trash or

anything like that

hey guys welcome to my channel or

welcome back to my channel

so today i am doing a video that

i probably should have done a long time


but better late than never i get a lot

of dms

on instagram just asking my opinion


what um company do i like the most you

guys want to buy a wig this any other

and these are the companies that i more

than likely have pointed you to

just to put it out there none of these

companies are perfect they've probably

all had a few wigs maybe one maybe two

something along those lines where it

just was not like the absolute

like my most favorite wig ever but

it still was like it still was pretty

good you know what i mean

most of these companies are around the

same price as well

and if you don't know like the wig game

the hair game but i know there are

companies out there

who charge triple of what i'm gonna be

talking about

for their wigs or their you know

extensions and all that kind of stuff

so the first company i'm going to talk

about that i absolutely love

i always tell people is ally pearl

if you've dm me you know my first bet is

going to be for ally pearl

since i've been working with them for

like quite a while now

they're just so consistent i never have

to worry about what's in that box i

never have to worry about is it gonna be

crappy hair it's gonna smell

is it this is it that how's the hairline

gonna be like i don't have to worry


anything when it comes to ally pearl one

of my most favorite wigs from them that


wore the heck out of and you guys know i

get wigs in all

the time and so it's very rare that i'm

like focused on

one wig but one wig that i did not sell

i just kept and i wore to the absolute

ground i think i still have it

is there 370 wig i think i got this like

last september

or october one of those and

i love that wig i can't remember exactly

what 370 was when it comes to ally pearl

but it's pretty much like a 360 wig

where you can put it up in a ponytail

and you have the lace

all around the perimeter so it's very

similar to that i just can't think of

why it's 70 and not 60

but either way i love that hair it held

very well

the thing about ally pearl is they give

you the complete

package when it comes to a wig so you

know the hairline is going to be good

you know the lace is going to be what

you asked for when it comes to lace i'm

just going to put it that way

and then the hair the hair is always

top quality so i love ally pearl i think

their price point

is where it should be that is my number

one it's gonna be ally pearl

number two is actually what a company

i'm wearing right now

is nadula hair i really like medulla


it took me a while to like really like

them because

they didn't really stand out to me as

like anything special

and then i kind of was like wait

like i've never had any problems with


i've never seen anything come my way

that i had to email about

or you know lots of shedding and tangles

and you know this that or whatever it

took me a while to realize

how good their hair was and how how nice

their wigs were and the quality and all


i started to notice that wigs that i i

really liked in

wigs that i were often

were also from the doula hair i don't

think i actually thought about it i

actually went back and was like

oh oh that's the doula okay

one of the wigs that i really remember

from them

is i had a green shirt on it was like a

couple months ago

i think there was a body wave maybe 22

inches or 24 inches

that wig was i just i love that wig

another wig that i have from them that i

really like i'll insert maybe the

thumbnail so that you guys know what i'm

talking about oh oh

or of course i could just put the links

down below in the description box come


come on it works smarter not harder um

was this i can't even i think it was

just straight hair i think it was 26

inches of straight hair

oh another wig from the doula that i

really liked was this curly wig

i think it was from like february of

this year

it was just really good all the way

around the curls were beautiful the hair

was soft

so my next company is west kiss hair

wes his hair has been very consistent as

well all these companies have been


the one thing that stands out to me the

most their hair may not stand out

like all the time to me but their


does and i always know whenever i'm


west kiss hair that i really don't have

to do anything with the hairline i don't

have to pluck it unless i really want to

it's like one of those beginner friendly

i don't plug wigs

type of companies and i appreciate that

so much because it takes a lot of you

know not a lot but it takes a little bit

more effort to

pluck the hairline on wigs get the

hairline right and

all that stuff and they just do the work

for you and it's

wearable like they are very consistent

with that you can buy

from them and you can wear it straight

out of the package

you may want to bleach the knots but

other than that you could just put it on

and go but we all know one of the keys

and one of the main things when it comes

to wearing a wig

is that hairline the lace and making


it's on point now when it comes to their

lace i think they may be a little bit

behind sometimes when it comes to like

keeping up with the trends keeping up

with what's new

as far as like the hd lace goes and the

fake scalp wigs go

and that kind of thing but that's okay

to me the good

has outweighed that and that's not

really a bad it's just out weighted if

you guys get what i'm trying to say

so these next two companies i'm going to

kind of lump them together they're neck

and neck when it comes to

just how i would have to put them so the

next two companies are going to be

eunice hair or you nice hair and then

beauty forever hair

both of those brands are very consistent

with their hair the hair is always

really nice

their hair is always really soft i don't

really get that much shedding and

tangles and all that kind of stuff so

this is not about the hair

when it comes down to beauty forever and

eunice hair

i'm speaking about the hairline and the


and all that kind of stuff i just kind

of know whenever i get a package from


i may or may not have to really work

hard on the hairline

it's not that putting in any work for a


is like oh my gosh why should i have to

do that

because the reality is these wigs are

made they're made for everybody you know

what i mean

but it's up to you to really customize

it and when you see wigs that are just

oh my god they're flawless it looks so

natural and this and that

it's really meant for you to customize

yourself or get someone else to do it

but for you to put your own touch on it

i just want to point that out to you but

i have to put them on the list because


they're very consistent company they try

and stay up to date with the trends

what's going on

laces that come out and it just allows

for just more options for you too

so the last company i'm going to mention

really quickly i haven't worked with


much this year i think i've only worked

with them once this year

but last year i worked with them quite

often and that's asteria hair

asteria hair in west kiss were are like

kind of on the same page to me

asteria had really nice hair great


as well i haven't went on their website

in a while so it's been over a year

since i've been on their website

so it's been a little bit since i've

actually looked at prices from them and

i don't know if they've gone up or what

but they were very consistent with their

wigs they're very consistent

with the quality of hair the hairline

was always really nice from them

like the overall wig was perfect like it

was great i

never really had any issues with them

and the reason why i'm just putting them

just throwing them in there is because i

think they deserve a really i think they

deserve a mention

i think they have really great hair it's

priced really well

they're also very beginner friendly and

i call my beginner friendly wigs are

wigs that

are companies that really make sure that

hairline is kind of plugged for you

like they give you a really good

wearable hair line out of the box

and asteria hair did that too i just had

to throw a siri in there i could not do

this video without throwing asteria hair

in there so that is pretty much it

one thing i do want to say and my sister

kind of brought it to my attention

again um was that all of these companies

that i mentioned

i i think very soon probably in the fall

i think i'm just gonna secret shop them

myself and then i'll probably come back

in december or so

and give you guys another um like

update or another top companies or what

i noticed that kind of thing because

i want to make sure that when i partner

with a company

and i do a video for you guys of course

you guys know i'm just here to give you

guys a base of it i'm giving you the

rundown the look of it

um just the feel like the initial review

i'm giving you initial review

but i really want to do secret shops

on these companies just to see what

they're actually sending you

i think it's it's only right for me to

know exactly what they're sending out

i don't know what i'll do it hopefully

i'll start in the fall maybe i'll do

like one secret shop a month

and let you guys know how i feel about

it let you guys know the customer

service like that kind of thing

and we'll go from there and i also want

to say

a few of these companies on this list

i've had to deny

doing a review for them i've had to deny

putting the hair on camera and showing

you guys

because when i received it it was not

on par like it was not up to up to my

standards or something was wrong

the fake scalp wasn't right or the hair

was trash or

anything like that so i've not put wigs

on my channel

if if i didn't feel comfortable sharing

them with you guys so i just want to put

that out there as well

and just know that y'all whenever you

are getting

a wig whenever you're you know spending

your money on anything i don't care what

it is

do not cut the lace don't do anything to


until you really inspect it you really

you know make sure

everything is even from the bangs if

it's a short wig to the

the angle if it's a bob too if

everything is up to your standards then

keep it but if there's

one thing one thing that's not how you

feel it should be

return it these companies have full

return policies

but you can't go trying on the wig and

cutting the lace off and that kind of


and thinking you you are able to return

it i'm just putting that out there

because that's what i would do

and you know it's your money like i'm

not gonna keep something that i don't


i used to keep so much stuff because i

just didn't feel like it or not bother

with returning it through the mail and

going through all that

not anymore because i work hard for my

money and i want you guys to really

feel the same way and also there are 50


hair companies out there if there's one

company that sent you something as trash

why would you keep it go shop somewhere

else where you're appreciated where the

customer service is

where it should be and where the quality

is you know on on par with everyone


if not better like that's just that's

just my spiel

i'm probably saying that y'all because i

worked retail

up until i had isaiah so i've only

worked retail my entire life i've worked

everywhere and i am huge huge when it

comes to

customer service is like my biggest


every company will mess up every

company's quality control

is not perfect some are better than

others but trust me

it's not perfect i worked from retail

clothing to jewelry stores

expensive jewelry stores and even stuff

from there

that's ten thousand dollars can get

messed up some kind of way so i'm just


just trust me on this so yeah you guys

that is it for this video i hope it was


if you guys have any other questions or

comments if you bought from these


let me know your experience down below

let me know what you guys think thank

you guys so much for watching and i'll

talk to my next video