Best iPad Pro Widget Ever!

what is going on guys Nando place on

ether here with another video and today

we're gonna talk about my new favorite

widget for the iPad pro and it's called

usage so here we go so about two days

ago I was you know scrolling through

Twitter as one does and I came upon this

tweet right here which I'll put up on

the screen and it's by a guy named Andy

and he posted basically a screenshot of

his home screen and I saw this widget

which looked really really cool and I'm

I'm a I'm a nerd when it comes like

utility styled applications and widgets

and things like that like I was always a

person that had on their MacBook on the

toolbar had like a utilities banner that

showed you know how much CPU was being

used if any data was being transferred

things like that so when I saw this I

was like what is this went onto the App

Store found what usage was the first

thing it was free

absolutely for you guys and I actually

reached out to the owner slash creator

developer of the app usage he also said

that yes it's free there's absolutely

zero ads and there is one in app

purchase but I don't really see the need

for that you guys can play around with


it's a compare function but again the

actual application itself and all of its

power and everything that it does is

absolutely free so definitely try it out

guys but I definitely wanna I'm gonna

dive into and show you guys what it does

what it looks like and what the point of

it even is even though it is kind of a

stagnant widget just for things to look

at a glance I like it just because it

gives me more data on the iPad and

basically how it's running in real time

so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna share

my screen and show you guys exactly what

it is I'm gonna show you guys how to

download it how to set it up and put it

on your widget screen and then also how

to set up all the different types of

data that you can choose to show on the

widget screen by itself so let's hop

into it guys alright guys so for the

purpose of this video I actually removed

the usage widget from my widget screen

right now because I do want to walk you

guys through the entire process of how

to set it up so basically what we do is

go into your app store type in the app

usage it'll be the first one right there

and it's this little blue one with the

circle with the white blue circle and

this is what it is so usage itself it's

basically an app that shows all of your

hardware info and activity from

beginning to end so there's six I think

there's six or seven different

categories but the main features are

gives you

CPU activity graph so let's you know how

much of your CPU and internal power

you're using in real time which is

really really nice and then what I'm

gonna do here is just open it so I can

show you guys what it looks like so the

app itself is actually really really

nice it's big its colorful it lets you

know what's going on so in real time it

lets you know how much CPU you're using

how much memory you're using a memory

refers to Ram so it says the total 3.66

design with 3.9 3 gigabytes of RAM so

let's you know your memory allocation so

how much is active how much is inactive

how much is wired and how much is

absolutely free which means it's not

being touched whatsoever so as you can

see my memory usage is pretty high

overall but the only active portion of

it is at 36% which is nice

also gives you real-time stories this

one isn't as as crazy because you can

just go into your About section but it

is nice to kind of see it at a glance it

gives you how much storage you've used

which is how much is free and also the

total and then also this is really

really nice especially if you want a

limited data plan so this is kind of

less you know how much data you used

since rebooting the device so you can

you can either reset this manually

within the app itself or reboot the

device and then it restores and resets

itself also so shows how much data I've

used over Wi-Fi and it would tell me how

much data data I've used over LTE or 4G

or whatever the case may be if I did

have a sim activated or a data activated

iPad which I don't and then it also

shows you real-time networking activity

so I show you the graph of how much

network activity you have coming in and

also going out so whenever I'm uploading

a video you'll see that the sending is

through the roof because I'm trying to

send like a gigabyte or two gigabytes of

video file to YouTube so it shows that

the network activity is actually a

little bit higher and then lastly of

course the battery section this is the

one that we're gonna work on with the

actual developer himself and it

basically just shows you how much

battery life you have if you're charging

if you're on low-power mode and also the

type of battery that's in the device

itself and how many milliamp hours so

this way you know they have nine

thousand seven hundred twenty milliamp

hours technically if I bring a ten

thousand milliamp hour

or Bank I should be good for two

fullcycle charges so that gives you just

an idea and pretty much lets you know

exactly we have going on internally and

then the last little snippet is just

basically a very very short version of

the About section tells you the name of

the iPad what version of iOS or iPad OS

you're on and the last time the device

actually rebooted so this itself is

really really nice and then if you go to

the compares feature this is the actual

feature that is the paid in that version

so let basically if you have another

iPad or any other iOS device you can use

usage and then basically compare what

the batteries look like again how useful

is that to somebody else I don't really

know I haven't touched that and if you

can actually share the app on social

media and unlock that feature for a day

many other configurations basically this

lets you move around where you want each

different thing to be so if you want

battery all the way at the top you can

I'm gonna keep it where it is unless you

change the color as you can see down

here the colors change so the updates

going to add two new colors I believe I

like this light blue version that's just

who I am and then this is the actual

today's widget which we're gonna touch

on right about now so once you have the

app set up the way you want all you do

is you go scroll all the way down to the

widget section where it says edit then

go down to where it says usage will add

it and then since I really like usage

and I want it to be the second thing I

see I always want the weather to be the

first thing I see so I'm gonna put it

second then you press done then you

scroll up and then what you can see is

that here is the usage app right but

when you first download it this is what

it looks like it's basically four blank

boxes for you to choose which data set

you want to be shown on the widget set

right and then so basically the choose

you just tap on the tooth source will

click on CPU boom there's my CPU graph

right and again this is real-time

information and the graph shows you 50

seconds of real-time activity so that's

also really nice so the next one I'm

gonna choose is battery gotta see how

much battery I have so basically what

this means is how much better I have

this indicator means that it's charging

it's like currently am as you guys can

see on the top right and then this

little icon right here just would

indicate that you're in low power mode

or you're below 20% battery so when

that's lit up

you're below 20% basically notifying you

you got a charger your device a little

bit also what I like to do is add

network activity so it shows you how

many gigabytes are up and down and

receiving and then the last one I choose

is usually either storage or memory I'm

to go with memory because it shows you

exactly how much free RAM you have and

that's what we're looking at right now

so that is the widgets app in a nutshell

guys I really really like it I love all

this information at a glance I was

always a big fan of having it on the top

toolbar with in Mac OS so now what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna show you guys how

to use it within another application

because I saw that somebody commented

within within I think the review section

or maybe on Twitter that said hey this

app is great but I can't open it up when

I'm within another app and I can't see

how much like RAM or data is being used

because it's on my widget screen and

it's covered when an application is open

so the easy solution is just to hit it

with a slide over so here you'll be able

to see exactly what's going on so you

can see that there was a little spike

here because I am on Safari so it's a

little bit more the CPUs being used up

versus not at all right the interesting

part is that it does say that it has

eight cores here and I thought the 812 Z

was only I was supposed to have eight

cores and this one suppose to have seven

so probably physically it had eight

cores but only seven of them are active

but that's basically how you would run

it if you wanted to run it side-by-side

with something else so let's say if I

click on luma fusion pretty high

intensity app pull this up again and you

can see CPU is just through the roof

spiked up like crazy while I was loading

up the mom's rendering live you can see

that there's a little traction on the

bottom of the CPU so that is the usage

app in a nutshell guys really hope you

enjoy it and let's go back to the normal

view so hopefully you guys enjoyed that

top-down view of the iPad using the

usage app using the usage app but again

I really really like it it's free it

gives you a bunch of data that I really

enjoy that I really really like to see

at all times which in my case is battery

how much data is being used how much CPU

is being used at the time and also RAM

management which is huge for me

especially because my iPad is my main

computer and I want to make sure it

lasts as long as possible both like in

the moment and long term so just one

more thing to add on to the usage app

like I said I was speaking to the

developer yesterday and he told me there

is an update coming out tomorrow which

has a couple more colors so basically

just a little more because

zatia of the app itself and I asked if

there was a way to program the app to

let you know if the how fast the iPad is

charging right so if you guys saw I

showed you the actual iPad battery

portion which lets you know if it's

charging and if it's a low power mode

essentially right so I asked if there

was a way to indicate how many watts of

power is going into the iPad itself the

exact what is that the iPad is taking in

unfortunately they can't actually do

that with his application but what he is

trying to work on is designated whether

or not it's quick charging right so I

know that the iPad itself there's

nothing no marketing material no actual

info about a fast charging iPad pro

because at the end of the day does come

with that 18 watt break in the box in

that I would consider that in normal

charging but for an iPhone that's

considered fast charging right but the

iPad is capped at 30 watts of power

input so you could technically get a

faster charger a bigger watt it's a

charger and charge it faster so what I

talked to the developer of usage about

was being able to indicate that it is

fast charging maybe when it does hit

that 30 watt threshold maybe a little

indicator that says hey you're getting

maximum power input from whatever charge

you're using versus hey you're getting

regular or maybe you're using a 5 watt

charger that's charging it's super slow

and it'll tell you like hey this is not

charging fast enough while you're using

it just be aware that your battery's

still going to drain even though it's

quote-unquote charging so that's the one

thing that I'm hoping that he's gonna be

able to do he said he's gonna look into

it he said you probably will be able to

do some sort of indicator that lets you

know you're fast charging or normal

charging but again I like that and I

also love dealing with these kind of

creators because it's easy to

collaborate with them and let them know

like hey people want this maybe you

should get rid of this and they're more

than willing to listen to what I have to

say and what everybody else has to say

so highly recommend you guys try out

usage all it'll be the first link in the

description below absolutely free go

show him some love on Twitter as well

try out the app it's below it also works

for any iPhone and any iPad not just the

iPad pro and again highly recommend

trying it out guys it's free you got

nothing to lose but that's going to do

for this video guys don't forget to Like

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