Top 11 Best Wet Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

Hello, everyone. I'm Mallory. I'm here with All About Cats.

And today, we're going to be bringing you our top 11

recommendations for the best wet cat food you can buy. So, over

the last year, we've spent a lot of time thinking about and

researching cat food. We've reviewed over 80 different cat

food brands and hundreds of different formulas. We've stayed

on top of the latest in the industry by attending industry

events, talking to experts and insiders, and spent a lot of

time staying on top of the latest in feline nutrition as

well. So based on all of that experience and the knowledge

gained through it, these are our top recommendations for the best

wet food you can give your cat our number one recommendation is

this food from New Zealand brand Feline Natural. So what sets

this food apart from the competition is its diverse array

of species-appropriate whole prey-inspired muscle meat,

organs and yes, blood. This food is made with chicken, chicken

heart, and a variety of venison organs, along with blood. So it

is a really prey-inspired diet that honors your cat's needs as

a carnivore. The food also contains New Zealand

green-lipped mussels, which are an outstanding source of omega-3

fatty acids for skin and coat health, as well as anti

inflammatory effects. According to the guaranteed analysis, this

food is approximately 59.4% protein, 39.9% fat, and 0.7%

carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. So overall, it has a

great macronutrient distribution and seems to truly honor your

cat's needs as a carnivore. My cats we're not huge fans of this

food. They ate it, but quite reluctantly. I would say that it

was their least favorite of the 11 foods we tested. However,

I've seen a lot of reviews from customers who say that their

cats did enjoy this food, so it should be worth a try. This

route is the most expensive one on this list at roughly $6 and

57 cents per day. If you're feeding a typical 10 pound cat,

so it's pretty pricey, but given the apparent ingredient quality

and outstanding macronutrient distribution, it could be worth

it. Our runner up is Hound and Gatos, their foods are very

straightforward and very simple. For example, this chicken and

chicken liver recipe contains chicken, chicken liver, salmon

oil, agar-agar as a thickener, and a variety of synthetic

vitamins, minerals and amino acids to make the food

nutritionally complete. It's a very straightforward recipe and

it's a good option for cats with food sensitivities or allergies,

or intolerances or even issues like IBD based on the guaranteed

analysis. This food is 52.5% protein and 47.5% fat on a dry

matter basis. In our taste test, Hound and Gatos didn't

fare extremely well. My cats didn't seem to be big fans of

it. They tried Hound & Gatos in the past and it can be hit or

miss. Sometimes they'll eat it and sometimes they won't. Our

third recommendation is a bit different from the other foods

on this lineup. It's Nom Nom Now's Chicken Chow Meow. So this

is a homemade style fresh food that looks and tastes a lot like

chicken salad without any mayonnaise or other creamy

additives. NomNomNow foods are not sold in traditional stores.

Instead, NomNomNow offers something of a cat food meal

delivery service. So you'll subscribe to NomNomNow and then

receive the food on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Each

portion is measured out for your cat's dietary needs. So you'll

never have to worry that you're feeding your cat too much or too

little based on his weight goals. NomNomNow foods are human

grade products and they're made from restaurant-quality

ingredients in a human food processing facility. This

promises a somewhat higher level of ingredient quality than you

would find in feed grade food. So this chicken recipe is

roughly according to the guarantee analysis, 78.3%

protein, 17.4% fat, and 18.2% carbohydrates. It's much higher

in carbohydrates than we would prefer but given its outstanding

ingredient quality and excellent palatability, this food might be

a good option in our taste test my cats absolutely love

NomNomNow. This isn't the first time they've eaten it. And every

time that they have it, they scarf it down. I think that it's

very similar to the table scraps that in particular whsc

absolutely love. So I think that it really taps into their love

of this kind of fresh, chunky, rippable, shreddable food. So

because NomNomNow follows that subscription meal delivery

service model. Your daily feeding costs are going to vary

depending on which subscription plan you choose and how many

cats you have and other factors. Generally that price ranges from

two to $6 per day. Our fourth recommendation is this turkey

entree from Pure Vita. Now this food is a particularly good

option if your cat has any food sensitivities or allergies. All

Pure Vita foods are made with food sensitivities in mind. The

food is extremely straightforward. It contains

just turkey meat, turkey liver, turkey broth, agar agar as a

thickener, and an array of synthetic additives that make

the food nutritionally complete and balanced. According to the

guaranteed analysis, this food is 53.4% protein, 41.2% fat, and

5.4% carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. So it has a great

species appropriate macronutrient distribution. Pure

Vita did well in our cat food taste tests. My cats seemed to

enjoy eating this cat food. This Pure Vita food costs an

estimated $4 and 38 cents per day if you're feeding a typical

10 pound cat. All the other foods up until this point have

been either pates, or in the case of NomNomNow, a fresh

homemade style food. But if your cat prefers shreds and gravy,

Weruva has a lot of great options for you. Their Chicken

Frick-a-zee recipe is pretty straightforward. It features

shredded chicken set in a thickened broth with some

sunflower seed oil and fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty

acids. According to our estimations based on the

guarantee analysis, this food is 72.5% protein, 18.1% fat, and

9.4% carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. In our cat food

taste test, both of my cats, Wessie and Forest seem to love

the food's taste and texture. According to our estimations.

This food is going to cost about $3 per day, so this food from

Nulo's Freestyle line, their turkey and chicken recipe, seems

to have a great reputation among cats with constipation. Now this

food contains a little bit of pumpkin which is a very familiar

home remedy for cats with constipation and diarrhea. It

also contains guar gum, which is a source of fiber that could

also help to relieve this type of digestive issues. Well, a lot

of the other foods in our lineup are single protein or limited

ingredient foods. This food contains a few different protein

sources and contains chicken, turkey and tuna. This food is

56.4% protein, 33.3% fat, and 10.3% carbohydrates on a dry

matter basis. When my cat Wessie tried out the Nulo Freestyle

Turkey and Chicken recipe, he absolutely loved its soft,

creamy consistency. It was a really big hit. According to our

estimates, this food is going to cost close to $2 and 55 cents

per day. If you feeding a 10 pound cat, our next

recommendation is going to be a particularly good choice for

cats who need to lose weight. It's Tiki Cat. So you're going

to find a lot of great recipes from Tiki Cat. They're all

pretty similar. They contain shredded chicken and fish in

broth. The foods have plenty of protein and not a lot of fat.

They tend to be quite low carbohydrate and low in

calories, all qualities that make them a good option for cats

who need to lose weight. In particular, we recommend their

Puka Puka Luau succulent chicken and chicken consomme recipe.

This recipe is extremely straightforward and contains

just chicken meat shredded and sent in broth with sunflower

seed oil as a source of fat. According to our estimates, this

food is 65% protein and 13.5% fat on a dry matter basis. So

it's a very low fat food with plenty of protein and zero

carbohydrate content. Both of my cats, Wessie and Forrest seem to

enjoy the shredded consistency of the Tiki Cat food and eat it

with vigor. At roughly $4 and 86 cents per day if you're feeding

a typical 10 pound cat, this food is definitely on the

expensive side. Next up is our top recommendation for picky

cats. It's the real chicken pate recipe from Instinct by Nature's

Variety. Like so many other cats in customer reviews, my cats

seem to really enjoy the foods soft kind of chunky, lumpy pate

consistency, and gobbled it right up. The food features

chicken, turkey, and eggs as his primary protein sources. And

overall, it's a protein-rich food without a lot of the

carbohydrate content that we want to avoid. The food is

roughly 56.8% protein, 40.5% fat, and 2.7% carbohydrates. On

a dry matter basis, this food from Instinct by Nature's

Variety is a little bit cheaper than most of the other ones on

this list at about $2 and 28 cents per day. So far, all of

the foods on this list have been pretty expensive. If you want a

food that's a bit more affordable, I would recommend

checking out Petco's Wholehearted line. They have a

lot of really low-carbohydrate, pretty species-appropriate foods

that don't contain any of the byproducts and artificial colors

that you're going to find in so many other budget level foods.

Today, we're recommending their chicken recipe flaked and gravy.

And this food offers quality and ingredients similar to those

found in, like, this Weruva recipe, for a fraction of the

price. So this food is going to cost about $1.50 a day if you're

feeding a 10 pound cat and it's made from chicken in broth with

some xanthan gum and a little bit of tapioca starch. And tuna

oil as a source of omega three fatty acids. It's not perfect,

but its macronutrient distribution is pretty good. So

according to our calculations, this food is roughly 71.4%

protein, 15.4% fat, and 7% carbohydrates. My cats seem to

really enjoy it, they eat it right up. So our next

recommendation is going to be a particularly good option if you

have kittens. So it's Wellness Core's turkey and chicken recipe

for kittens. It's a pate style food that features chicken and

turkey and some herring as his primary protein sources. And it

has all the qualities that your kitten needs to support those

early growth stages. So it's rich in DHA for brand

development and has plenty of protein and it's relatively

calorie dense. The food seems to have a great taste that cats

really like. Even though my cats aren't kittens, they seem to

enjoy the food. It did have a slightly firmer texture than I

was expecting. But you could fix that by mixing in some warm

water to soften it up. So according to our calculations,

the food is about 57% protein, 35.7% fat, and 7% carbohydrates

on a dry matter basis. This food is one of the more affordable

that you can buy, it's going to cost around $1.14 per day. So

it's a pretty economical option for feeding a kitten. And

finally, our last recommendation is for cats on the opposite end

of the age spectrum. It's our top pick for seniors. So the

food emphasizes turkey, turkey liver and dried egg product as

its main sources of protein, which are all easy for your cat

to digest. As his protein requirements increase as he

enters his senior years. Food also contains both salmon oil

and New Zealand green mussels, which are both great sources of

the omega three fatty acids that can help to relieve inflammation

associated with arthritis and other inflammatory issues that

your cat might deal with as he goes through his senior years.

Now, the biggest drawback of this food for senior cats is the

fact that it isn't going to work very well with other common

conditions faced by seniors. So if your cat has hyperthyroidism,

for example, this might not be a good option due to the inclusion

of agar, which is quite high in iodine and might be a problem

for hyperthyroid cats. It might also not be a good choice if

your cat has kidney disease. That said, if your cat is in

generally good health, this protein rich recipe from Dr.

Elsey's cleanprotein could be a really good option. This food is

about 49% protein, 40% fat, and 10% carbohydrates on a dry

matter basis. In our taste-test, this food did not fare

particularly well, they ate it eventually, but it was quite

reluctantly and they didn't eat much of it. However, I have read

customer reviews from people saying that their cats really

enjoy this food. So it should be worth a try. The food costs

roughly $2 and 24 cents per day if you're feeding a typical 10

pound cat. So that's it, we've covered all 11 of our

recommendations for the best wet cat food that you can buy. I

hope that this was able to help you I know that choosing the

right cat food is a complex process. There are so many

factors to consider. But I hope that this video and our

recommendations have helped you to get a better sense of what's

available and what qualities to look for integrate food. If you

would like to learn more about any of the products mentioned

here, check out the description and we have links to all of them

there. When you're in the description. You'll also see a

link to the full written version of this review and we go into a

lot more depth on each of these products as well as what we look

for in a great wet cat food. Alright, so thank you so much

for watching this video. I hope that you found it helpful. Take

care. Bye.