How to Store Potatoes for Months


hi I'm Jerry James Stone in today's

video I'm gonna talk about how to store

potatoes this works for regular old

boiling potatoes red potatoes couch

potatoes whatever this is how you store

them let's get to it

storing potatoes is pretty simple


for the most part without getting into

too much of the specifics potatoes are

really just the stem of the plan right

so that's kind of what you're eating

they like being in a dark cool place

kind of like me so it's really important

that you keep potatoes out of the Sun

when potatoes are in this sign when

they're exposed to too much light they

actually produce a chemical called

solanine and it's actually what potatoes

use to protect themselves in nature this

solanine when they're exposed to light

makes them really kind of bitter and

just like not tasty so storing them in a

dark cool place is really important the

best way to do that is to store them in

a brown paper bag just brown paper bag

opened up you don't want to store them

in plastic and you definitely don't want

to store them in a sealed plastic bag

because they don't like the moisture

that sealed plastic bag is going to trap

that moisture in which is just really

unpleasant for potatoes so when they're

stored in a brown paper bag

you want out keep that bag open keep it

open and place it somewhere that's a

cool and sort of well ventilated dark

place so storing them on the counter is

not the best place for potatoes if they

are exposed to too much light that

actually can turn the potato green now

this isn't the worst thing it's just

chlorophyll but it's still safe to eat

but it's not pleasant and if it wants to

eat too much of it it's gonna give you

stomach problems we'll just leave it at

that so keeping them in that dark cool

place like in a paper bag is really

important the ideal temperature for our

potatoes is somewhere between 45 and 50

degrees Fahrenheit so like if you can

have a spot that in your house in your

garage wherever that you can store them

that kind of keeps it that temperature

that's where they're gonna perform best

and they also like adjust a little bit

of humidity one place to never ever

store your potatoes even though I said

they do like a dark cool place

never store them in the fridge putting

potatoes in the fridge actually takes

those starches within the potato and

starts converting them into

and that result just makes for a really

unpleasant taste when it comes to

potatoes but also kind of hard to work

with when you come to baking or cooking

and lastly you want to make sure you

keep your potatoes from anything that's

ethylene producing this is like apples

bananas those types of produce that

produce that ethylene glass will

actually cause the potatoes to ripen

faster than they're supposed to and it

also just kind of degrades the quality

which is why especially and I know this

is gonna shock you never ever store your

potatoes next to onions or garlic for

that very reason stored properly

potatoes can last up to three months

this way I've even had them last up to

six months and still keep fresh so

that's how you store them if you like

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and lastly what you want to do is you

want to keep your potatoes away from

anything that's ethylene producing so

this is basically a growth hormone not

growth hormone what's it called