Best Weighted Blankets 2020 - Our Top 5 Picks!

hey guys Martin here for madness clarity

so lately weighted blankets become a

very hot ticket item and you might be

thinking that they all look the same

they all must be the same but you know

what you're wrong

in fact there are five weighted blankets

I think really stand out among the rest

so I want to talk about my top five

picks and what you should look for in a

way to blanket let's get started okay

before we get started if you have any

specific questions you want to pursue

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to mattress Clary calm so there are a

lot of things to think about when you're

looking for a way to blankets such as

size breathability weights or even cover

options but there's really not one way

to blanket that's made for everyone

that's why I picked five different way

to blankets they're a good fit for

different types of people so I want to

go through each one one by I want to

talk about who they're the best fit for

I'm gonna start off with the Luna so

Luna is all about options and as I said

one of the main things in terms of

options you're looking for is weight

options and Luna has so many and finding

that right weight for you with a

weighted blanket is usually around 10%

of your body weight and I don't pretty

much whatever weight you are you should

be able to find what you're looking for

with a luna you have 5 pounds 7 pounds

10 pounds 12 pounds 15 pounds 17 pounds

20 pounds 22 pounds and 25 pounds that

is a lot more options you find with

other weighted blanket companies you

also gonna have multiple size options

multiple color options and also some

cover options as well so if you're

trying to find that exact weight and

looking for it you should find it with

the luna so next up we have the gravity

blanket one of the most popular way to

blankets on the market you spend much

time online you're probably going to

come across the gravity blanket but what

makes it so special well first of all

I'm a big fan of the weighted blankets

cover so the cover has this really nice

kind of almost minke quality which is a

soft polyester fabric so very very fuzzy

very warm and insulating as well and a

lot of people want to weight a blanket

to give them that deep tissue pressure

but you also want some extra warmth to

keep you warm at night

the gravity blanket should also work for

you it also comes in a throw size so

it's more fit to the size of your body

not the size of your bed you get more of

that cocooning effect it also comes in

three weight options 15 pounds 20 and 25

pounds and a couple color options as

well so overall very high quality very

warm and a very effective way to blanket

moving on we have the luxe own weight

and blankets now I just talked about

finding a way to blankets keep you nice

and warm at night but what about those

of you who sleep hot what should you be

looking for well you should definitely

take a look at the lux imposing weighted

blankets you have two main options with

their cooling weighted blinks you can do

one with a separate bamboo duvet cover

or one with an integrated bamboo cover

now what that's going to do is gonna

help with heat dissipation and wick away

moisture so I slept under both I was

sleeping nice and cool

I was not overheating at night but for

those you want to try something else

they do have a couple other blanket

options and so other cover options as

well next up we have the honey bird

weighted blankets now another thing you

want to think about you're looking for a

widow blanket is weight distribution

good weight distribution to be as

specific so basically how evenly is the

weight of the way to blanket dispersed

across your body is it kind of patchy

where you have like some dead spots some

heavier spots or is it nice and even now

in that respect the honey bird is one of

the best that I've come across there

good weight distribution has these

smaller squares and it's gridding so not

letting any dead spots my body really

good even weight on every part of my

body it also comes in a throw size so

again very good forget that cocooning

effect fits the size my body not the

size of my bed and lastly the honey bird

comes a great duvet cover it's nice and

fuzzy on top and cool on the bottom so

you can flip it over and have one for

those colder nights and flip it over and

have one for those warmer nights last up

we have the bear be Napper weighted

blanket now as I talked about before a

lot of weighted blankets do look the

same that seem to give you that similar

experience they also have a very similar

design with a gridded stitching and

inside some heavier fill like glass

beads or some poly pellets but that's

not what you get with the bear be Napper

the bear be Napper is 100% cotton and

it's woven back and forth upon itself

almost like an Afghan and with that you

have these kind of larger holes in the

way to blanket a lot of room for airflow

a very good match for hot sleepers it's

a very unique way to blanket it has

this kind of hugging quality to it too

so it hugs your body gives you some

pressure on the sides as well and just

some good overall weight so in the end

it is a very unique way to blanket a

very comfortable way to blanket and a

very effective way to blanket so it's

time for the lightning round I want to

talk about the frequently asked

questions about weighted blankets and

the first one is what is the best way to

blanket well I actually are to be this

list of the five best way to blankets in

my opinion but my personal favorite is

probably the Berube Napper and that's

because I've tried a lot of weighted

blankets and most of them are very

similar in terms of design and effect

but the bearbie Napper is very very

different if this cotton material woven

back and forth upon itself really good

even weight a nice hugging effect and

some good breathability as well

now the second frequently asked question

is how do I find the right way to

blanket now the main thing you want to

think about with a way to blanket of

course is weight and most companies say

you should use a very simple formula to

take your body weight you divide it by

ten you add or subtract 1 or 2 pounds so

for instance I'm 250 pounds divided by

10 25 pounds so I usually go for a 25

pound weighted blanket if they have a

little bit heavier I can also go for

that so again you usually use that

formula about 10% of your body weight

now the next question is do weighted

blankets make you sleep hot and in

general I can say they definitely do

with this heavier fill there's less room

for airflow they are not the most

breathable materials as well especially

with that heavier fill inside but that

doesn't mean all weighted blankets are

going to sleep hot like I talked about

in this round up way to blankets like

the Berube and a luxe own cooling

weighted blankets will not make me sleep

quite so hot at night and the last

question is do weighted blankets work

and I can say from personal experience

they definitely do I struggle with

anxiety and sleep issues and I've used a

way to blanket for many many nights and

it definitely helped slow me into a

sense of relaxation makes it easier to

fall asleep and stay asleep I wake up

feeling more well rested and I don't

feel quite so anxious in the morning now

I can't feel the same effect it's going

to be for everyone but for me it

definitely works in the end if you're

looking for a great way to blanket I

think these 5 weighted blankets are an

awesome place to start also if you want

more information about this way to

blankets definitely check out our

individual reviews on that

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